Brazil has become the world’s largest corridor for
    cocaine. Sixty percent of the cocaine consumed in the United States comes
    from the White Triangle, a region encompassing border areas in Brazil,
    Colombia and Peru. With all the US effort to combat drug production in
    Colombia, Brazil is increasing its role as a producer of the white powder.
    Some Brazilian authorities fear that a new Medellín is growing right
    now deep in the Brazilian Amazon jungle. For all the tragedies they bring,
    drugs on the other hand also guarantee jobs to at least a quarter of a
    million Brazilians. They are those working in the marijuana fields in the
    Northeast and the dozens of thousands selling drugs in the streets of the
    big cities. Crack, New York’s gift to the world, has also born fruit in
    Brazil. Started in 1988 in the São Paulo suburbs, the crack habit
    has gained status and is used now across the country in bigger and smaller
    By Brazzil Magazine

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