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    Anônima (Anonymous) — A Rio taxi driver takes
    stock of his life the same say diplomat, poet, composer Vinicius de Moraes
    dies. Written by Wilson Sayão, directed by Aderbal Freire-Filho,
    with Pedro Paulo Rangel and Gracindo Jr.

    O Carteiro e o Poeta (The Mailman and the Poet) — Written
    by Antonio Skármeta and directed by Aderbal Freire-Filho. With Rogério
    Fróes and Marcos Winter. The story about the imaginary friendship
    between Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and the mailman who delivered his mail
    when Neruda was in exile in Spain.

    Don Juan — Molière’s classical take on the legendary
    14th century lover and libertine. Directed by Moacir Chaves with Édson
    Celulari and Cacá Carvalho.

    Master Class (Master Class) — By Terrence
    McNally with Marília Pêra and Caio Ferraz. Maria Callas’s
    adventures during the time she spent at the Julliard School of Music in
    New York.

    São Paulo

    Bar Doce Bar (Bar Sweet Bar) — Musical comedy. A group
    of friends discuss and sing their lives under the watchful eye of a caring
    waiter. Written by Luís Alberto de Abreu, directed by Ednaldo Freire.
    Aldo Avilez, Fernando Petelinkar and Tico d’Godoy star.

    Ensaio para Danton (Essay for Danton) — Based on German
    dramatist Georg Büchner’s Danton’s Death from 1835. It
    deals with relationships, power, revolution and death. Sérgio de
    Carvalho directs Amazyles de Almeida, Nelly Sampaio, and Gustavo Machado.

    No Olho da Rua (Thrown on the Street) — The little daily
    adventures in the big city. Twenty stories of passion, friendship and misunderstandings.
    Written by Luiz Cabral and Ricardo Soares. Directed by Beth Lopes. With
    Amadeo Lamounier, Bel Kowarick, Luiz Carlos Rossi, and Rosanna Seligmann.

    Vacalhau & Binho — Sketches based on Zé Fidélis,
    an old-guard radio comedian. Carlos Alberto Soffredini wrote, adapted and


    American films just released: Donnie Brasco (Donnie Brasco),
    The Crucible (As Bruxas de Salém), Turbulence (Turbulência),
    Metro (O Negociador), Portrait of a Lady (Retrato de uma Mulher), Fierce
    Creatures (Ferocidade Máxima), Girl 6 (Garota 6), Citizen Ruth (Ruth
    em Questão), The Devil’s Own (Inimigo Íntimo, James and the
    Giant Peach (James e o Pêssego Gigante)

    An Instant of Innocence (Um Instante de Inocência) —
    Iran — 1996 — Former policeman go looking for a moviemaker because he wants
    him to fulfill promise. Directed by Mohsen Makhmalbat with Mirhadi Tayebi,
    Ali Bakhshi, and Ammar Tafti.

    Beautiful Thing (Delicada Atração) — England
    — 1996 — A couple of adolescents (both are 16) fall in love and decide
    to face the music and fight their families for their right to live together.
    By Hetti MacDonald with Linda Henry and Scott Neal.

    O Cego que Gritava Luz (The Blindman Who Cried Light) —
    Brazil — 1996 — Dimas, a Brasília story teller, creates a lot of
    suspense by withholding the ending of tale involving a crime. But then
    he is forced to tell what he knows. Directed by João Batista de
    Andrade with Tonico Pereira, Roberto Bomtempo e Murilo Grossi.

    Corisco e Dadá (Corisco and Dadá) — Brazil
    — 1996 — The story happens in Bahia in 1927. Cangaceiro (backlands
    outlaw) Corisco kidnaps Dadá who is still a child. She will grow
    up to love him and to be a real cangaceira herself. Directed by
    Rosemberg Cariry with Chico Diaz, Dira Paes, Antônio Leite and Regina

    O Homem Nu (The Naked Man) — Brazil — 1996 — Man is taken
    for sexual pervert and even terrorist after being locked outside his apartment
    naked. Remake of movie inspired by a Fernando Sabino short story. With
    Cláudio Marzo, Lúcia Veríssimo, and Daniel Dantas.
    Directed by Hugo Carvana.

    Pequeno Dicionário Amoroso (Little Love Dictionary)
    — Brazil — 1996 — A chance meeting between two youngsters develops into
    a torrid love story. Directed by Sandra Werneck with Andréa Beltrão,
    Daniel Dantas, and Tony Ramos.

    Ponette (Ponette, à Espera de um Anjo) — France
    — 1996 — The drama of a four-year-old girl after her mother dies in a car
    accident. Directed by Jacques Doillon. With Victoire Trivisol, Marie Trintignant
    and Xavier Beauvois.

    Shine (Shine: Brilhante) — England/Australia — 1996 —
    The story of pianist David Helfgott, whose career is interrupted by disease.
    He then returns to the concert circuit. Directed by Scott Hicks. With Geoffrey
    Rush and Armin Mueller.



    1. O Paciente Inglês

    Michael Ondaatje

    2. O Mundo de Sofia

    Jostein Gaarder

    3. Armadilha Aérea

    Michael Crichton

    4. O Último Chefão

    Mario Puzo

    5. O Homem que Calculava

    Malba Tahan

    6. Novas Comédias da Vida Privada

    Luís Fernando Veríssimo

    7. O Xangô de Baker Street

    Jô Soares

    8. Ponto de Fuga – Morris West

    9. Legítima Defesa

    Jonathan Kellerman

    10. Mas Será o Benedito?

    Mário Prata


    1. Chic — Um Guia Básico de Moda e Estilo – Glória

    2. Terra – Sebastião Salgado

    3. O Povo Brasileiro, a Formação e o Sentido do
    Brasil –
    Darcy Ribeiro

    4. O Princípio Dilbert – Scott Adams

    5. Manual de Redação do Estado de S. Paulo
    Eduardo Martins

    6. Vislumbres da Índia – Octavio Paz

    7. O Rio do Meio – Lya Luft

    8. O Mundo Assombrado pelos Demônios – Carl Sagan

    9. Crônicas de Repórter – Pedro Bial

    10. A Arte da Guerra: Os Documentos Perdidos – Sun Tzu

    Self-Help/New Age

    1. Inteligência Emocional

    Daniel Goleman

    2. A Inteligência Emocional e a Arte de Educar Nossos Filhos

    John Gottman e Joan DeClaire

    3. Meu Anjo – Fausto Oliveira

    4. As Sete Leis Espirituais do Sucesso

    Deepak Chopra

    5. A Profecia Celestina

    James Redfield

    6. Violetas na Janela

    Vera Lúcia Marinzeck Carvalho

    7. A Décima Profecia – James Redfield

    8. Muitas Vidas, Muitos Mestres

    Brian L. Weiss

    9. Homens São de Marte, Mulheres São de Vênus
    John Gray

    10. A Cura Através da Terapia de Vidas Passadas
    Brian I. Weiss

    According to weekly newsmagazine Veja

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