Brazil Is World’s 14th in GDP and 86th in Per Capita Income

    On the latest World Bank annual list of the world’s economies, Brazil moved up from 15th place in 2003 to 14th place in 2004. The list of 184 countries ranks them according to GDP in dollars.

    The top positions on the list are occupied by the United States, Japan and Germany. Brazil is behind some other developing nations, such as China (7th) and India (10th).

    But is in front of others, such as Russia (15th), and even some developed nations, such as Switzerland (17th) and Belgium (18th).

    The only country in Latin America ahead of Brazil is Mexico (12th). Argentina is in 35th place, Venezuela in 38th, Colombia in 43rd and Chile in 45th.

    Now, if the list was based on per capita income, Brazil would drop to 86th place due to the serious problem the country has with income distribution.

    A per capita list would be headed by Luxembourg, Bermuda, Norway and the United States. Mexico would be in 80th place, China in 119th and India in 146th.

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