Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    As Josimo approaches Augustinópolis he remembers his friends’
    repeated warnings. “For God’s sake drive through that place without stopping,
    it’s a hornet’s nest if ever there was one.” Augustinópolis is the
    seat of the local ranchers’ association—sworn enemies to Josimo and the
    CPT. Josimo and his friends are fully aware of this, and they know too
    that in this town there are gunmen for hire on every street corner.

    By Brazzil Magazine


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    best-seller books


    Alcovas de Cetim (Satin Alcove) — Rebeca Fonda, an unrecognized
    great actress lives in a fantasy world. Written by Regiana Antonini, who
    won the Sharp prize as Brazil’s 1996 best playwright. Ignês Vianna
    does the monologue. Cândido Damm directs.

    Bonifácio Bilhões (Bonifácio Billion)
    — Comedy by world-renowned playwright João Bethencourt who also
    directs. How winning the lottery changes a man’s life. It premiered in
    1975. With Francisco Milani, Rogério Cardoso, and Elizângela.

    Bravíssimo (Bravissimo) — Written by Regiana Antonini
    e Marcelo Saback, who is also the director, with Edwin Luisi, Luísa
    Thiré and Fábio Villa Verde. Fifteen years after leaving
    the man whom he loves to pursue a successful career, a maestro, now with
    AIDS, meets again his former lover. Teatro Villa-Lobos.

    Cabaret Brazil – From Getúlio Vargas (1954) to
    the military dictatorship’s cruellest year (1968), the history of Brazil
    on a cabaret stage. Musical from Wolf Maya and Cininha de Paula directed
    by Wolf Maya. With Rosa Marya, Serjão Loroza, Cláudia Lira,
    Adriana Garambone, and Danielle Winits.

       São Paulo
    Antônio Mora Recebe Fernando Pessoa (Antônio
    Mora Receives Fernando Pessoa) Comic monologue from Marco Antônio
    Braz and Maurício Marques. A medium trying in vain to chanel the
    great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa who also used the Antônio Mora
    pen name. Directed by Marco Antônio Braz. With Maurício Marques.

    O Cordão Umbilical (The Umbilical Cord) — Comedy
    written by Mário Prata. The `70s’ youth through the eyes of a prostitute,
    an actress and a student. Directed by Paolino Raffanti with Camila Raffanti.

    As Sereias da Zona Sul (The South Side Mermaids) — Written
    by Miguel Falabella and Vicente Pereira. This is the successful ten-year-old
    besteirol (nonsense) comedy from Rio with Paulista clothes.
    Two actresses, Rosi Campos and Zezeh Barbosa, play 10 characters.

    Um Espírito Baixou em Mim (A Spirit Possessed Me)
    — On the eve of his wedding, super macho man is possessed by a gay spirit
    who starts to flirt with the bride’s brother. Comedy written by Ronaldo
    Ciambroni. With Walter Carvalho and Vitor Branco, who also directed.

    American films just released: Batman & Robin (Batman &
    Robin), Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (Beavis and Butt-Head Detonam a
    América), Breakdown (Breakdown—Implacável Perseguição),
    Fly Away Home (Voando para Casa), Hercules (Hércules), Lie Down
    With Dogs (Amor Entre Iguais), Marvin’s Room (As Filhas de Marvin), Unhook
    the Stars (De Bem com a Vida), Walking and Talking (Amigas Curtindo Adoidado)

    Baile Perfumado (Fragrant Ball) — Brazil — 1996 — Directed
    by first time directors Paulo Caldas, 33, from Paraíba state and
    Lírio Ferreira, 32, from Pernambuco. The story of Lebanese Benjamin
    Abrahão, the only person who in the ’30s was able to film bandit
    Lampião and his band. With Cláudio Mamberti (Benjamin), Luís
    Carlos Vasconcelos (Lampião), and Jofre Soares (Padre Cícero).

    Ed Mort — Brazil — 1996 — Private eye Ed Mort (his name
    plays with the word morte, death in Portuguese) is hired by a suspicious
    wife to locate her husband — a master of disguise — when he disappears.
    Based on the comical characters created by writer Luís Fernando
    Veríssimo. Direct by Alain Fresnot. With Paulo Betti, Cláudia
    Abreu, Irene Ravache and Otávio Augusto.

    Je T’aime Moi Non Plus (Paixão Selvagem) — France
    — 1976 — Directed by Serge Gainsbourg with Jane Birkin and Joe Dalessandro.
    Homosexual truckdriver falls in love with a young waitress.

    O Que É Isso, Companheiro? (What’s That, Pal?)
    — Brazil — 1996 — The story of the young guerrillas from the ALN (Ação
    Libertadora Nacional) and MR-8 (Movimento Revolucionário) who on
    September 4, 1969 kidnapped Charles Elbrick, the American ambassador in
    Brazil exchanging him for 15 political prisoners. Loosely based on Fernando
    Gabeira’s book of same name. Directed by Bruno Barreto. With Alan Arkin,
    Pedro Cardoso, Fernanda Torres, Selton Mello, and Fernanda Montenegro.

    O Sertão das Memórias (Backlands of Memories)
    — Brazil — 1996 Antero Marques Araújo e Maria Emilce Pinto,
    parents of director José Araújo, show their social conflict
    in dealing with the constant drought in Brazil’s backlands.

    Um Céu de Estrelas (Starry Sky) — Brazil — 1996
    — Directed by Tata Amaral with Alleyona Cavalli and Paulo Garcia. In an
    effort to reconcile a couple get involved in a tragic kidnapping.

    O Velho: A História de Luiz Carlos Prestes (The
    Old Man: The Luiz Carlos Prestes’s Story) — Brazil — 1995 — Documentary
    based on a 1985 interview given by the founder of PCB (Partido Comunista
    Brasileiro—Brazilian Communist Party), Luiz Carlos Prestes (1898-1990).
    By Toni Venturi, narrated by actor Paulo José.



    1. O Paciente Inglês

    Michael Ondaatje

    2. O Homem que Calculava

    Malba Tahan

    3. Legítima Defesa

    Jonathan Kellerman

    4. O Mundo de Sofia

    Jostein Gaarder

    5. O Diamante de Jerusalém

    Noah Gordon

    6. Hércules—Inesquecível Romance

    Walt Disney

    7. Cruzando o Paraíso

    Sam Shepard

    8. O Último Chefão

    Mario Puzo

    9. Não És Tu, Brasil

    Marcelo Rubens Paiva

    10. Novas Comédias da Vida Privada

    Luís Fernando Veríssimo


    1. Chic — Um Guia Básico de Moda e Estilo

    Glória Kalil

    2. Diário de um Magro

    Mário Prata

    3. Che Guevara—Uma Vida em Vermelho

    Jorge Castañeda

    4. A Galera de Obelix

    Goscinny & Uderzo

    5. Viagem pela História do Brasil

    Jorge Caldeira

    6. Elegância—Como o Homem Deve Se Vestir

    Fernando de Barros

    7. O Rio do Meio

    Lya Luft

    8. História da Vida Privada no Brasil

    Fernando Novais and Laura de Mello e Souza

    9. Vinho para Leigos

    E. McCarthy

    10. O Princípio Dilbert

    Scott Adams

    Self-Help/New Age
    1. A Profecia Celestina

    James Redfield

    2. A Inteligência Emocional

    Daniel Goleman

    3. A Inteligência Emocional e a Arte de Educar Nossos Filhos

    John Gottman and Joan DeClaire

    4. As Sete Leis Espirituais do Sucesso

    Deepak Chopra

    5. Violetas na Janela

    Vera Lúcia Marizeck Carvalho

    6. Sem Medo de Viver

    Zibia Gasparetto

    7. Meu Anjo

    Fausto Oliveira

    8. Minutos de Sabedoria

    Torres Pastorino

    9. Muitas Vidas, Muitos Mestres

    Brian L. Weiss

    10. Manual do Guerreiro da Luz

    Paulo Coelho


    According to weekly newsmagazine Veja

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