There has been a revival of Noel Rosa’s life and work. But who is
    this artist whose music is so greatly loved by young and old more than 60 years after his
    death at only 26, and how did such a young man come to write songs with such emotional
    By Brazzil Magazine

    First let me congratulate you on producing such a good little
    magazine. I love hearing about Brazil, but isn’t the "wide-eyed foreigner" genre
    running a bit thin? Three articles by the same author in the last edition is too much!
    (But at least he didn’t write about his adventures in Rio.) What about some other voices?
    There are 600 000 Brazilians in the U.S., 170 000 in Japan, 160 million in Brazil, etc.
    Surely, there must be some interesting stories out there.

    Brennan McBride.
    Via Internet

    Insightful and Hilarious

    I’ve been meaning to write for more than a few issues… Just a
    quick note to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed John Miller’s "Postcards from
    Rio." Having been there a lot (but never living there for any length of time) I
    always find the "Postcards" insightful, interesting and just plain funny (often
    hilariously so). To John Miller, keep up the good work and best success with your day to
    day encounters with the always wonderful (but sometimes crazy) Cariocas!

    Jim Connolly
    Denver, Colorado

    Hands Out!

    Why all the fuss, even in Australia, topless bathing has been
    permitted for many years. Power to the people who defy this draconian act. The Catholic
    Church needs to evolve out of the Dark Ages and get on with their own issues and stop
    repressing the people. They failed in the Inquisition to stop the natural will of the
    people. Do you think they will ever get the message. I’ve been to Rio for Carnaval when fio
    dental was the fashion, what’s different?

    Larry Crouch
    Australia, Via Internet

    Pure Information

    I am a big fan of Paulinho da Viola and I would like to
    congratulate Bruce Gilman for the article "Pure Samba". It’s very rare to find
    such good research about this subject. How does he get all this information?

    Joao RF
    Brazil, Via Internet

    Learning with Brazilians

    I too had the privilege of living in Brazil, Rio, in the City of
    Ipanema. Oscar Niemeyer designed the apartment we lived in as well. It was beautiful and
    the penthouse above our apartment had an Olympic pool. I was in my teens and now much
    older, I have found those who have traveled to Brazil and have enjoyed its beauty do find
    it a fascinating place. I love being an American but some Americans could learn from the
    Brazilians: "In all life’s experiences keep on dancing, don’t worry, be happy!"
    Thanks to Jerine Watson for sharing her beautiful experience. Brazil is great!

    Via Internet

    Bringing Antarctica

    While traveling throughout Brazil in 1991 I found myself very
    much enjoying Antarctica in the larger bottle. Unfortunately, I have not been able to
    locate it anywhere in the USA since my return. I have seen other Brazilian beers but, not
    Antarctica. This raises the question in my mind about the possibilities of exporting it to
    the US. I would be interested in exploring this possibility with someone. Antarctica is
    truly a very great product and I have missed it since as I have missed just being in

    David James Hanson

    Hand Offer

    I am a first year medical student looking into doing research
    this year with my school over the summer. After reading certain articles in Brazzil,
    I came across the efforts being made to make more people aware of STD’s, AIDS, and condom
    use. I am truly interested in helping out. My school is sponsoring research projects and I
    would love to do something in Brazil in regard to women’s health or sex education. We are
    open to plan whatever kind of project we would like.

    Johanna Martinez

    Translator Wanted

    I came across your website in doing some research on the people
    of the various quilombos in Brazil. I am looking for any and all information
    related to their culture and history, especially the current culture. I have discovered
    that there is far more information on the history of the people than there is on the
    people and how they live today. Many of the resources I have found are in Portuguese,
    however the translations that I have gotten are wooden and literal to the point of being
    almost unintelligible. Any suggestions on a better Portuguese to English translator would
    be invaluable to me. Any guidance and/or information that you can give me on this topic
    would also be greatly appreciated. I am trying to prepare a fairly extensive report on
    this group however there does not, as yet, seem to be a lot available to me through the
    usual means.

    Kellie J Brown
    Via Internet

    Longing for Brazil

    I visited Rio to see my friend Cláudia and her family. I loved
    it there. The people were so beautiful and kind. They have such a love of life and family.
    I want to go back sometime. I just can’t do it right now ($). But I am homesick for my
    second home, Brazil.

    Michelle Godwin
    Sandy, Utah

    One More for Dias Gomes

    It was really great to know a little bit more about playwright
    Dias Gomes’s work. Brazilians are orphans again after losing him. He was one of the
    greatest Brazilian writers alive. Now I just want to say thanks for the text about him.

    Cláudio Teixeira
    Via Internet

    Inside Brazil

    I am an American who studies cultures for my university. I am in
    Rio, but I will go to Bahia in a few days and I would love to write for you guys, I study
    photojournalism. I am planning on studying capoeira in Bahia and I could do an
    article about that, or on Afro-Brazilian culture. What do you need help with?

    Jihan Abdalla
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Sounds Great

    Thanks for your article on Fortaleza. I have a son living in
    Fortaleza for two years. He’s been there a year already and he loves it. It’s nice to know
    that the place and the people are so nice and beautiful.

    Via Internet

    Burning Questions

    I’ve found your Internet page very interesting, but there are
    some questions that I’d like to know and they are: "Who are the people in your
    country (Brazil)? How many are they and why? What is the age breakdown (old vs. young)?
    What percent work as farmers, soldiers, traders, professionals, etc? Where do the people
    live and why? What is the typical family size, roles in the family, housing, education,
    etc? Do the Brazilian people value peace or conquest? I would be very thankful if you
    could answer my questions!

    Via Internet

    What’s the Scoop?

    I am fascinated about the Brazilian culture and all there is to
    offer. I have a dear friend from the country, so I would love to learn the customs,
    language, anything at all!

    Maureen A. Christian
    Easton, Pensylvannia

    Transcultural Zine

    Are you guys sending issues to the Emerson College Library in
    Boston, Massachusetts? This coming Thursday I need to deliver an essay on
    "Transculturation Linguistic", and your magazine is the perfect example of it,
    but hard to find. There it will be great for others who also in the future may want to
    conduct other researches related to Brazil.

    Von Rommell G. Fernandes
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Book of Her Life

    I’m interested in buying the book on the life of Chiquinha
    Gonzaga, can you tell me a little bit more about her life, if she divorced Jacinto? I want
    to purchase the book, can i get more info about it.

    Via Internet

    Tuning In

    I heard that there are antennas that capture Rede Globo TV. I
    live the in Los Angeles area and I have been looking for these antennas without success.
    Would you please be so kind, and let me know if you guys have any information about it? Or
    whom I may contact?

    Rosie Medina
    Los Angeles, California

    Sure Would

    I am a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin,
    studying the history of Brazil. I am currently working on the transplantation of slaves by
    immigrants in Brazil. Would you consider publishing it?

    Kim Richardson
    Austin, Texas

    The Ropes

    I want information about how to do business in Brazil? Which is
    the specific cultural point in Brazil? Which mistakes can I avoid? If you have information
    about telecom market in Brazil, can we send me by e-mail and other information about

    Corinne Sandell

    Looking for Isaura

    I am wondering if you would have more information on a series I
    saw as a child in Eastern Europe. It was a series on a slave called Isaura and all of
    Europe went crazy over it. Is there a web site that I could access? I do not speak
    Spanish, but I do speak Hungarian a bit of German and of course English.

    Monica Muller
    Via Internet

    Djavan Fan

    I am a big fan of the Brazilian singer Djavan; have you ever
    interviewed him? If so, I would like a copy of that issue. Also, please send me a free
    sample of your magazine.

    Yvonne Cleveland
    Rochester, New York

    Big News

    Recently in school we have been studying Brazil. We were asked to
    find a major issue in Brazil. In your opinion, what is the biggest issue going on right

    Via Internet

    History Witness

    I’m glad to know Brazzil in spite of its double z’s. I’m not
    proficient in English, but I’d like to jot down some words about Brazil’s 500 years. I
    lived in Santa Cruz Cabrália in Bahia for two months last year. And I can say it was an
    amazing experience at Brazil’s "Terra Mater".

    Fernando Fagundes
    Brazil, Via Internet


    Gostaria de fazer uma sugestão. Eu estava checando na Internet
    sobre alguns restaurantes brasileiros ou algum lugarzinho pra passar um good time,
    daí fiquei a tarde toda anotando e ligando pra saber informacões, e descobri que a
    maioria dos lugares estavam fechados, telefones desligados e os que atenderam nem eram
    Acho que vocês deveriam ter um pouco mais de consideração com as pessoas e tentar
    atualizar o seu calendário de vez em quando, que é pra que as pessoas nao precisem
    perder tempo nem fazer ligações perdidas de longa distância pedindo informações de
    lugares que já não existem há muitos anos. Teve um lugar que chamei que já não existe
    há quatro anos e vocês continuam anunciando. Façam um trabalho bem feito que é pra
    gente acreditar e ter confiança em vocês.

    Los Angeles, California

    How Many?

    Recebi uma missão um tanto ingrata, pois encontro dificuldades
    em realizá-la. Preciso descobrir o tamanho da comunidade brasileira em Chicago. Vocês
    teriam como me ajudar? Existe algum tipo de estatística deste tipo aí?

    São Paulo, Brazil

    Country Rescue

    Parabéns por tão brilhante resgate da memória do imortal João
    Pacífico e da música caipira. Quando houver novidade, solicito a gentileza de dispô-la.

    Laci Lombardi
    Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Can’t you
    find Brazzil at your Brazilian consulate?
    Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

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