Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

    By Brazzil Magazine

    Os Monólogos da Vagina (The Vagina’s Monologues)—Comedy. Written by
    Eve Ensler, directed by Miguel Falabella, with Zezé Polessa, Cláudia Rodrigues, and Vera
    Setta. Based in 200 interviews made in 200 different countries by American Ensler, deals
    with sexuality and problems with dealing with it from a woman’s perspective.

    Henrique IV (Henry IV)—Comedy. From Luigi Pirandello, directed
    Antônio Guedes with Cia de Teatro do Pequeno Gesto. Classical text of Italian playwright
    mixes fiction and reality.

    Bonitinha, Mas Ordinária (Pretty Little Thing and a Slut)—Drama.
    Written by Nelson Rodrigues, directed by Moacyr Góes, with Natália Lage, André Valli,
    and Leon Góes. Classical text by controversial author revisits the themes of sex,
    hypocrisy and guilty so dear to Rodrigues.

    Capitu—Based on Machado de Assis’s Dom Casmurro, a book many
    consider Brazil’s best novel ever. The story of Bentinho and his reminiscences on his
    childhood and jealousy over his wife Capitu. Adapted by Marcus Vinícius Faustini and
    Walter Daguerre, with Edney Giovenazzi, Alexandre Barilari, and Maria Ribeiro. Teatro da

    Decadência (Decadence)—British playwright Steven Berkoff tale of
    two couples immersed in sex and drug experiments. Directed by Victor Garcia Peralta, with
    Beth Goulart and Guilherme Leme.

    Viva Barcos (Long Live Barcos)—Homage to composer Luiz Antônio
    Barcos with several of his classic compositions as "O teu cabelo não nega,"
    "Carinhoso," "Rancho da goiabada," and "Tiro ao álvaro." At
    Porão da Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim


    Filhos do Brasil (Brazil’s Children)—Comedy. Written by Andréa
    Bassitt and Regina Galdino, directed by Regina Galdino, with Andréa Bassitt and Deborah
    Serretiello. Show examines Indian children’s games as well as kids’ stories.

    A Vaca Metafísica (The Metaphysical Cow)—Comedy. Written by
    Marcílio de Moraes, directed by Leonardo Cortez, with Glaucia Libertini, Henrique Pessoa,
    Claudia Tordatto and Leonardo Cortez. The presence of a cow in a middle-class home makes
    life a little easier for a couple who cares for the animal.

    Boca de Ouro (Golden Mouth)—Nelson Rodrigues’s classic tragedy
    written in 1959. Title comes from main character who reaffirms his leadership as animal’s
    game boss by pulling all his teeth and adopting a golden denture. Directed by legendary
    director José Celso Martinez Corrêa, with Marcelo Drummond and Sílvia Prado. Teatro

    Cazas de Cazuza—The dreams and frustrations of a group of residents
    from an apartment building in Rio’s Baixo Leblon. Musical. Written and directed by Rodrigo
    Pitta, with Jay Vaquer, Lulo Scroback, and Débora Reis. At Tom Brasil.

    Toda Donzela Tem um Pai Que É uma Fera (Every Maiden Has a Father Who Is
    a Savage)—Comedy. A couple of sweethearts flee from the father who is against the
    idea of his daughter living with a man before getting married to him. Written by Gláucio
    Gil, directed by Paulo Perez, with Ana Paula Scalabrini and Marcos Holanda. Teatro Jofre

    Linha de Fuga (Escape Line)—Drama presented in a dark stage. A man
    and a woman tell about their most intimate sexual fantasies over the telephone. Written
    and directed by Alexandre Stockler.


    Just-released American movies:

    20 Dates (20 Encontros), Girl Interrupted (Garota Interrompida), Deuce Bigalow:
    Male Gigolo (Gigolô por Acidente), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Medo e Delírio), For
    Love Of The Game (Por Amor), Hell (Inferno), Music of the Heart (Música do Coração),
    The Whole Nine Yards (Meu Vizinho Mafioso), The Tigger Movie (Tigrão—O Filme)

    Bossa Nova— Brazil/2000—Based on Sérgio Sant’Anna’s book A
    Senhorita Simpson (Miss Simpson), this romantic comedy tells the story of an American
    who teaches English in Rio and who falls in love with two of her students. By Bruno
    Barreto, with Amy Irving and Antônio Fagundes.

    Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum—O Filme (Rá-Tim-Bum Castle, the
    Film)—Brazil/1999—Based on a successful educational TV show of same name.
    Directed by Cao Hamburger, with Diego Kozievitch, Sérgio Mamberti, Rosi Campos, Marieta
    Severo, and Mateus Nachtergaele.

    Hans Staden —Brazil/1999—The adventures of German explorer Hans
    Staden, who in 1554 almost became Indian lunch. Narrated in German, spoken in Tupi.
    Directed by Luiz Alberto Pereira with Carlos Evelyn. Sound track by Marlui Miranda.

    O Viajante (The Traveler)—Brazil/1999—The passage of a salesman
    though a little town in Minas Gerais ends up in tragedy. Directed by Paulo Cezar Saraceni,
    with Marília Pêra, Leandra Leal, Jairo Mattos, Ricardo Graça Mello, Nelson Dantas, and
    Milton Nascimento.

    O Trapalhão and a Luz Azul (The Bungler and the Blue
    Light)—Brazil/1999—Trapalhão Didi and an aspiring rock singer get into another
    dimension trying to save a princess’s life. Directed by Paulo Aragão and Alexandre Boury,
    with Renato Aragão, Dedé Santana and Christine Fernandes.

    Iremos a Beirute (We Will Go to Beirut)—Brazil/1999—A woman
    promises to choose among the youngsters from an indoor soccer team, who fell in love with
    her, at the end of the game. But the game never ends and she is still undecided 20 years
    later. Directed by Marcus Moura, with Giovanna Gold, Ilya São Paulo, Guilherme Karam,
    Marya Fernanda Mota, Conceição Senna, and Cláudio Jaborandy.


    1 A casa dos budas ditosos, Luxúria, João Ubaldo Ribeiro. Objetiva, R$

    2 A pedra da luz: Nefer, o silencioso, Christian Jacq. Bertrand, R$ 38

    3 O colecionador de ossos, Jeffrey Deaver. Record, R$ 30

    4 Ramsés vol 1, o filho da luz, Christian Jacq. Bertrand, R$ 37.48

    5 Conte-me seus sonhos, Sidney Sheldon. Record, R$ 28

    6 A muralha, Dinah Silveira de Queiroz. Record, R$ 25

    7 O clube dos anaw6kx, Luis Fernando Verissimo. Objetiva, R$ 18.20

    8 O testamento, John Grisham. Rocco, R$ 29.50

    9 A filha da fortuna, Isabel Allende. Bertrand, R$ 38

    10 A morte de Rimbaud, Leandro Konder. Companhia das Letras, R$ 17


    1 Noites tropicais, Nelson Motta. Objetiva, R$ 39.50

    2 Brasil: terra à vista, Eduardo Bueno. L&PM, R$ 16.90

    3 O livro de ouro da mitologia, Thomas Bullfinch. Ediouro, R$ 29

    4 O Papa de Hitler, John Cornwell. Imago, R$ 40

    5 Capitães do Brasil, Eduardo Bueno. Objetiva, R$ 24.50

    6 As melhores piadas do Planeta and da Casseta também, vol. 3, Casseta
    and Planeta. Objetiva, R$ 14

    7 Estação Carandiru, Drauzio Varella. Companhia das Letras, R$ 26

    8 Notícias do Planalto, Mário Sérgio Conti. Companhia das Letras, R$

    9 A Viagem do descobrimento, Eduardo Bueno. Objetiva, R$ 18

    10 Náufragos, traficantes and degredados, Eduardo Bueno. Objetiva, R$


    1 Quem canta seus males espanta, Theodora Maria Mendes de Almeida.
    Caramelo, R$ 27

    2 Matilda, Roald Dahl. Martins Fontes, R$ 17.50

    3 A casa sonolenta, Audrey and Don Wood. Ática, R$ 10.80

    4 O pequeno príncipe, Saint-Éxupery. Agir, R$ 13

    5 Coisas que toda garota deve saber, Samantha Rugen. Melhoramentos, R$

    6 Pedro and Tina, Stephen Michael King. Brinque-Book, R$ 16

    7 Sons divertidos, vários autores. Brinque-Book, R$ 21

    8 Minhas férias, Marcelo Coelho. Companhia das Letrinhas, R$ 12.56

    9 Outro como eu só daqui a mil anos, Ziraldo. Melhoramentos, R$ 11.60

    10 Meu cachorro é um elefante, Ana Maria Machado, Rémy Simard and
    Pierre Pratt. Moderna, R$ 10

    According to Jornal do Brasil,

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