Who is the Brazilian teenager? He/she is passionate and apathetic,
    abstemious and drug-addicted, criminal and compassionate. Their numbers are growing faster
    than any other age bracket. They will soon be Brazil’s movers and shakers.
    By Brazzil Magazine

    I have just read with great interest Kathryn Gallant’s article "Nevermore?",
    about the torture, imprisonment and disappearance of Brazilian citizens. It is absolutely
    imperative that I get in touch with her as soon as possible, as my husband and I have been
    searching for his father for some time now, and he has the same name as one of the men on
    the list of 13 leftists who were imprisoned and died there, possibly tortured to death.
    This is an urgent matter, as my husband’s father would be approximately 71 years old if he
    is still alive, and time may be running out. If he has died, we need to know. Please
    answer! We are desperate.

    P.S. The man we are trying to locate is Milton Chester DeCastro (or de Castro), son of
    Chester and Ophelia Decastro, brother of Lisenko and cousin of Geraldo.

    Lisa Brown
    Hudson, New Hampshire

    Matter of

    I love Brazzil magazine and I am proud to have published a few articles there.
    But on occasion some of your writers need to learn about proper "attribution."
    The most flagrant example I’ve seen of this was Kirsten Weinoldt’s recent piece
    "1968: For Ever," which copied material out of one of my books. It did list
    several sources at the end, but almost the entire middle section—the Geraldo Dias and
    Chico Buarque parts especially—was lifted word for word from the first edition of my
    book The Brazilian Sound. There is so much copied, in fact, that it would have been
    fair to give me a byline on the article. This is plagiarism, even if there is a mention of
    my book at the end of her article. Any material lifted verbatim from another source must
    be clearly credited.

    Chris McGowan
    Los Angeles, California

    The author

    Dear Chris McGowan,

    Ever since someone recommended your book The Brazilian Sound, I’ve been a big
    fan of it and referred to it so many times, it’s now dog-eared and worn. Therefore, when I
    took on the task of writing about 1968, I was delighted to see some things about Geraldo
    Vandré and Chico Buarque I didn’t know. I used it, and in my enthusiasm I didn’t realize
    that so much was verbatim. I just love this book and was happy to find what I needed. I am
    really sorry about that. Sincerely,

    Kirsten Weinoldt
    West Boylston, Massachusetts

    Not Black and
    Not White

    I really love your publication, but I have a request from all Brazilians who read it:
    Do not copy the racist thinking of Americans! There is no such thing as a "White
    Brazilian or Black Brazilian." We are all beautiful Brazilians and must not separate
    and copy the pitiful example of hatred that exists here in the USA. We are special people
    that show the world that it is possible for all colors to be one people! We will not hate
    as Americans do! Long live the culture and people of Brazil!

    AJ Brown
    Washington DC

    Brazzil Is
    All Yours

    I would like to request your consideration regarding two matters:

    1) I am leading an effort in Indianapolis Indiana to create a
    "Brazil-focused" educational opportunity for school children. I also hope to
    involve an already targeted high school, which is predominantly African American in my
    Brazil-awareness campaign. I would like to request your permission to reprint copies of
    the information I found at http://www.brazil-brasil.com/cvroct95.htm to be distributed
    among students for the purpose of generating discussion.

    2) I have established a very Afro-Brazilian-focused Web site at
    http://www.iei.net/~pwagner/gooddeeds/index.html and would like to include the same
    material-clearly crediting Brazzil and including your own main site Web address in
    a new gallery there.

    Phillip Wagner
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    for Rio

    I recently came upon information about your publication in The Writer (October
    1998 issue). Hooray! I am a freelance writer. I spent two years in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
    as a child (7-9 years old), which was back in 1954-1955. I went to Curso Toneleros where I
    became the "No. 1" student at the end of my first grade, and all during the
    second grade, until my family moved to the United States. My school was on Avenida
    Princesa Isabel, a few blocks from where I lived and also a few blocks from the Copacabana
    Beach. I have pictures—and memories—and an idea for one or two pieces, which I
    will submit after I "study" your magazine.

    But the story I really want to write someday will be of my return to Rio. Haven’t been
    back since, although I have traveled to other parts of the world. Earlier this year I was
    in Lagos, Portugal-where I observed the wavy mosaic sidewalks, the
    "zh-sh-ch-ão" sounds of the Portuguese language—and had a hankering to be
    in the Rio of my childhood. And in Lisbon they even have a "Corcovado" there!

    Olga Bourlin
    Via Internet

    Thanks for

    Thanks again to Bruce Gilman for another well written and informative piece, this time
    the interview with Virgínia Rodrigues. I was lucky enough to find the CD with the "I
    Want to Be Ready" number on it. Truly a wonderful first CD. The critics have not
    exaggerated Virginia’s talent.

    Fred Dobb, Ph.D.
    California Department of Education
    Sacramento, California


    Congratulations to Bruce Gilman on a great article on Villa-Lobos’s quartets! The
    editor of Pauta, Mexico’s main musical quarterly would very much like to translate
    and publish it with all the due credits. He asked me to get your permission to do so.

    Aron Bitran, Via Internet
    Cuarteto Latinoamericano


    I loved to know Brazzil magazine! The articles in English give us the chance to
    use them in English classes. Maybe these are some good ideas for you as a promotion of the
    magazine in Brazil: tourist agencies and the distribution of the magazine to flight
    companies so they can offer it to their passengers.

    Marisa Riguetto
    Via Internet

    It’s all for
    the Taking

    I have just come across Brazzil and as it is the only English source I can find
    on Brazil, I was interested in the contents. I am particularly interested in the political
    and economic situation, but I cannot find any way of getting this info from any of the
    prompts/icons. Is it me who is messing up, or is there some limitation to how much info is

    Julie Marlow
    Via Internet
    United Kingdom

    Americans and

    I’m a Brazilian expatriate living in Israel since 1968 and I’m a history buff. I’m very
    interested in knowing something about the immigration of Southern families to the then
    Empire of Brazil, after the Civil War. I know they went to São Paulo (Americana and Santa
    Bárbara do Oeste) and to the Amazon area. Could you help me find something about the
    subject? Or indicate someone or some University in Brazil or in the USA to guide me in
    this search? I saw your Web page in the internet—by the way very well done, specially
    about the hints to an American newcomer— and I thought I could ask your help in this

    Carlos Lefevre
    Kibbutz Lahav

    No Globo
    in English?

    I’m looking for O Globo in English on the Web. If you can tell me how I can find
    it, I would be eternally grateful! O Globo doesn’t offer a choice of English or
    Portuguese on their Website! (I couldn’t believe it!) So if you can tell me if you know of
    a site that has the translation of O Globo or of any other Brazilian daily or
    "good" weekly newspaper in English, I would really appreciate it.

    Farfalotis Bung
    New York


    I am doing a paper on refugees for school and I was wondering what Brazilians think
    about refugees. Do you have any refugees? Do you like having refugees coming from other
    places? Have you had problems with refugees in the past? I would greatly appreciate it if
    you could send me any information on that by Sunday."

    Via Internet

    Looking for

    I would like to know more about the Brazilian culture as well as the language. I am a
    Portuguese student and I would like to communicate back and forth with someone who is
    willing to help me in my quest to learning about Brazil. I plan to visit Brazil soon.

    Adisa King
    US Military Academy
    West Point, New York


    I’m a 31-year-old architect. I live in Fortaleza City and I would like to go to Canada.
    I work with Urbanism and Architecture (projects). I would like to study in Canada. I know
    AutoCAD, Corel Draw, Office, and a little about Graphic Computer. I would like to exchange
    new experiences with Canadians.

    Paulo Rocha Aguiar Júnior
    Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil


    Although I realize Brazzil is mostly in English, I felt that if my students subscribed
    to it, they would get some good insights into Brazilian culture at home and abroad.

    Via Internet

    and Brasília

    I live in Brasília and I maintain a Website about the history of the city
    (www.infobrasilia.com.br/history.htm ). I just found your article dealing with Lúcio
    Costa, the architect of Brasília. I would like to know if the text will be permanently on
    that URL. If so, I will put a link to it. However, if it is a temporary URL, I would like
    permission to copy the text and use it on my Website, with full credits, of course.

    Augusto C. B. Areal
    Brasília, Brazil


    I just want to comment on Ana Maria Bahiana’s answers to some of your questions. I do
    agree that Americans do have their problems just like all countries, but instead of
    criticizing we should try to understand each other and try to learn each other’s culture
    better. I am a student who has gone back to school to further my education. There are a
    lot of people who do not criticize other cultures, but want to learn more about them like

    Michelle Baker
    Pace, Florida


    Please subscribe me. I am a professor of Portuguese, Spanish and French at RWU and I do
    need a lot of material about Brazil.

    Beatriz Hoffius
    Bristol, Rhode Island


    I have been so preoccupied with Tropicalia lately, I need to know more. Plus I’d like
    to create something of a primer for the readers of Mommy and I Are One. Is it
    possible to get the Dec 97 back issue with Tropicalia cover story? And yes I am interested
    in a sample issue and possible subscription. I am not Brazilian but I just can’t seem to
    figure out my fascination for the culture, and, if I knew more about it, my affinity for
    it. This past year, I have been seriously considering a trip there.

    Christian Bruno
    San Francisco, California

    Our Man
    in Rio

    Dear Brazzilinhos, let me introduce myself. I am an Australian living in Rio (2.5
    years), with my Brazilian wife. My principal work is in selling Australian wine, but I
    also do some work in Information Technology. When I arrived in Rio, I kept a monthly diary
    of my "adventures" (appropriately called `Postcards from Rio’), an excerpt of
    which I have attached. I am not sure if it is of interest to your readers, but please have
    a read, and let me know what you think. Past feedback from readers in OZ/Brazil/USA has
    been encouraging. I have tried to keep it light, entertaining, factual, but also focussed
    on the positive things in Brazil (but with reference to some of things that have not gone
    so well, for example TELERJ!). If you find this of interest, then many more editions of
    "Postcards from Rio" might follow.

    John Miller
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Cool &

    I was just surfing around on the net when I came up onto your Brazil on My Mind cool
    homepage. You have done a very good job. I really enjoyed how you laid out your graphics
    and your use of color. There are so many bad sites out on the Internet that is a true joy
    to surf up to a really nice one like yours! I liked the links that you had chosen as well
    as the actual content of your own homepage as well. Keep up the good work, it is

    I am the webmaster of WD9GNG’s German/American homepage. I have been trying to get out
    and look at as many homepages as I can in order to see what other folks are doing. You
    have given me some good ideas on how a good site should be laid out!

    Ken Wigger

    I Want My

    I read my sample issue and I love your magazine. Please accept my subscription. My
    check is in this morning’s post.

    Michael Herrmann
    Tonawanda, New York

    F in

    You have a wonderful and useful site but a very ill-behaved one. I hope you will
    quickly correct the problem. I normally use Netscape 4.x with Java and Java script turned
    off. When I try to access brazzil.com in that condition, I get an illegal operations error
    message and you totally crash my browser, leaving me back on my desktop and having to
    start over. I normally have 6 or 8 browser windows open at a time and it crashes all of

    I have tested this several times to confirm it. If I turn Java & Java script
    "on" then I can access the site without any problem. If I have Java turned off
    (as is my normal condition) and come here: fatal error message and total browser crash.

    I am not the only person in the world who has Java normally turned off. Many of them
    would not be sufficiently techno to figure out what was happening. All they would know is
    that every time they try to access your site their browser crashes. Not exactly the best
    way to add to your hit totals and popularity! 🙂 And, when I refer friends of mine to your
    site I always have to remember to caution them about having Java turned on. Hope you can
    solve this quickly.

    Via Internet

    Can’t you find Brazzil
    at your Brazilian consulate? Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

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