Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    By Brazzil Magazine

    A Mentecapta (The Loony Lady)—Comedy—A gallery of odd
    characters who frequent a psychiatric clinic. Written by Mauro Rasi, directed by Ivone
    Hoffmann, with the troupe Grupo de Atores da CAL.

    A Vida É Cheia de Som e Fúria (Life Is Full of Sound and
    Fury)—Drama—Based on Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity. Abandoned by
    girlfriend, DJ recalls past romances with five women in an effort to overcome his misery.
    Adapted and directed by Felipe Hirsch with Elenco Sutil Companhia de Teatro.

    Tudo de Bom (All the Best)—Comedy—After being involved in a
    traffic accident in a New Year’s Eve four people develop a strong friendship that will
    survive for years. Written by Regiana Antonini, directed by Cláudio Torres Gonzaga, with
    Anderson Muller, Cristina Moullins, and Danton Mello.

    No Olho da Rua com Dedé & Pul (In the Middle of the Street with
    Dedé & Pul)—Comedy—Show has started in street presentations with the
    authors/interpreters ridiculing Brazilian big shots. Written and interpreted by Décio
    Ferret and Pul Barreto with direction by Stepan Nercessian.

    Velório à Brasileira (Wake Brazilian Style)—Comedy—After
    winning the big prize in the lottery three friends decide do enjoy their lives. Written by
    Aziz Bajur, directed by Golb Carvalho, with the Grupo Teatral Batráquios Imperiais.

    Deu a Louca em Cinderela – Um Conto ao Avesso (Cinderella Went Crazy _ A
    Short Story in the Wrong Side)—Comedy—An erotic satire to the famous fairy tale.
    Written by Zoraya Andrade, directed by Jorge Paes, with Luciana Sena and Diego Caputto.


    Contos de Sedução (Seduction Tales)—Comedy—Love in Belle
    Époque France through the eyes of Guy de Maupassant. Written by J. E. Amacker, directed
    by Eduardo Tolentino de Araújo, with Brian Penido Ross, Clara Carvalho, Sandra Corveloni,
    and Zécarlos Machado.

    Retábulo da Avareza, Luxúria e Morte (Retable of Avarice, Luxury and
    Death)—Drama—The public sits on tables sipping wine as if they were on a cabaret
    while the play is shown. Written and directed by Rodolfo García Vázquez with Ivan
    Cabral, Tadeu Peronne, and Germano Pereira.

    Ao Papagaio Verde (At the Green Parrot)—Comedy—The day of the
    Bastille Fall, a tavern owner and former stage director presents to a decadent aristocracy
    a show in which actors play the role of outlaws. Written by Arthur Schnitzler, directed by
    Ariela Goldmann, with Adriana Simpa, Álvaro Franco, and Carlos Morelli.

    Mercado de Fugas (Flee Market)—Drama— Ponderings on slavery in
    Brazil in the mid 19th century. Written by Machado de Assis, adapted by Teatro
    de Narradores, directed by José Fernando Peixoto de Azevedo, with Carol Zilles, Marcelo
    Daher, and Pedro Mantovani.

    Duas Luas (Two Moons)—Drama—Locked in a room by themselves two
    women are forced to find ways to deal with each other. Written by Bruna Pity Longo,
    directed by Nicole Aun, with Bruna Pity Longo and Juliana Offenbecker.

    Um Padre à Italiana (A Priest, Italian Style)—Comedy—An
    ambitious young priest whose goal is to become pope gets involved in strange and
    threatening happenings while waiting for the bishop’s visit. Written by Pedro Mário
    Herrero, directed by Camila Raffanti, with Guilherme Uzeda and Camila Raffanti,

    Tanto Faz (It Doesn’t Matter)—Drama—Adapted from Reinaldo
    Moraes’s book of same name. Ricardo gets a scholarship to study in Paris, but instead of
    studying he dedicates himself to drugs, women and loafing.


    Just-released American movies:102 Dalmatians (102 Dálmatas), The Cell (A
    Cela), The Art of War (A Cilada), The Little Mermaid (A Pequena Sereia), High Fidelity
    (Alta Fidelidade), Boys and Girls (Amor ou Amizade), Charlie’s Angels (As Panteras), The
    Virgin Suicides (As Virgens Suicidas), Celebrity (Celebridades), Space Cowboys (Cowboys do
    Espaço), Dinossaur (Dinossauro), The Kid (Duas Vidas), O Brother, Where Art Thou? (E Aí
    Meu Irmão, Cadê Você?), Shaft (Ele É o Máximo), Bedazzled (Endiabrado), Filha da Luz
    (Bless the Child), Autumn in New York (Outono em Nova York), Scary Movie (Todo Mundo em

    Eu, Tu, Eles (I, You, They)—Brazil/2000—Drama. Based on the
    real story of Darlene, a northeastern woman who lives in the same house with her husband
    and two lovers. Directed by Andrucha Waddington, with Regina Casé, Lima Duarte and
    Stênio Garcia.

    O Auto da Compadecida (The Compassionate Lady
    Play)—Brazil/1999—Comedy. Two men from the Brazilian Northeast, João Grillo and
    Chicó have a hard to survive and to through some hilarious situations. Directed by Guel
    Arraes, with Matheus Nachtergaele, Selton Mello, Marco Nanini, Fernanda Montenegro,
    Maurício Gonçalves and Lima Duarte.

    O Rap do Pequeno Príncipe Contra as Almas Sebosas (The Little Prince’s
    Rap Against the Greasy Souls)—Brazil/2000—Documentary. Gun for hire Helinho and
    rapper Garnisé, both from Recife (state of Pernambuco) suburbs, are the two heroes of
    this documentary on Brazilian hip-hop. Directed by Paulo Caldas and Marcelo Luna.

    Inquietude (Restlessness)—Portugal-France/1998—Drama. Three
    stories about love and the passage of time. Directed by Manoel de Oliveira, with José
    Pinto, Luís Miguel Cintra, and Isabel Ruth.

    Quase Nada (Almost Nothing)—Brazil/2000—Drama. The stories of
    three country men who despite living without the amenities of modern life have to deal
    with similar existential problems as those faced by people who live in big cities.
    Directed by Sérgio Rezende, with José Augusto Pompeu, Camilo Bevilacqua, Jurandir de
    Oliveira, Genézio de Barros.

    Amélia—Brazil/2000—Drama. Inspired by French actress Sarah
    Bernhardt’s passage through Brazil in 1905. Directed by Ana Carolina, with Marília Pêra,
    Béatrice Agenin and Míriam Muniz.

    Estorvo (Hurdle)—Brazil/1999—Drama. Running away to nowhere a
    man meets threatening characters in an unknown world. Adapted from the book by Chico
    Buarque de Holanda. Directed by Ruy Guerra, with Jorge Perugorría, Bianca Byington,
    Leonor Arocha, Tonico Oliveira, Xando Graça and Susana Ribeiro.

    Cronicamente Inviável (Chronically Unfeasible)—In a São Paulo
    restaurant five characters bare their own souls, clash and reconcile. By Sérgio Bianchi,
    with Cecil Thiré, Betty Gofman, Daniel Dantas, Dan Stulbach, Dira Paes, and Umberto


    1 As mentiras que os homens contam, Luis Fernando Verissimo. Objetiva, R$ 16,90

    2 O demônio e a srta. Prym, Paulo Coelho. Objetiva, R$ 19,90

    3 O céu está caindo, Sidney Sheldon. Record, R$ 28

    4 A confraria, John Grisham. Rocco, R$ 27,50

    5 Harry Potter e a câmara secreta, J.K. Rowling. Rocco, R$ 22

    6 Borges e os orangotangos eternos, Luis Fernando Verissimo. Companhia das Letras,
    R$ 18

    7 Os cem melhores contos do século, Organized by Ítalo Moriconi. Objetiva. R$ 49

    8 Harry Potter e a pedra filosofal, J.K. Rowling. Rocco, R$ 22

    9 O último judeu, Noah Gordon. Rocco, R$ 35

    10 O castelo de âmbar, Mino Carta. Record, R$ 28


    1 O melhor livro sobre nada, Jerry Seinfeld. Frente, R$ 19

    2 A arte da felicidade, Dalai Lama. Martins Fontes, R$ 32,50

    3 O avantajado livro de pensamentos do Casseta e Planeta, Casseta e Planeta.
    Objetiva, R$ 15

    4 Uma ética para o novo milênio, Dalai Lama. Sextante, R$ 24

    5 O caminho da tranqüilidade, Dalai Lama. Sextante, R$ 24,90

    6 Pai rico, pai pobre, Robert Kiyosaki. Campus, R$ 24

    7 O livro de ouro da mitologia, Thomaz Bulfinch. Ediouro, R$ 29

    8 Caixa-preta, Ivan Sant’Anna. Objetiva, R$ 29,90

    9 Grandes pecados da imprensa, Sebastião Nery. Geração Editorial, R$ 25

    10 As 48 leis do poder, Greene/Elffers. Rocco, R$ 48


    1 Como fazer planilhas, coleção Sucesso Profissional. Publifolha, R$ 14,90

    2 Como navegar na Web, coleção Sucesso Profissional. Publifolha, R$ 14,90

    3 Manual completo do hacker, Spyman. Book Express, R$ 45

    4 Como fazer cartas e malas diretas, coleção Sucesso Profissional. Publifolha,
    R$ 14,90

    5 Como usar o e-mail, coleção Sucesso Profissional. Publifolha, R$ 14,90

    6 Hacker, guia de consulta e aprendizagem, Spyman. Book Express, R$ 13

    7 Dominando o Linux, Matt Welsh e Lar Kaufman. Ciência Moderna, R$ 59

    8 Delphi 5, Emerson Facunte. Brasport, R$ 28

    9 Flash 4, criações multimídias interativas, Marcos José Pinto. Erica, R$ 45

    10 A Internet e os hackers, M@rcio. Chantal, R$ 39

    According to Jornal do Brasil,

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