Lively Brazil
    By Brazzil Magazine

    In reference to your September 1999 issue, why do you waste your time and space in Brazzil
    to print such utter trash as "Nice Girls and Naughty Fun" and "Cheap, Cheap
    Sex"? You are publishing smut and it lowers the standard of what could have been a
    fine issue.

    Why are you demeaning your subscribers in this manner, presenting obscene material?
    These articles and that type of photography forces me to apologize to friends who are
    receiving gift subscriptions, which I sent them.

    If you would concentrate in printing the meaningful and clean up your act I bet that
    you’d win the Brazilian Consulate’s subscription. I guarantee you’d win my respect too!

    Ann Grasser Alberti
    Daytona Beach, Florida

    Thesis Material

    This is a very good magazine. In English, but with a Brazilian heart. Next year I will
    be working on my M.A. thesis on the Brazilian community in the USA. I am sure that Brazzil
    will provide an excellent material for my work.

    Also I would like to ask you a precious favor. Can you, please, send me addresses and
    phone numbers of other magazines or newspapers for Brazilian people in the US? They will
    help me in my work. I am sending a $9,00 check for three subscriptions, one for me and two
    as gift to my friends.

    Rev. José Valdir Soares de Oliveira
    Hanover Park, Illinois

    All There

    I’m continuing my subscription to Brazzil. I love that you present so many
    varied points of view. The outsider’s view i.e. that of the Australian trying to live in
    Brazil is of special interest to me. It allows me to experience living in a foreign
    country vicariously

    Joyce Keating
    Baltimore, Maryland

    Sinister Plot

    Hey, what’s up? I’m an expatriate fleeing from government officials who think I’m a US
    spy. Please! Help me! They’re after me. All of them! But send me the magazine anyway. Even
    though I might not be there to read it…

    Alana Amarosa
    New York, NY

    Paper, Please

    Please start my subscription. I enjoy the pictures that accompany the articles and
    prefer hard copy to the Web.

    Margo Milleret
    Department of Spanish and Portuguese
    University of New Mexico

    Brazil Mix

    I’m sorry to strongly disagree with your article in Brazzil ("Up and
    Coming," August 1999). It is really a pity that Americans still want to look at
    Brazil and see their own labels applied. Brazil is a different culture and the way you
    evaluate racism in the US cannot be applied to the Brazilian culture.

    The reasons for the statistics you present are historical. Slave freedom in Brazil did
    not happen until 1888, and no compensation of any kind was ever given to them. Even on
    capitalist societies there is a necessary time for any group of people to leverage on a
    socio-economical situation.

    If there is any discrimination in Brazil that is significant it is not towards the
    color of the skin but towards economic status. About the cultural
    "whitefication" that you mention, try verifying the south of the country where
    the very white people are called "alemão" (German). They don’t like the
    label and all of them want to claim some sort of mixing in their genome.

    The major difference between the US and Brazil is that Brazil does not strive to have a
    black community nor an Italian community nor any community. Brazilians strive to be one
    community. The tendency is towards the center not the extremes.

    I was born in Brazil and lived there until I was 28 year old. I’m not Catholic and I’m
    not European white. I’m Semite. My skin tone is what Brazilians consider a goal, light
    enough not be black, dark enough not to be white. While in Brazil I’ve played capoeira
    as well as Japanese martial arts. I have assisted candomblé (African based
    religious ceremonies) more often than entered catholic churches.

    My wife, who is Brazilian too, has on her family blacks, Europeans and Indians as you
    describe and the color of the skin of her relatives was never an issue towards our
    marriage. I’m not saying that there are no segregationist people in Brazil. Unfortunately
    there is this kind of scum anywhere in the world but to claim that this is
    institutionalized in the Brazilian culture is a huge misconception.

    Renato Levy
    Rockville, Maryland

    Sorry, Try Again

    I’m a 19 year-old Brazilian college student from São Paulo, and I am currently
    attending McGill University in Montreal, Canada. One of the writers featured in one of
    your issues is an acquaintance of mine, and as I have written a few short stories myself,
    I was wondering about publication in Brazzil.

    I have also read that the stories featured in Brazzil must have something to do
    with Brazil, but that is not the case in any of the short stories I have written. Plus,
    none of them were ever written in Portuguese. I’m wondering if it is possible for me to
    submit anything given the conditions above.

    Mariana Woisky
    Montreal, Canada 


    I would like to meet Brazilians on a more personal basis and level to learn more about
    the culture. Thanks. I am a 30-year-old black male in Los Angeles.

    Bill Campbell
    Los Angeles, California

    For a Song

    Well, I was just surfing on the web and I found the Brazzil page… I just loved
    it! So I thought that maybe you could help me. I am looking for the lyrics of a Caetano’s
    music, "Nine Out Of Ten" from his great album Transa. Would you help me
    please? I’m Brazilian and I love Brazilian music. And I loved the interview with André
    Abujamra from Karnak. He’s great!

    Clarissa Lisboa
    Santos, São Paulo, Brazil

    Xuxa Xearxing

    Howdy. I know you folks are busy so I’ll be brief. I’m looking where I might find a
    place that has posters or other merchandise that concerns Xuxa. I know this is not your
    forte, but any idea would be a great help. Thanks for your magazine sample. It was very
    good. Send me an address so I can mail you folk a mo for subscription.

    Dave Dempsey
    Via Internet

    In Site Insight

    In February I will be leaving for Brazil to do some environmental work and hence need
    to gain some insight in speaking Portuguese . I was wondering where I could find listening
    tapes to help me learn as much of the language as I can in the one month time period.

    Via Internet

    Romancing Pointers

    I do hope that this helps me some in understanding things, I have just been asked into
    a relationship by a Brazilian woman, and I have always liked her since the beginning of
    the year, yet haven’t had the courage to speak up, yet she did. The thing is that I am not
    sure what is and isn’t typically acceptable to her, traditionally. Please, if possible,
    contact me via email, and give me hints also on what to expect/how much to put forth type

    Christopher Hunt
    Hoquiam, Washington

    Brazil Dreamer

    This web site is excellent! I can’t wait to get a copy of the magazine. It is my dream
    to one day live in Brazil.

    Leslie Hunter
    Pueblo, Colorado

    Info Bureau

    Can you please tell me what are the requirements for a tourist visa to Brazil? I have
    been trying to call the Brazilian Consulate in Chicago with no luck. I would appreciate if
    you could fax me the application and all the information I need to obtain a tourist visa
    to spend Carnaval in Brazil.

    Rosa R. Peters
    Director of Information Technology
    Law School – University of Michigan

    For Keeps

    Soubemos do material em que V. Sa. deu destaque à violência policial praticada na
    favela Naval, acompanhada de um texto sobre a história de Diadema. Nós, o Centro de
    Memória de Diadema, somos um setor da prefeitura municipal subordinado ao Departamento de
    Cultura, trabalhamos na recuperação e preservação da história local, disponibilizando
    o acervo ao público. Por isso pedimos a gentileza de nos enviar um exemplar da revista
    número 137 para o nosso acervo.

    Mary F. Lopes
    Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil

    Back in Br

    I’m a native Brazilian, but I’ve lived in the States my entire life. I’m going to
    revisit my native culture next year and I’m interested in learning all I can before the
    visit. Thanks!

    Denise Primeau
    Houston, Texas

    Mendes in Concert

    Could you please tell us the name of the agent of Sérgio Mendes in Europe or in
    Brazil? We produced a world-music festival in Portugal in June. We are big fans of Sérgio
    and we would like to see if we organize a concert with him in Portugal.

    Vila do Conde, Portugal
    E mundooo@mail.telepac.pt

    Wheelchair Guide

    I am interested in travel to Brazil for someone who uses a wheelchair. Here in the US,
    people with disabilities have come to expect ramped curbs and building entrances,
    accessible restrooms, public transportation, etc… But I haven’t a clue what things
    are like in Brazil. I would very much appreciate any information anyone can provide on
    this subject. If you can help me, or know someone who can, please e-mail me at racpop@tenzing.org 

    Roger Cornelius
    Via Internet

    Church and Nakedness

    I read your magazine and I am interested in getting more information especially because
    you live in a Catholic country where they try to teach the Indians not to go naked. With
    best regards from Germany where it is very cold outside.

    Hamburg, Germany

    The Works

    Em 23 de dezembro de 1999 chego à Californa para as festas de natal e ano novo, mais
    precisamente em San Diego. Por favor, se possível, me mandem alguma sugestões e dicas de
    eventos bacanas (brasileiros e outros) que estão acontecendo nesse período. Valeu! A
    revista de vocês é muito chocante! Vou assinar.

    Von Cruz
    New York, NY

    No Vital Signs

    Depois de viver quase 10 anos na área de Los Angeles e Orange County, eu me mudei para
    Sacramento, onde não vejo sinal de vida da comunidade brasileira. Desejaria saber se o
    lugar mais próximo para contactar brasileiros é em San Francisco ou se existe algum Web
    site que tenha uma lista de lugares brasileiros na região do norte da Califórnia.

    Marcelo Dacosta
    Rancho Cordova, California

    Can’t you
    find Brazzil at your Brazilian consulate? Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

    Send your
    comments to


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