Ten-Party Coalition in Brazil Demands Justice and Accepts No Deals

    Brazilian Deputy Rafael Guerra (PSDB party of Minas Gerais state), Wednesday, August 31, read a manifesto of a new group of congressmen who call themselves the Congressional Brazil Truth Movement (Movimento Brazil Verdade).

    It was formed by 60 congressmen from ten different political parties. The group’s objective is to propose solutions for the political crisis the country is going through at the moment.

    “We oppose extremisms and demand justice. We are in concord with Brazilian society on this issue: those who corrupt others and those who are corrupt must all answer for their actions,” declared the manifesto.

    “We are committed to ethics and the common good,” explained Guerra, who went on to say that the group will not accept any “deals” to let those involved in the scandal off the hook.

    “We intend to set up permanent oversight mechanisms for public spending. We also favor a political reform that will strengthen our democratic institutions, reduce the cost of election campaigns and make them more transparent,” concluded Guerra.

    The movement has scheduled a public demonstration in front of the Congress next Tuesday, September 6.

    Agência Brasil


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