White-House Inspired


    If it weren’t for President Clinton, the song
    "Boquete" would probably still be in its composer’s drawer gathering dust. Ivo
    Meirelles didn’t think the song would get any airtime due to its risqué lyrics. Then the
    White House scandal broke out.
    By Elma Lia Nascimento

    Adding a notch to the Brazilian musical scene steam MTV Brazil has been exhibiting a
    video-clip glorifying oral sex. President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky are some of the
    characters portrayed in the 4m14s film made to divulge "Boquete" (Giving Head),
    a song from Carioca (from Rio) Ivo Meirelles and his Funk’n’Lata band.

    By the way, if it weren’t for Clinton, the song would probably still be in Meirelles’s
    drawer gathering dust. The song was made two years ago, but the composer didn’t think the
    song would get any airtime due to its risqué lyrics. Then the White House scandal broke
    out and oral sex became a subject discussed even in kindergartens.

    It’s not the Clinton-Lewinsky duet, though, that’s getting most of the attention,
    provoking controversy and enraging the Catholic Church. In the clip there is a
    priest—Meirelles himself—who is all smiles and is shown with a very pretty
    little devil working under his frock while the lyrics explain what’s going on:

    Padre encontra o lenitivo….
    E a felicidade se repete
    Todo dia num boquete

    Priest finds lenitive ….
    And happiness repeats itself
    Everyday in a cocksucking

    In another scene, Meirelles gives oral relief to a plastic doll in a Volkswagen bug.
    "This veiled censorship I’ve been facing is a portrait of Brazil’s hypocrisy,"
    says the musician. "False morality has to go. The whole world performs oral sex, but
    you cannot talk about it. I’ve known priests who were gays, others who were
    perverts," he adds.



    Prá quem tem inglês fluente
    Cabeça prá trás
    O corpo prá frente
    Ela gosta de pagar
    E de receber
    O céu é o limite do prazer
    Vem, neném…
    Trombone ou trompete
    Gruda em mim que nem chiclete
    No carro, na rua, ninguém se mete
    Vem que eu quero um boquete
    Eu vou também
    Não tem saída
    Tête-á-tête com a perseguida
    Tem que dar pra receber
    Se achar é se perder
    Papai/mamãe tradicional
    Descascar banana é normal
    Mas se o remédio é via oral…

    Boquete! Boquete! Boquete! Boquete!
    Você pode me achar um pervertido
    Mas ninguém controla a sua libido
    Não me venha com essa de puritano
    Você boqueteia por de baixo do pano
    Não engorda, não faz mal
    Nem precisa de anticoncepcional
    Se o remédio é via oral
    Mantenha a calma profissional
    Secretária, executivo
    Padre encontra o lenitivo
    Deputado, senador
    Todo mundo é provedor
    E a felicidade se repete
    Todo dia num boquete
    Mate a cobra, mostre o pau…

    Oral Sex

    For those who have fluent English
    Head backwards
    Body forward
    She likes to pay
    And to receive
    The sky’s the limit of pleasure
    Come, babe…
    Trombone or trumpet
    Stick to me like chewing gum
    In the car, in the street, no one dares
    Come, I want head
    I’m going too
    There is no other way
    Tête-à-tête with your pussy
    You have to give to receive
    If to find it to get lost
    The traditional mom and dad
    Banana peeling is normal
    But if the medicine is taken orally…

    Head! Head! Head! Head!
    You might think I’m a pervert
    But no one can control his libido
    Don’t start acting like a puritan
    You give head under the cover
    It doesn’t make you fat, it doesn’t do you harm
    You don’t need birth control
    If the medicine is taken orally
    Maintain the professional calm
    Secretary, executive,
    Priest finds lenitive
    Representative, senator
    Everybody is a provider
    And happiness repeats itself
    Every day in a cocksucking
    Kill the snake, show the rod…


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