Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    In a city brimming with earthly delights, one’s thoughts turn to finding a little
    romance before Carnaval ends.

    By Brazzil Magazine


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    best-seller books



    Graal: Retrato de um Fausto Quando Jovem (Graal:
    Portrait of Faust as a Young Man)—Written by avant-gardist poet Haroldo
    de Campos and directed by controversial Gerald Thomas. A mix of discursive
    and poetic language. Faust is a poet dealing with Mephistopheles. With
    Bete Coelho.

    Salve Amizade (Hello, Buddy)—A good-humored portrait of
    the forty-something generation. Two women decide to rekindle their adolescent
    passions just to find out how time has been cruel to their former leading
    men. Written and directed by Flávio Marinho. With Louise Cardoso,
    Cristina Pereira, Marcelo Saback, Paulo César Grande and Alice Borges.

    Um Bonde Chamado Desejo (A Streetcar Named Desire)—The
    1947 Tennessee Williams’s play about fading Southern belle Blanche DuBois,
    her rape and end at a mental institution. Directed by Kiko Jaez, with Roberto
    Bomtempo and Flávia Pucci.

    São Paulo

    Anchieta, Nossa História (Anchieta, Our History)—A
    celebration of the so-called Apostle of Brazil, Jesuit priest José
    de Anchieta, on the 400th anniversary of his death. By Alzira Andrade and
    Alceste Madella. Directed by Denise del Vecchio. With Daniela de Vecchi
    and Klever Dey Ravanelli.

    O Princípio do Avesso—Dom Casmurro (The Opposite
    Principle—Mr. Peevish)—Based on Machado de Assis’s (1839-1908) classic
    novel Dom Casmurro (1900). In a new twist, it starts with Bentinho
    suspecting his wife’s (Capitu) fidelity and ends up with their first kiss.
    Written by Marici Salomão. Directed by Antônio do Valle. With
    Vicentini Gomes.

    Prova de Fogo (Trial by Fire)—The story of the 1968 invasion
    of University of São Paulo’s Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências
    e Letras by the police, during the military dictatorship. By Consuelo de
    Castro, directed by Abílio Tavares, with Alexandre Lima, Álvaro
    Franco and Marinê Pereira.

    Tudo Blue no Mercosul (All’s Blue on Mercosul)—In a vaudeville-style
    of theater, the play has some two dozen sketches peppered with music, dance
    and humor. Written by Sebastião Apolônio and Márcia
    Polachini. Directed by Sebastião Apolônio. With Maria Alcina
    and Alfred Estrella. Directed by Sebastião Apolônio.

    American films just released: Night Falls on Manhattan (Sombras
    da Lei), Contact (Contato), My Best Friend’s Wedding (O Casamento de Meu
    Melhor Amigo), Shadow Conspiracy (Conspiração), Father’s
    Day (1 Dia 2 Pais), Anna Karenina (Anna Karenina), Air Force One (Força
    Aérea Um), Gridlock’d (Gridlock’d, na Contra Mão), When We
    Were Kings (Quando Éramos Reis), Down By Law (Daunbailó)
    re-released, Stranger than Paraside (Estranhos no Paraíso) re-released.

    Baile Perfumado (Fragrant Ball) — Brazil — 1996 — Directed
    by first time directors Paulo Caldas, 33, from Paraíba state and
    Lírio Ferreira, 32, from Pernambuco. The story of Lebanese Benjamin
    Abrahão, the only person who in the ’30s was able to film bandit
    Lampião and his band. With Cláudio Mamberti (Benjamin), Luís
    Carlos Vasconcelos (Lampião), and Jofre Soares (Padre Cícero).

    Ed Mort — Brazil — 1996 — Private eye Ed Mort (his name
    plays with the word morte, death in Portuguese) is hired by a suspicious
    wife to locate her husband — a master of disguise — when he disappears.
    Based on the comical characters created by writer Luís Fernando
    Veríssimo. Direct by Alain Fresnot. With Paulo Betti, Cláudia
    Abreu, Irene Ravache and Otávio Augusto.

    Je T’aime Moi Non Plus (Paixão Selvagem) — France
    — 1976 — Directed by Serge Gainsbourg with Jane Birkin and Joe Dalessandro.
    Homosexual truckdriver falls in love with a young waitress.

    A Ostra e o Vento (The Oyster and the Wind) — Brazil—
    1996 — Film was shown at recent Venice Film Festival. The fantasies of
    a girl who lives with her father in an island after she hears about a sailor’s
    adventures. Directed by Walter Lima Jr. with Leandra Leal and Fernando

    O Que É Isso, Companheiro? (What’s That, Pal?)
    — Brazil — 1996 — The story of the young guerrillas from the ALN (Ação
    Libertadora Nacional) and MR-8 (Movimento Revolucionário) who on
    September 4, 1969 kidnapped Charles Elbrick, the American ambassador in
    Brazil exchanging him for 15 political prisoners. Loosely based on Fernando
    Gabeira’s book of same name. Directed by Bruno Barreto. With Alan Arkin,
    Pedro Cardoso, Fernanda Torres, Selton Mello, and Fernanda Montenegro.

    O Velho: A História de Luiz Carlos Prestes (The
    Old Man: The Luiz Carlos Prestes’s Story) — Brazil — 1995 — Documentary
    based on a 1985 interview given by the founder of PCB (Partido Comunista
    Brasileiro—Brazilian Communist Party), Luiz Carlos Prestes (1898-1990).
    By Toni Venturi, narrated by actor Paulo José.



    1. O Sócio

    John Grisham

    2. Meu Anjo

    Fausto Oliveira

    3. O Livro das Virtudes para Crianças

    William J. Bennett

    4. Asterix—A Galera de Obelix

    Goscinny & Uderzo

    5. Ícone

    Frederick Forsyth

    6. Sanduíches de Realidade

    Arnaldo Jabor

    7. Do meio do Mundo Prostituto…

    and Histórias de Amor

    Rubem Fonseca

    8. Diário de um Magro

    Mário Prata

    9. 3001: A Odisséia Final

    Arthur C. Clarke

    10. Conversando Contigo

    Zíbia Gasparetto


    1. Cazuza—Só as Mães São Felizes

    Lucinha Araújo

    2. 203 Maneiras de Enlouquecer um Homem na Cama

    Olivia St. Claire

    3. As Receitas Preferidas de Ana Maria Braga

    Ana Maria Braga

    4. Inteligência Emocional

    Daniel Goldman

    5. O Princípio Dilbert

    Scott Adams

    6. A Dança do Universo

    Marcelo Gleiser

    7. Minutos de Sabedoria Simples

    C. Torres Pastorino

    8. O Sucesso É Ser Feliz

    Roberto Shiniashiki

    9. Inteligência Emocional: A Arte de Educar Seus Filhos

    John Gottman

    10. As Sete Leis Espirituais do Sucesso

    Deepak Chopra

    According to daily newspaper Jornal da

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