Public approval of the Real plan is not unanimous anymore.
    Complaints range from the rise in unemployment and social justice issues to the fact that
    many of the Real plan’s proposals have never materialized. But the plan did lower Brazil’s
    poverty rates and improved eating habits even for the poorest.
    By Brazzil Magazine

    Ok guys, enough is enough. I have been reading your magazine for a long time now and am
    quite tired of your insistence on putting pictures of naked women in every issue. Take the
    July issue, for example, on page 6. The article "Love on Sale" talked about the
    decrease of movement in motels in 30%, correct? Tell me what was the need to put that
    girl’s breasts picture to illustrate the article? You guys are abusing your readers and I
    don’t care if in Brazil this is "good taste" because here it is not.

    As a woman, I don’t think Brazilian men respect them anyway, but you have to understand
    that you are in a country that respects women. And that is why I live here. Why don’t you
    put pictures of naked guys, showing their penises off? Get a grip on yourselves, stop that
    macho mentality, and respect women.

    From today on you have three subscribers less: me and two other friends (a girl and a
    guy). They also think Brazil is much more than breasts and butts. And I cannot believe
    that Brazilian women like your magazine either. Nobody likes to be disrespected this way.
    If they allow this to happen is either because they don’t have another choice or because
    they don’t know any better. It is very sad to see that the only Brazilian publication
    available in Los Angeles has to come from the hands of such immature and irresponsible
    men. Don’t you think it is time to do something about it?

    I wish you good luck in this country and wish the Brazilian women good luck too in
    dealing with the Brazilian men. Before I finish, as a Brazilian friend told me too, I have
    to tell you that I’m not a frustrated woman. I’m young, very attractive, very intelligent,
    have plenty of boyfriends and I make my own money. I’m single by choice, travel a lot and
    speak five different languages.

    Veronica Hunt
    Los Angeles

    Late and

    I am very disappointed with Brazzil because it takes until the end of each month
    to receive it. I don’t mind paying an extra couple dollars to get the magazine in the
    beginning of each month. Please consider to raise the cost, so we can enjoy the magazine,
    otherwise this is going to be a big mess, getting the magazine in the end of each month.

    Esdras Othon Leitão
    Glendale, California

    All the
    Sex Games

    I have a monthly subscription to Brazzil. Glad to see it in the mailbox when it
    arrives. I travel to Rio once a year and Brazzil keeps me informed about things. In your
    letters section, I’m always amused by the negative letters that accuse Brazzil of
    showing Brazil in a negative way. Having been there myself, your approach to truthfulness
    should continue.

    I see the United States and Brazil to be more similar than most realize. Similar in the
    sense that you got a "have" group and a "have-not" group and the
    "have" group wants an image portrayed that everybody is a "have" group
    member and if you do find somebody who is poor and destitute, it is that person’s fault.
    So you got the "have" group more worried about guilt avoidance and being blamed
    for the "have-not" group.

    One way to pursue this agenda is to complain about magazines that show people suffering
    and not so fortunate. I guess that the "have" group thinks that if magazines and
    TV stop reporting on the poor then they won’t be reminded because being reminded
    retriggers guilt. And one more thing: sex. The United States culture plays too many games
    with sex. I see in Brazil more openness and being more honest about the subject. In the
    U.S., it is not uncommon for a guy to be "put out to pasture" at 25 or 27 after
    having one or two children with his wife. So you got a married guy whose wife doesn’t want
    to perform any more and he is expected to shut down his sex life at age 27. I’m always
    amused about the number of married U.S. guys I meet in front of the Rio Othon Hotel
    looking for action.

    Via Internet

    For the

    I received my first copy of your Brazzil magazine in the mail yesterday, and I
    was very pleased and impressed. I found your publication to be very well organized and
    informative, as well as remarkably well put together and edited, so that an American with
    high curiosity and interest in Brazilian culture could easily get a lot of valuable
    information. Your magazine covers societal issues, economics and finance, general public
    interest, and entertainment/fashion, all in a format that kept me fascinated and
    interested. Great job! Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work!

    Robert Spence
    Lake Forest, California


    I just visited your site and had a great time reading the story about Rede Globo and
    the notes on Jorge Zahar and Lúcio Costa. I’d like to congratulate you on the great job
    you are doing. Although Brazzil is a small operation, you are thorough and rigorous
    in your coverage and the editorial quality rivals that of any big media outlet. I sure do
    enjoy reading Brazzil way more than [leading Brazilian magazine] Veja! I
    would like to know if you would be interested in contributions. I do a lot of creative
    writing and I am also interested in Science and Technology writing. ( I am finishing my
    Ph.D. at MIT).

    João Paulo Aumond
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Closer to

    Recently, I had the great pleasure of running into your Web site. For the first time
    I’ve seen an extensive coverage of Brazil that not only reports current events in every
    facet of Brazilian society, but also analyzes and explores issues, which constantly face
    the Brazilian people. As a native Brazilian who has lived in the U.S. for over half of her
    life, I find myself becoming more removed from Brazil daily. Yet, my interest in the
    culture, news, people, and institutions of Brazil remains strong. I thank you for doing
    such an incredible job of keeping us (i.e., Brazilian-Americans and others interested in
    Brazil) informed.

    In reviewing the information of Brazilian communities in America, I haven’t found any
    news regarding the New Orleans community. Even though it is not extensive, it is present
    in this city, particularly through an organization called the Brazilian-American Cultural
    Institute (BACI). I’m very grateful to the staff and all the superb writers of Brazzil
    for creating this great publication, and informing many about the country we love.

    In a few weeks I’ll be moving to metro Chicago to begin my undergraduate studies at
    Northwestern University, where I plan to major in journalism. If Brazzil offers a
    summer internship program, then please send me information; I would love to apply for ’99.
    Or, if you would need a contributing writer in the Chicago area, I would gladly send
    samples of my writing from a selective internship at The Times-Picayune, metro New
    Orleans’ daily, as well as other writings and a resume. The ability to learn about Brazil
    in-depth each month is truly exciting for me. Thank you for the knowledge.

    Nancy Valeria Randall
    New Orleans, Louisiana

    Me Up

    Brazzil Magazine offers a cornucopia of information about a wide range of topics
    on Brazil and its people. I find the format of this magazine exciting, informative and
    entertaining. Please process my request for a subscription immediately.

    Donald Slazinski
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Thanks for
    the Link

    I have been a subscriber to your magazine for a few years and find it to be great. I am
    president of a small beverage company in Seattle that produces guaraná soft drinks
    made from Brahma concentrate. I just put up a Web site and included a link to your site. I
    hope that is OK with you. Keep up the excellent work. You can check us out at www.solrio.com 

    Lee Raaen
    Seattle, Washington

    What I Was
    Looking For

    I am a London-based electric bassist, working with `worldbeat music’ band Zubop . I
    have only recently connected to the Net, and I was delighted to find Bruce Gilman’s
    interview with Jovino. I first encountered Hermeto on Live Evil, but really only became
    aware of the enormity and depth of his work through my friend Mark Wood (a fine guitarist
    – I’m sure Jovino would agree: he has more than once played with Hermeto’s group). I first
    saw the group in the early eighties when they made their London debut at Logan Hall.

    Earlier this year, British magazine Avant published an interview I did in 1994
    with Itiberê Zwarg, when the group was here for the Brasil/UK Big Band’ tour. There had
    been occasional articles about Hermeto in various UK magazines, but many of these had
    covered similar ground—all of them neglecting certain areas in which I was
    interested, to do with the functioning of the group, rehearsals and so on. Indeed, I have
    never seen anything on these topics until this afternoon, when I discovered Brazzil’s

    Duncan Noble
    London, England

    in Brazzil

    I appreciate the fact that you make all the major publications in Brazil available
    online to everyone. Brazzil.com is the site for Brazil.

    Amman M Said
    White Plains, New York

    to Paris

    I have been visiting your site and I appreciate it. I am not Brazilian. but my family
    is. There are about 5,000 Brazilians in Paris (when there is no World Cup, that is). What
    do you think about having a French edition of Brazzil? I am sure people would like

    Fitz Patrick
    Paris, France

    Keeping the
    Flame Alive

    I went to Brazil last summer for three weeks on a school trip and fell in love with the
    country. Just trying to keep up with what is going until I can visit again.

    Harry A. Schrecengost
    College Park, Maryland

    Any Help
    Will Do

    I must write an essay about Brazil but I do not know what to write about. Can you
    please help me?

    Nandi Deterville
    Via Internet

    Send Help
    and Fast

    I’d appreciate if you could provide me the electronic address of the Brazilian-American
    Cultural Institute and/or data for a research paper regarding the cultural relations
    between Brazil and the U.S. under all aspects, as well as directions on how to find good
    material on this subject. P.S.: I’m running out of time. I’m really counting on you for
    the success of this project.

    Dawisson Lopes
    Brazil, Via Internet

    Want to See
    on Paper

    I’m so glad I found your site. It’s really great and will keep me reading for a long
    time… but I would also like to see a hard copy. Please send me a sample copy.

    Craig O’Manion
    Marietta, Georgia


    I am very pleased to receive my first issue of your magazine. For me it is very
    important to keep in touch with my native country. I am a Portuguese teacher working in
    New York and I would like to advertise my lessons in your magazine.

    New York, New York


    I read Bruce Gilman’s article "Times of Gall" on Tropicalismo and I enjoyed
    it a lot. It is very well written and I intend to read and study it with my friends.

    Osmar Moreira dos Santos
    Brazil, Via Internet

    Full Name

    I am very interested in the Brazilian singer Joyce. Do you know her full family
    (surname) and why she only goes by her first name? Any other biographical info on Joyce is

    Zeldin Family
    Miami, Florida


    I am trying to get some information on places in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. I
    thought about placing my questions on your Forum, but I didn’t know which thread to use. I
    am a translator (from English into Japanese) living in Japan, and in the book I am
    translating right now there is one episode which takes place in Brazil, in the state of
    Rio Grande do Sul. Actually, the story takes place in a fazenda near Lagoa dos
    Patos, and in one of the sentences it says: "The people (of the fazenda) are
    held highly locally and in the municipality of Viamão."

    So I wanted to find out the relationship between these two places. I went to libraries
    and looked through the maps of Brazil, but I couldn’t find either "Lagoa dos
    Patos" or "Viamão". That’s why I started searching the Net. Then on one of
    the Web pages, I learned that Viamão "may" be the state capital city of Rio
    Grande do Sul, because I found this sentence: "Viamão, capital do Rio Grande do
    Sul…" I don’t understand Portuguese, but I guessed. Is this correct? If not, is
    Viamão a city, county, town, or village? And I also wonder if "Lagoa dos Patos"
    is part of Viamão. Would you please let me know if my guessings are correct? I am sorry
    to bother you, but there are not very many Web sites in English about Brazil…

    Ayumi Kajiyama
    Tokyo, Japan

    Let the
    Tune On

    Oi, Brasileiros, your Web page is totally awesome. How about keeping the music
    going the whole time one is reading your page? After all how better could it get to hear
    the music from Brazil while reading about the world’s most loved country. Thanks for every
    day on Brazzil.

    Jay M. Trennoche
    Hawaii Via Internet

    For Brazil

    I would love a sample copy. This looks like a great publication for those of us who
    have traveled to and fell in love with Brasil and her people. Would like to see a Dallas
    listing. Keep up the good work.

    Steven King
    Dallas, Texas


    Atlanta and its vicinity have very little to offer in terms of Brazilian culture and
    news. I am looking for a publication that could bridge the gap between the very
    superficial coverage that CNN affords to Brazilian issues, and a more in-depth and
    balanced analysis. Please send a free sample of your magazine.

    Licia Lewis.
    Hoschton, Georgia

    Can’t you find Brazzil
    at your Brazilian consulate? Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

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