Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    By Brazzil Magazine



    Um Ato para Clarice (An Act for Clarice)Monologue
    with texts by late writer Clarice Lispector (1925-1977). Directed by Eduardo Wotzik, with
    Clarice Niskier. Actress, who is pregnant, found Lispector’s texts that deal with the
    origin of life, love and search for God. Teatro da Academia Brasileira de Letras

    As Fãs de Robert Taylor (Robert Taylor Lady Fans)Comedy.
    Written by Marcus Vinícius Faustini and Walter Daguerre, with Rosane de Souza. The story
    of a fantasized trip to Brazil of actor Robert Taylor. Teatro do Posto 6.

    Opereta—O Homem Que Sabia Português (Operetta—The Man Who Knew
    Portuguese)—Comedy. Written by Tim Rescala, directed by Chico Pelúcio, with
    Maurício Tizumba, Regina Spósio, and Marina Machado. A fortyish Portuguese teacher tries
    to find a wife though the newspaper personals. Teatro Villa Lobos

    Ensaio para Danton (Rehearsal for Danton)—Drama. Written by Georg
    Büchner, directed by Márcio Marciano and Sérgio de Carvalho, with Companhia do Latão.
    Adapted from The Death of Danton, which occurs during the French Revolution. Teatro

    Atédaquiámilanos (See You in One Thousand Years)—Tragicomedy.
    Written by Gustavo Rizzoti, directed by Gustavo Rizzoti, with Frederico Magella, Gustavo
    Rizzoti. For two months a young man locks himself in his apartment.

    Se o Meu Ponto G Falasse (If My G-Spot Could Talk)—Comedy. Written
    by Heloísa Migliavacca and Patsy Cecato, directed by Júlio Conte, with Patsy Cecato and
    Heloísa Migliavacca. Two girl friends though her conversation give a glimpse on the
    different phases on women’s lives.

    Calíngualá—Comedy. Collective creation. Directed by Ivan de Albuquerque,
    with Leyla Ribeiro and Camilla Caputti. Among the main themes approached: police violence,
    homosexuality and marriage. Teatro Rubens Corrêa.

    Estrelas do Princípio ao Fim (Stars from the Beginning to End)—Musical
    comedy. Two actors present eight different characters, who muse about the life of the
    artist. Another collective creation. Myrian Pérsia directs. With Jorge Azevedo and
    Veluma. Teatro Serrador.

    Sexo (Sex)—Comedy. A group plays with sex and has lots of fun. Written,
    directed and interpreted by Cia. de Comédia Os Melhores do Mundo. Teatro dos Grandes

    Ópera do Malandro (The Scoundrel Opera)—Musical. Cariocas showing off
    their roguery abilities. Written by Chico Buarque de Hollanda, directed by Cláudio
    Feliciano, with the group Cabeça de Prata. UFF Theater.


    Rent—Musical. Written by Jonathan Larson, directed by Fausto Viana,
    with Patricia Novais and Alexandre Nardis. The dreams, disputes and despair of a
    theatrical troupe of New York. União Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos.

    A Pensão da Dona Tina (Mrs. Tina’s Boarding House)—Comedy. Written
    and directed by Ronaldo Fonseca, with Érika Bernardino, Adílson Araújo, and Sandra
    Martinelli. The adventures of a couple trying to steal a fortune hidden in a boarding
    house. Anfiteatro Frei Paulo.

    Nau de Loucos (Ship of Fools)—Drama. Written and directed by Daniel
    Furtado Simões, with Gisele Morceli, Clayton Freitas and Ivan Capua. The arrival of a new
    patient at an insane asylum brings a fresh interest in life to a depressed artist.
    ECA/USP’s Teatro Laboratório.

    A Filosofia na Alcova—Peça Destinada a Educação de Mocinhas (The
    Philosophy in the Alcove—Play Intended for Educating Young Ladies)—Comedy. Based
    on Marquis de Sade, directed by Marcelo Marcus Fonseca, with Carolina Gonzalez, Daniel
    Gaggini, and Cibele Forjaz. A very experienced woman in the ways of sex decides to
    initiate a young lady into the world of licentiousness. Teatro Oficina.

    Acordes Celestinos (Celestino Harmonies)Musical Comedy.
    Written by José Rubens Chachá, directed by José Rubens Chachá and Ary França, with
    Gérson de Abreu, José Rubens Chachá, and Ângela Dip. Singer Vicente Celestino meets in
    heaven Carmem Miranda and Francisco Alves. The three of them want a chance to go back to
    earth, but this is only one opening. Teatro Arthur Azevedo.

    A Desgraça Adora Companhia (Disgrace Loves Company)—Comedy. Written
    by Paulo Rogério Lopes, directed by Luiz Damasceno, with Antônio Farias, Caco Mattos,
    Angella Simoneti and Marcos Ferraz. Locked in a mental hospital a former genius girl now
    turned into an alcoholic reminisces.

    Bailei na Curva (I Danced at the Curve)—Drama. Directed by Carmo Tavares,
    with Persona group. How peoples’ lives are changed by history. Teatro João Caetano

    Se Essa Rua… (If this Street…)—Comedy. Directed by Tiche Vianna, with
    students of EAD (School of Dramatic Arts) and ECA (School of Communications and Arts). Two
    rival businessmen hire a detective to prevent their children from dating each other. USP
    (Universidade de São Paulo) Teatro Laboratório.

    O Guardião do Túmulo (The Grave Keeper)—Drama. Based on a Kafka text,
    directed by Eduardo Cabús, with Antônio Soler, Harold Ferrari, and Victor Paes. A debate
    about power and the way it is used by people.



    Playing By Heart (Corações Apaixonados), Universal Soldier: The Return (Soldado
    Universal, O Retorno), She’s All That (Ela É Demais), Lake Placid (Pânico no Lago),
    Blast From The Past (De Volta para o Presente), Pushing Tin (Alto Controle), Black Dog
    (Estrada Alucinante), Rushmore (Três É Demais), Eyes Wide Shut (De Olhos Bem Fechados),
    Senseless (Sem Sentido), Wing Commander (Wing Commander: A Batalha Final), Runaway Bride
    (Noiva em Fuga)

    Por Trás do Pano (Behind the
    Curtain)—Brazil/1999—Drama—By Luiz Villaça, with Denise Fraga, Luís Melo,
    Pedro Cardoso, Marisa Orth, and Estér Góes. The existential conflicts of a married young
    actress who meets a director divided between the whims of ex-wife and the jealousy of
    current one.

    Caminho dos Sonhos (Dreams’
    Way)—Brazil/1999—Drama—Directed by Lucas Amberg, with Edward Boggiss, Taís
    Araújo, Caio Blat, Thalia Shire, and Elliot Gould. In the name of love a couple (he a son
    of Jewish immigrant, she a black) battles their families and society.

    Até Que a Vida Nos Separe (Until Life Do Us
    Apart)—Brazil/1999—Adventure—Directed by José Zaragoza, with Alexandre
    Borges and Júlia Lemmertz. Five friends from São Paulo and their love exploits.

    O Viajante (The Traveler)—Brazil/1998—Drama—Directed by
    Paulo César Saraceni, with Marília Pêra, Jairo Mattos, Leandra Leal, and Míriam
    Pérsia. How the arrival of a salesman changes the life of a Minas Gerais state little

    Notting Hill (Um Lugar Chamado Notting Hill)—England/1999—How a
    chance encounter between the most famous Hollywood star and a businessman changes their
    lives. Directed by Roger Michell, with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

    Ayeneh (O Espelho)—Iran/1997—Drama—Girl
    decides to perambulate through the streets of Teheran when her mother does not come on
    time to pick her up at school. By Jafar Panahi, with Ymina Mohammed-Khani.

    No Se Lo Digas a Nadie (Não Conte a Ninguém)—Peru/1998—Drama—
    Directed by Francisco J. Lombardi, with Christian Meier, Lúcia Jiménez, and Santiago
    Magill. Middle-class youngster gets involved with drugs while trying to find his own

    Le Temps Retrouvé (O Tempo
    Redescoberto)—France/1998—Drama—On his death bed Marcel Proust reminisces
    about his life. Directed by Raoul Ruiz, with Emanuelle Béart, Catherine Deneuve, and John

    Réquiem (Réquiem: Um Encontro com Fernando Pessoa)—Switzerland,
    France, Portugal/1997—Drama—directed by Alain Tanner, with Francis Frappat,
    Andre Marcon, and Alexandre Zloto. Life starts changing when Paul meets in Lisbon with
    poet Fernando Pessoa’s ghost.

    Outras Estórias (Other
    Stories)—Brazil/1999—Drama—Directed by Pedro Bial, with Cacá Carvalho,
    Giulia Gam , and Juca de Oliveira. Based on Guimarães Rosa’s short stories.



    1 A casa dos budas ditosos, Luxúria, João Ubaldo Ribeiro. Objetiva, R$

    2 O fantasma, Danielle Steel. Record, R$ 22

    3 Victoria, Rosamunde Pilcher. Bertrand, R$ 30

    4 A eminência, Morris West. Record, R$ 28

    5 Ramsés, a batalha de Kadesh, Christian Jacq. Bertrand, R$ 30

    6 Musashi vol. 1, Eiji Yoshikawa. Estação Liberdade, R$ 48

    7 O Clube dos anaw6kx, Gula, Luis Fernando Veríssimo. Objetiva, R$ 16.80

    8 O martelo de Éden, Ken Follet. Rocco, R$ 35

    9 Homem que matou Getúlio Vargas, Jô Soares. Companhia das Letras, R$

    10 Mal secreto, Inveja, Zuenir Ventura. Objetiva


    1 Capitães do Brasil, Eduardo Bueno. Objetiva, R$ 24.50

    2 Minhas mulheres e meus homens, Mário Prata. Objetiva, R$ 24

    3 O Essencial, Costanza Pascolato. Objetiva, R$ 39

    4 Anita Garibaldi, uma heroína brasileira, Paulo Markun. Senac, R$ 35

    5 A casa do Rio Vermelho, Zélia Gattai. Record, R$ 25

    6 A Viagem do descobrimento, Eduardo Bueno. Objetiva, R$ 18

    7 Náufragos, traficantes e degredados, Eduardo Bueno. Objetiva, R$ 19.50

    8 208 maneiras de deixar um homem louco de desejo, Margot Saint-Loup.
    Ediouro, R$ 9.90

    9 Estação Carandiru, Drauzio Varella. Companhia das Letras, R$ 26

    10 As Melhores piadas do planeta e da casseta também, vol.2, Casseta e
    Planeta. Objetiva, R$ 12


    1 Não faça tempestade em copo d’água, Richard Carlson. Rocco, R$ 19.50

    2 Vivendo melhor através da numerologia, Aparecida Liberato. Best
    Seller, R$ 27

    3 O livro da sorte, F. Ramon. Trevo, R$ 7

    4 O sucesso é ser feliz, Roberto Shinyashi. Gente, R$ 20

    5 Como falar corretamente sem inibições, Reinaldo Polito. Saraiva, R$

    6 Arte da meditação, Daniel Goleman. Sextante, R$ 18.90

    7 A águia e a galinha, Leonardo Boff. Vozes, R$ 16

    8 Minutos de sabedoria, C. Torres Pastorino. Vozes, R$ 4.80

    9 As sete leis espirituais para o sucesso, Deepak Chopra. Best Seller, R$

    10 As sete leis espirituais para os pais, Deepak Chopra. Rocco, R$ 16

    According to Jornal do Brasil,

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