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    Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

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    E Aí, Comeu? (Tell Me, Did You Screw Her?)—Comedy. All the
    locker-room talk among men. By Marcelo Rubens Paiva. Directed by Rafael Ponzi, with Felipe
    Camargo and Marcus Winter. Teatro Clara Nunes.

    Somos Irmãs (We Are Sisters)—Musical. The story of sisters and
    singers Linda and Dircinha Batista. Written by Sandra Louzada. Directed by Ney Matogrosso
    and Cininha de Paula, with Suely Franco and Nicette Bruno. Teatro João Caetano.

    Bonifácio Bilhões (Billions Bonifácio)—Comedy. Two people dispute
    a $4 billion prize. Written and directed by João Bethencourt, with Bemvindo Sequeira, and
    Jandir Ferrari. Teatro Sesi.

    Uma Noite na Lua (A Night on the Moon)—Comedy. Monologue. A
    playwright has to write a play overnight, but he only can think about his wife who has
    just left him. Written and directed by João Falcão, with Marco Nanini. Teatro dos

    A Dona da História (History’s Mistress)—Comedy. A woman’s life and
    all her choices. Written and directed by João Falcão, with Marieta Severo and Andréa
    Beltrão. Teatro do Leblon.


    Caixa 2 (Hidden Cash)—Comedy. By mistake, a bank clerk transfers $10
    million to the wrong account. Directed by Juca de Oliveira, directed by Fauzi Arap, with
    Juca de Oliveira, Fúlvio Stefanini, Suzy Rêgo, and André Garolli. Teatro Jardel Filho.

    O Nome do Sujeito (The Guy’s Name)—Drama. The soul commerce in mid
    19th century in Recife, state of Pernambuco. Directed by Sérgio de Carvalho and Márcio
    Marciano with Companhia do Latão. Teatro de Arena Eugênio Kusnet.

    Porca Miséria (Dammit!)—Comedy. An Italian family plans a sting so
    they can go back to Italy. Written by Jandira Martini and Marcos Caruso. Directed by
    Gianni Ratto, with Francarlos Reis, Jandira Martini and Renato Consorte. Teatro Cultura

    Trair e Coçar, É Só Começar (Betraying and Scratching, You Just Have
    to Start)—Comedy. The crazy adventures of Olímpia, a blundering maid. Written by
    Marcos Caruso, directed by Attílio Riccó, with Clarisse Derzié, Roberto Pirillo and
    Denis Derkian. Teatro Imprensa.

    O Analista de Bagé (Bagé’s Psychoanalyst)—Comedy. Group therapy
    with a no-nonsense and non-orthodox psychoanalyst. By Luís Fernando Veríssimo. Adapted
    and directed by Cláudio Cunha. With Cláudio Cunha, Melissa Mell and Cláudio Filho.
    Maksoud Plaza.


    Just-released American movies: Babe, Pig in the City (Babe, o Porquinho
    Atrapalhado na Cidade), Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss (O Beijo Hollywoodiano de Billy),
    The Borrowers (Os Pequeninos), Ever After (Para Sempre Cinderela), Lulu on the Bridge (O
    Mistério de Lulu), Mighty Joe Young (Poderoso Joe), Next Stop, Wonderland (Próxima
    Parada, Wonderland), Practical Magic (Da Magia à Sedução), Psycho (Psicose), Rounders
    (Cartas na Mesa), Stepmom (Lado a Lado)

    A Hora Mágica (The Magic Hour)—Brazil/1998—Comedy. In the 50s
    radio star gets involved by a woman in a web of intrigue. By Guilherme de Almeida Prado,
    with Raul Gazolla, Júlia Lemmertz, Maitê Proença, and José Lewgoy.

    Uma Aventura do Zico (An adventure of
    Zico)—Brazil/1998—Adventure. Soccer hero Zico is cloned to satisfy the whims of
    a rich boy. By Antônio Carlos da Fontoura, with Zico playing himself.

    Zoando na TV (Getting Crazy on TV)—Brazil/1998—Adventure. TV
    star Angélica gets inside the television screen to save her boyfriend from the hands of
    the meanies. Directed by José Alvarenga Jr., with Angélica.

    Entre Tinieblas (Maus Hábitos)—Spain/1984—Comedy.
    Cabaret singer goes to a very odd convent. By Pedro Almodóvar, with Cristina Sánches

    Carne Trêmula (Carne Tremula)—Spain/1997—Drama. A
    youngster and his obsessive passion. By Pedro Almodóvar, with Liberto Rabal.

    Hana-bi (Hana-bi: Fogos de Artifício)—Japan/1997——Drama.
    By Takeshi Kitano, with Takeshi Kitano and Kaiko Kishimoto. Detective has a hard time
    dealing with his own rage after a friend is shot on duty.

    Le Feu Follet (Trinta Anos Esta Noite)—France/1963
    —Drama. An alcoholic man in the hours before his suicide. By Louis Malle, with
    Maurice Ronet.

    Festen (Festa de Família)—Denmark/1998—Drama. A family
    gets together to celebrate the 60th birthday of the patriarch. By Thomas Vinterberg, with
    Henning Moritzen.

    Tirez sur le Pianiste (Atirem no Pianista)—França/1960—Drama.
    A pianist gets involved in a murder. By François Truffaut, with Charles Aznavour.


    1 O Homem que Matou Getúlio Vargas, Jô Soares. Companhia das Letras, R$

    2 Conte-me Seus Sonhos, Sidney Sheldon. Record, R$ 25

    3 O Advogado, John Grisham. Rocco, R$ 25

    4 O Clube dos Anaw6kx, Gula, Luís Fernando Veríssimo. Objetiva, R$ 16.80

    5 Veronika Decide Morrer, Paulo Coelho. Objetiva, R$ 15

    6 Mal Secreto, Inveja, Zuenir Ventura. Objetiva, R$ 22

    7 A Confraria dos Espadas, Rubem Fonseca. Companhia das Letras, R$ 16.50

    8 Xadrez, Truco e Outras Guerras, Ira, José Roberto Torero. Objetiva, R$

    9 Com Todo Amor, Rosamunde Pilcher. Bertrand, R$ 20

    10 O Advogado de Deus, Zibia Gasparetto. Espaço Vida & Consciência,
    R$ 20


    1 As Melhores Piadas do Planeta e da Casseta Também, vol.2, Casseta e
    Planeta. Objetiva, R$ 10

    2 203 Maneiras de Enlouquecer um Homem na Cama, Olívia Saint Claire.
    Ediouro, R$ 10.90

    3 Náufragos, Traficantes e Degredados, Eduardo Bueno. Objetiva, R$ 17.50

    4 A Viagem do Descobrimento, Eduardo Bueno. Objetiva, R$ 16

    5 177 Maneiras de Enlouquecer uma Mulher na Cama, Margot Saint Loup.
    Ediouro, R$ 10.90

    6 História Indiscreta da Ditadura e da Abertura, Ronaldo Costa Couto.
    Record, R$ 28

    7 Não Faça Tempestade em Copo d’Água, Richard Carlson, R$ 19.50

    8 Mais Coisas que Toda Garota Deve Saber, Antônio Carlos Vilela.
    Melhoramentos, R$8.60

    9 Tantos Anos, Rachel de Queiroz. Siciliano, R$ 25 

    10 As Barbas do Imperador: D. Pedro II, um Monarca nos Trópicos, Lilia
    Schwarcz. Companhia das Letras, R$ 32

    Economy &

    1 O Capitalismo Global, Celso Furtado. Paz e Terra, R$ 9.50

    2 A Crise do Capitalismo, George Soros. Campus, R$ 23.20

    3 A Armadilha da Globalização, Hans-Peter Martin e Harald Schumann.
    Globo, R$ 30

    4 Ah, Se Eu Soubesse…, Richard Edler. Negócio, R$ 28.70

    5 Economia Internacional—Teoria e Política, Peter Kenen. Campus, R$

    According to Jornal do Brasil

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