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    O Burguês Ridículo (Ridiculous Bourgeois)
    Adapted from a Molière’s comedy. Directed by Guel Arraes
    and João Falcão with Marco Nanini and Betty Gofman.

    Como Encher um Biquíni Selvagem (How to Fill Up
    a Wild Bikini) — A comic view of loneliness in the big city. Boy wonder
    Miguel Falabella wrote and directs. Starring Cláudia Jimenez.

    Aluga-se um Namorado (Boyfriend for Rental) — In a traditional
    Jewish family young man falls in love with a gentile girl. The family is
    opposed to the romance. Written by James Sherman, directed by André
    Valle. With Juliana Martins and Eri Johnson.

    Ninguém Me Ama, Ninguém Me Quer, Ninguém
    Me Chama de Baudelaire
    (Nobody Loves Me, Nobody Wants Me, Nobody
    Calls Me Baudelaire ) — Written and starred by Ivan de Albuquerque.
    With participation of Leyla Ribeiro and Lúcio Mário Filho.
    While getting ready to present a conference on Vampirism, a group of college
    students is visited by the vampires themselves.

    São Paulo

    Bar Doce Bar (Bar Sweet Bar) — Musical Comedy. A group
    of friends discuss and sing their lives under the watchful eye of a caring
    waiter. Written by Luís Alberto de Abreu, directed by Ednaldo Freire.
    Aldo Avilez, Fernando Petelinkar and Tico d’Godoy star.

    Drácula e Outros Vampiros (Dracula and Other Vampires)
    — A collection of comic and thrilling characters. Created and directed
    by Antunes Filho with Grupo de Teatro Macunaíma.

    E Continua Tudo Bem (Everything is Still Swell) — The
    story starts when a couple celebrates the 25th anniversary of their first
    adultery. Written by Bernard Slade. Directed by Marco Nanini. Glória
    Menezes and Tarcísio Meira star.

    Vacalhau & Binho — Sketches based on Zé Fidelis,
    an old-guard radio comedian. Carlos Alberto Soffredini wrote, adapted and
    directed. With Isser Korik, Luzia Meneghini, Edvaldo Barreto and Moisés


    American films just released: Jingle All the Way (Um Herói
    de Brinquedo), Trees Lounge (Ponto de Encontro), The Phantom (O Fantasma),
    Palookaville (Doces Criminosos), The Fan (Estranha Obsessão), The
    Crow: City of Angels (O Corvo: A Cidade dos Anaw6kx), Dead Man (Dead Man)

    Doces Poderes (Sweet Powers) — Brazil — 1995 — A TV drama
    during an electoral campaign. Directed by Lúcia Murat. With Marisa
    Orth, Antônio Fagundes and Otávio Augusto.

    Como Nascem os Anaw6kx (How Angels Are Born) — Brazil —
    1996 — Two children from the favela (slum) take an American family
    as hostage. Starring Priscila Assum, Sílvio Guindane, Larry Pine
    e André Mattos. Directed by Murilo Salles.

    Corisco e Dadá (Corisco and Dadá) — Brazil
    — 1996 — The story happen in Bahia in 1927. Cangaceiro (backlands
    outlaw) Corisco kidnap Dadá who is still a child. She will grow
    up to love him and to be a real cangaceira herself. Directed by
    Rosemberg Cariry with Chico Diaz, Dira Paes, Antônio Leite and Regina

    Fica Comigo (Stay With Me) — Brazil — 1996 — The difficult
    relationship between parents and teenagers. Directed by Tizuka Yamasaki.
    Starring Antônio Fagundes, Luciana Rigueira, Vitor Hugo and Lúcia

    O Judeu (The Jew) — Brazil/Portugal — 1995 — The story
    Luso-Brazilian playwright who was persecuted by the Inquisition in the
    18th Century. Directed by Jom Tob Azulay. With Felipe Pinheiro, Dina Sfat,
    José Lewgoy, and Fernanda Torres.

    O Monge e a Filha do Carrasco (The Monk and the Hangman’s
    Daughter) — Brazil/EUA — 1994 — Directed by Walter Lima Jr., starring
    Murilo Benício, Karina Barun, Patrícia Pillar and Paul Dillon.
    A young Franciscan monk deals with faith and desires in 18th century Germany.

    Quem Matou Pixote? (Who Killed Pixote?) — Brazil — 1996
    — The film tells what happened to Fernando Ramos da Silva, the boy who
    starred in the worldwide acclaimed film Pixote. José Joffily
    directs. With Cassiano Carneiro, Luciana Rigueira, and Joana Fomm.

    Tesis (Morte ao Vivo) — Spain — 1996 — When preparing
    a college thesis about violence on movies and TV, Angela becomes a victim
    of the violence that she is studying. With Ana Torrent, Fele Martinez and
    Eduardo Noriega. Directed by Alejandro Amanábar.



    1. Novas Comédias da Vida Privada

    Luís Fernando Veríssimo

    2. O Mundo de Sofia

    Jostein Gaarder

    3. Ponto de Fuga – Morris West

    4. A Escolha da Dra. Cole

    Noah Gordon

    5. Corredor da Morte V.I. (Duas Meninas) – Stephen King

    6. O Homem que Calculava

    Malba Tahan

    7. A Dama do Lotação

    Nélson Rodrigues

    8. Mas Será o Benedito? – Mário Prata

    9. Não És Tu, Brasil

    Marcelos Rubens Paiva

    10. Uma Pulga na Camisola

    Max Nunes


    1. Notícia de um Seqüestro

    Gabriel García Márquez

    2. Tabacaria e Outros Poemas

    Fernando Pessoa

    3. A Assustadora História da Medicina

    Richard Gordon

    4. A Arte da Guerra: os Documentos Perdidos – Sun Tzu

    5. O Rio do Meio – Lya Luft

    6. Antônio Maria — Noites de Copacabana – Joaquim
    Ferreira dos Santos

    7. Vislumbres da Índia – Octavio Paz

    8. A Ferro e Fogo — A História e a Devastação
    da Mata

    Warren Dean

    9. Cara a Cara com as Drogas

    Caho Lopes

    10. Zico Conta a Sua História


    Self-Help/New Age

    1. Inteligência Emocional

    Daniel Goleman

    2. A Profecia Celestina – James Redfield

    3. A Décima Profecia – James Redfield

    4. Só o Amor É Real – Brian L. Weiss

    5. O Monte Cinco — Paulo Coelho

    6. Muitas Vidas, Muitos Mestres

    Brian L. Weiss

    7. A Cura Através da Terapia de Vidas Passadas – Brian
    L. Weiss

    8. As Sete Leis Espirituais do Sucesso

    Deepak Chopra –

    9. Almas Gêmeas – Mônica Buonfiglio

    10. Minutos de Sabedoria Simples — Torres Pastorino

    According to weekly

    newsmagazine Veja

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