POR AÍ

    Brazilian Indians who learned the Portuguese and received
    some schooling are being expelled from their lands and forced to live in
    servitude closer to the cities in the South of Brazil. And they don’t enjoy
    the compassionate support offered the Amazon Indians.

    Americans can now taste the fresh sound of the latest musical Brazilian
    sensation, Daúde (dah-ooh-gee). Maria Walderlurdes Costa de Santana
    Dutilleux — Daúde comes from her little brother inability to pronounce
    her name made up by the names of her parents Waldemiro and Lourdes — is
    from musical-talent-rich Bahia, and she has been making waves and getting
    critical praise not only in Brazil, but also in Japan and Europe where
    Daúde’s album held a steady place for two months on the World Charts.

    Her sound is a mix of soul, hip hop, funk, bossa nova, samba, and Northeastern
    rhythms. Tinder Records is releasing the singer’s debut album, Daúde,
    the same CD that sparked the singer’s career in Brazil and earned her the
    Sharp Award (the Brazilian Grammy) for Revelation of the Year. "The
    disc," wrote The Beat magazine, "with its feverish dance
    shakedowns interspersed with pensive numbers, is no doubt one of the year’s
    greatest revelations." To get the CD or more information call (800)

    The Ambassador Stays

    Speculations about the impending return to Brazil of Brazilian ambassador
    in Washington, Paulo Tarso Flecha de Lima, 63, seem to be unfounded. The
    rumors became more insistent after several of Flecha de Lima’s close advisors
    were transferred to posts in other countries. Besides, the ambassador had
    a series of health problems in 1995, including a stroke in August and two
    brain surgeries. According to the embassy, however, "he is feeling
    great and has totally recovered. He has received more than 4,000 visitors
    in 1996."

    The Itamaraty, the Foreign ministry, has also been incisive: "If
    Ambassador Flecha de Lima returns to Brazil, we will send him back to Washington.
    That’s where President Fernando Henrique Cardoso wants him." Good
    news for princess Di, who will be able to continue visiting her good friend
    Lúcia, the ambassador’s wife, without having to stretch her flight.

    Doing As Brazilians Do

    A youth movement model developed and used with success with Brazilian
    street children has been adapted to assist youngsters in San Francisco,
    California. The Brazil Project of the International Child Resource Institute
    (ICRI) has announced the recent implementation of a pilot program called
    RYSE (Rising Youth for Social Equity) inspired by the Brazilian effort.
    One of the key beliefs of the program is that children should have a voice
    in decisions affecting their lives. RYSE youth will develop a microenterprise
    program run and staffed by the youngsters themselves. For more information,
    call (415) 863-1100 or send E-mail to: kidryse@aol.com

    Brazil on Stage

    Vestido de Noiva (The Wedding Dress), one of the most celebrated
    plays by late Brazilian playwright Nélson Rodrigues (1912-1980),
    is having its American première 54 years after being written. The
    Yankee version, translated and adapted by Rodrigues’s son Joffre and Toby
    Coe, will start its five-week-long run March 15 at the Theater 40, in Beverly
    Hills. In Vestido de Noiva Nélson Rodrigues explores the
    mystery behind the hallucination of a woman who has just been in a car
    accident. For tickets call Theatix (213) 466-1767.

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