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Corruption Inquiries in Brazil Result in 47 Dismissals. More Heads to Roll.

Federal government investigations into accusations of corruption in State-run enterprises have led to 47 dismissals and suspensions of directors and employees who held strategic positions in these companies.

Moreover, 18 investigations and disciplinary procedures have been installed, and 46 more are being called for. This information is included in the report of the investigations conducted by the Federal Comptroller-General’s Office (CGU).

The inquiries involve directors, advisers, and employees of the Brazilian Postal and Telegraph Company (ECT), the Brazilian Reinsurance Institute (IRB), the Furnas Central Electric Company, and other State-run enterprises.

The report, which was handed to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Saturday, September 3, by the Minister of the CGU, Waldir Pires, is a résumé of these investigations.

For the minister, making the report public represents a response to society regarding what has been done to clarify the accusations.

“We want to tell society: Let’s all work together to protect government funds, because this money belongs to you, and nobody has the right to make light of this. It is neither advantageous nor clever to be aware that government funds are being deviated and remain silent, as an accomplice,” the Minister commented.

The report includes the results of the third round of investigations carried out in the ECT and a summary of the investigations carried out in the IBR, the Bank of Brazil, Furnas, the Bank of the Northeast, Infraero (Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Enterprise), and State-run enterprise pension funds, such as Núcleos (Electronuclear) and Real Grandeza (Furnas).

Pires informed that copies of the reports were also sent to the Federal Public Defense Ministry, the Joint Parliamentary Investigation Commission into the Post Office, the Federal Police, the Federal Attorney-General’s Office (AGU), and the Federal General Accounting Office (TCU).

“We are doing a job that will extend to the final results, striving for oversight to accompany in an efficacious manner the application of government funds,” he said.

Pires also said that the population can report misconduct directly to the CGU or to the Public Defense Ministry.

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    in every war….the General(s)…must be defended and covered up by his/their lieutenants and troops…at whatever the price is !!! They must even take responsibility… to cover their hierarchical superior(s) !!!!!!

    This political crisis is highly similar !!!!

    Political corruption is the worst of all. Amounts involved are always much much higher than amounts evidenced. Governments have no end..to use governments money and public corporations money…for corruptions…..through sophisticated dark channels !!!!!!!!

    What we know, what we hear, what is proven and evidenced…is by definition…..just the tip of the iceberg !!!!!!!
    More will be discovered…but never ever everything will be !!!!!
    A deeper change of society, from electors to elected……is needed !!!!!
    And this could only happen…through the press and medias !!!! Otherwise how could the society be aware…of wrongdoings…if nothing is published ???? NO WAY…by simple definition !!!
    The best democracies are always where press/medias are totally free….because there always will be be opposition press/medias…whoever is elected….wether from left or right !
    Opposition is always positive…it is a counter power….trying to balance the ineficiencies, errors, and wrongdoings….from the elected people ! Elected people will do exactly the same…to their opposition !!!!
    Unfortunately in Brazil you dont have a few political parties !!!! That means to get elected, you need to creates too many alliances, through negotiations, power sharing in ministries, and the worst…..buying votes !!!!!
    And you discover officially, although you knew it, that vote buying is very expensive. Just see the huge amounts and number of people involved !!!!!
    This is very dangerous for your young democracy because it means that with more money and more power sharing….money anyway coming from the government coffers…anything could happens ! Even a come back from a dictator !
    You should never forget that after his election, Lula was against free press and medias….and tried to reduce their freedom. You can just go back to summer and autumn of 2003 and read what he offically said and tried to do !!!!!

    What do you think he had and still has in his mind…if he could do it ??????? Just the opposite of….democracy. Just the opposite of what he defended…until he was elected !!!!!

    His 2003 and even recent officials speeches against the press/medias demonstrates you….what is in his true mind !!!!! Unfortunately….for brazilian society !!!!!

  • Guest

    and Lula……
    …as contradictory he his from one speech to the next…..said
    – press/media should apologize to the people wrongly incriminated !!!!!!! But without press/media this large corruption would have been covered up….as usual !
    – at the start he said all is wrong and is a destabilization accusations from the opposition and the elite……!!!!!v Truth always destabilize…when there are proofs and evidences !!!!
    – that he willing to cut into their own flesh (PT party)….never into his own flesh !!!!!Too easy to use others flesh…to cover his own back !!!
    – Lula and the PT party even tried to use their influences to not have the investigation opened !!!! Influences…again ?????? To cover up….what ????? Smile……

    One of your ex president said it all : if Lula did not know…how did he become president ?????


    We could continue…for hours !

    He his a true joke and clown…on his public and officials speeches/statements ??????

    He is a Master of contradictions …depending how it suits him !!!!!!

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