How to Become a Carioca

    How to Become
a Carioca

    Postcards from Rio
    People are not pedestrians here, they are targets. Traffic
    signals are basically just a generally vague indication of what you should do; definitely
    not to be assumed that when presented with a red signal that the driver will stop. When
    the traffic banks up and starts to gridlock, the motorists commence an obscure form of
    Morse code with their car horns.

    Dear Sambistas:


    During the last few months, Felipe Ferreira, Alessandra Pirote, and myself have been
    working on the project now known as "Rio 2000 & Samba". Via the internet, we
    have communicated using email to create a report that Alessandra and Felipe presented to
    the Brazilian Government.

    In late November, the Brazilian National Commission for the 5th Centenary Celebrations
    in Brasília was presented our project and voted to include it in the "official"
    500th anniversary celebrations in Brazil in the year 2000. This of course means that the
    League of Samba Schools in Rio (LIESA) also support the event officially.

    Felipe and Alessandra broke the news to me a week ago and sent a detailed report as to
    the activities during the next year and 3 months (yes, there is only 1 year and 3 months
    to the event!). We all have worked feverishly for the last week writing press releases and
    updating the Website.

    Felipe and Alessandra are launching a national press release today, December 2, 1998,
    the national day of Samba in Brazil. In conjunction with that, I have launched a major
    update of the  Website for all
    to see. Although there are still details to be filled in, the major components are all

    This exciting news has taken us all by storm. My hopes were to simply get approval from
    LIESA to parade with the champions. I never dreamed that Felipe and Alessandra would
    achieve such a high degree of success in getting support in Brazil. The Brazilian
    government in Brasília! What a coup!


    Felipe Ferreira has elaborated the samba enredo for the music contest. The due date has
    been pushed to February 5, 1999. The judging will take place in Rio in 99 where I will
    take all the entries by hand to Rio with me for judging.

    Please read the new enredo. It is very beautiful. It should not change much if
    any to present compositions. It is much more like the style in Brazil and Felipe did a
    beautiful job in explaining the theme. Congrats to him!

    Composers, take a good look to make sure you have included what you want from the enredo.
    Remember, the enredo is a point of departure, not to be taken literally. It is
    supposed to be inspiration to your composition. Be creative!


    There are 8 places in the world where tryouts will be held. They are listed on the
    Website. Also, a samba school has been chosen in each site to host the auditions which
    will last 3 days and include intensive workshops and a lecture by Felipe on Carnaval in
    Rio. The workshop and audition will cost $150 US on the average. Check the  home page for the one nearest you.
    Workshops will be directed by a master in percussion in Brazil and a master samba dance

    Time frame is in October, November of 99. I will be getting in contact with all the
    samba schools who will be hosting to make sure they are committed to the project.


    Special thanks to Alessandra and Felipe. They have done a truly incredible job – beyond
    all our expectations. Please send them your thanks for a job well done at  and .

    And thanks to all of you! Without the 115 samba groups of all shapes and sizes and
    styles in the IFoS, this event would not be possible. Each and every one of you has put
    countless hours, money and most of all, your heart into your groups and thus, directly
    into this project. All the struggles we have gone through and all the debates have been
    worth this event!

    Imagine all of us together in Rio doing workshops and finally parading with the
    champions in Rio. And on top of that, a stadium filled with Brazilians with MILLIONS on TV
    watching and singing with pride to our song and new samba school that came together via
    this crazy world called the Internet…


    Thanks to all of you. Do fundo do meu coração…  email:

    David de Hilster SambaLá President 

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