Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    (*Before Cardoso)
    The public sector has played a crucial role in Brazil’s economic
    development. Nowadays, most economists agree that the country’s economic crisis is linked
    to the chronic public finance imbalance that has become the greatest obstacle to
    macroeconomic stabilization.
    By Brazzil Magazine



    O Cara de Pau (The Fresh Guy)—Comedy. Guy has to invent ways to
    survive after being fired from the place where he worked for 30 years. Written by Juca de
    Oliveira, directed by Paulo Guarnieri, with Castrinho and Flávio Guarnieri. Teatro dos
    Grandes Atores.

    Eu Sou Mais Nélson (Nélson Is My Kind Of Guy)—Comedy. A collage of
    texts by infamous playwright Nélson Rodrigues. Vices, neuroses and all the repressed
    sexual feelings are exposed. Directed by Ana Kfouri, with group Alice 118. Teatro Duse.

    A Ninfeta da Rua Augusta (Augusta Street’s Lolita)—Drama. Based on
    Jorge Mascarenhas’s movie of same name. Poor girl becomes prostitute to help her family.
    Directed by Valéria Abbade. Teatro Armando Gonzaga.

    Procura-se Público (Looking for Audience)—Comedy. Famous authors
    practice modern texts. Written and directed by Dirceu de Mattos, with Cia. Atores Atoa.
    Teatro Dirceu de Mattos.

    Os Colecionadores (The Collectors)—Theater of absurd dealing with
    contemporary life. Written and directed by Joel Gusson, with Cia. das Índias Ocidentais
    de Teatro. Sala Carlos Couto.

    Performance—Comedy. Stories of marriages. Written and directed by
    Sarah Berandeth, with Sandro Rabello and André Cerveira. Centro Cultural Oduvaldo Vianna

    Ô Abre Alas (Hey, Let Me Through)—Musical. The life of pioneer
    musician Chiquinha Gonzaga with Rosamaria Murtinho. Ô Abre Alas, composed by
    Chiquinha, was the first big Carnaval hit. Directed by Charles Moeller and Cláudio
    Botelho. Written by Maria Adelaide do Amaral. Teatro João Caetano.


    Uma Lição Longe Demais (A Lesson That Went Too Far)—Two students
    kidnap teacher after being expelled from school. Written by Zeno Wilde, directed by
    Maurício Lencasttre, with Aldine Müller, Maurício Lencasttre and Edye. TBC (Teatro
    Brasileiro de Comédia)

    Aqueles 2 (Those Two)—The reencounter of two lovers long after the
    end of their affair. Written and directed by José Geraldo Petean, with Eloísa Elena and
    Marcelo Góes. Espaço Piolim.

    Dom Casmurro (Mr. Curmudgeon)—Bentinho wants to prove to himself
    beyond any doubt that his beloved wife Capitu betrayed him. Adapted from the Machado de
    Assis novel by José Paulo Rosa, who also directs. With Regina Pessoa, Zhé Gomes, and
    Alexandre Leal, Teatro Lucas Pardo Filho.

    Homem Branco e Cara Vermelha (White Man and Red Face)—Lost in the
    desert a Jew in order to survive must dissuade an Indian from committing suicide. Written
    by George Tabori, directed by Wolfgang Pannek, with Linneu Dias, Maura Baiocchi, and
    Antônio Galleão. Teatro do Instituto Goethe,

    As Polacas (The Polish Girls)—Based on Jovens Polacas (Polish
    Girls), a book that tells the story of a group of Jewish prostitutes in Brazil, early this
    century. Written by Analy A. Pinto, directed by Iacov Hillel, with Lúcia Romano and Isa
    Kopelman. Teatro Maria Della Costa.

    Um Sanatório para Freud (A Sanatorium for Freud)—Writer pretends to
    be crazy in order to avoid torture in prison. Written and directed by Ivanildo Antônio,
    with Humberto Marambaia and Nira Niróska. Espaço Cultural Livre.


    Just-released American movies: Knock Off (Golpe Fulminante), Lolita
    (Lolita), Saving Private Ryan (O Resgate do Soldado Ryan), Six Days, Seven Nights (Seis
    Dias, Sete Noites), There’s Something About Mary (Quem Vai Ficar com Mary?), Wild Things
    (Garotas Selvagens), The X Files (Arquivo X, O Filme), Ulee’s Gold (O Ouro de Ulisses)

    Amores (Loves)—Brazil/1998—Comedy. Daughter of a TV producer
    going through professional crisis falls in love with his best friend, a married man.
    Directed by Domingos Oliveira, with Maria Mariana and Domingos Oliveira.

    Cinderela Baiana (Cinderella from Bahia)—Brazil/1998—Musical
    comedy. Directed by Conrado Sanchez, with Carla Perez, Alexandre Pires, Perry Sales, and
    Fábio Vidal. The story of a poor girl who becomes a star, very similar to the life story
    of Carla Perez herself.

    Kenoma—Brazil/1997—Drama. Artisan from the interior has an
    obsession: to build a perpetual motion. Directed by Eliane Caffé, with José Dumont,
    Enrique Diaz, Jonas Bloch, and Mariana Lima.

    Terra do Mar (Sea Land)—Brazil/1997—Documentary by Mirella
    Martinelli and Eduardo Caron. The life of fishermen at Paraná state’s Paranaguá,
    Guarauqueçaba e Laranjeiras bays as well as São Paulo’s Cananéia bay. In praise of the
    sustainable use of natural resources.

    Fire (Fogo e Desejo)—India &
    Canada/1996—Drama. The conflicts and intimate life of a New Delhi family. Directed by
    Deepa Mehta, with Karishma Jhalani, Shabana Azmi, and Nandita Das.

    East Palace, West Palace (O Outro Lado da Cidade Proibida)—China
    & France/1996—Drama. Police officer gets involved with homosexual writer detained
    during a police raid. Directed by Zhang Yuang, with Hu Jun and Sihan.


    1 Veronika decide morrer, Paulo Coelho. Objetiva, 221 p. R$15.
    2 O mundo de Sofia, Jostein Gaarder. Companhia das Letras, 555 p. R$26,50.
    3 O rancho, Danielle Steel. Record, 448 p. R$20.
    4 Mal secreto—Inveja, Zuenir Ventura. Objetiva, 264 p. R$22.
    5 O plano perfeito, Sidney Sheldon. Record, 300 p. R$25.
    6 No fim dá certo, Fernando Sabino. Record, 226p R$20.
    7 O Deus das pequenas coisas, Arundhati Roy. Cia das Letras, 344 p. R$ 28.
    8 Através do espelho, Jostein Gaarder. Companhia das Letras, 144p. R$17.
    9 Sem asas ao amanhecer, Luciana Scotti. O Nome da Rosa, 197 p. R$ 25.
    10 A senhora de Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley. Rocco, 504 p. R$28.


    1 A viagem do descobrimento, Eduardo Bueno. Objetiva, 148 p. R$16,00.
    2 Minha bola, minha vida, Nilton Santos. Gryphus, 248 p. R$21.
    3 203 maneiras de enlouquecer um homem na cama, Olívia St. Claire. Ediouro,
    128 p. R$10,90.
    4 177 maneiras de enlouquecer uma mulher na cama, Margot Saint-Clair.
    Ediouro, 128 p. R$ 10,90.
    5 As melhores piadas do planeta e da Casseta, Casseta e Planeta. Objetiva,
    128 p. R$10.
    6 Chic homem, manual de moda e estilo, Glória Kalil. Senac, 237 p. R$45.
    7 Como falar corretamente e sem inibições, Reinaldo Polito. Saraiva, 216
    p. R$18.
    8 Dossiê Brasil, Geneton Morais Neto. Objetiva, 151 p. R$19.
    9 Ah; se eu soubesse, Richard Edler. Negócio. 237 p. R$ 28,70.
    10 Bilhões e bilhões, Carl Sagan. Cia das Letras, 100 p. R$23,50.


    1 Câncer tem cura, Frei Romano Zago. Vozes, 208 p. R$10.
    2 As profecias sem mistério, Paiva Netto, Elevação, 255 p. R$ 16.
    3 Meditando com Brian Weiss, Brian L. Weiss. Salamandra, 100 p. R$ 14,90.
    4 A águia e a galinha, Leonardo Boff. Vozes, 206 p. R$ 16.
    5 O sucesso é ser feliz, Roberto Shinyashi. Gente, 198 p. R$ 20.

    According to Jornal do Brasil

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