Brazil Ready to Become 2nd Largest Granite Exporter

    China removed import duties on granite. This opens new perspectives for Brazil, one of the biggest exporters of this type of rock, which is used to give finishing touches to building construction.


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    • doug esteves

      Interested in importing Granite to distribute wholesale in Arizona USA. Slab and pre-fab.
      Target market is average homeowner and real estate investors. Low cost, affordable granite for kitchens.

      I buy and sell over 150 foreclosure homes per month that I renovated to resell.
      My investment assocaites and partners buy another 150 – per month. I have the opportunity to sell to
      200 to 300 remodels per month just in the state of Arizona.

      Only looking for direct importers. Would ship to Port of Long Beach 0 then truck to Arizona

      email is


      VP Marketing
      We have a wide variety of beautiful, exquisite granite from several factories located in India. We are competitively priced and will ship slabs or pre-cut customized orders directly to your location. We invite interested parties to visit our website at and contact me at for more information.

    • Sylvia Aguilar

      Hi , Iam currently located in Houston Texas My husband and I own 3 buisnesses but are intrested in getting information in importing granite to Syria or Turkey, please contact us by e-mail to give us some more information conserning this product , We are considering selling these 3 buisnesses ans relocating . Please advise as soon as possible this is something we are definetly intrested in.
      Sylvia & Mike Azayed

    • Maria I. Pena

      We are interested in supplying Brazilian granite to american companies in the form of slabs or tiles. We have an office in Curitiba that inspect product before it ships to the USA.
      If you would like to get colors and prices, please send me a request to
      I look forward to establishing a long term business relation.

      thank you. Maria Isabel Pena 1-936-588-4287

    • Allen

      sales manager
      HI This is Allen.I am manufacturer of marble and granite from China.You can enter our website: for our information.Any interest you pls contact me ASAP.

    • PTang

      Brazilian Granite’s Block
      I need price list of Brazilian Granite’s Block from the company in Brazil. I can arrange a business trip to Brazil to discuss the matter at June,2009.
      My email address is

    • Karn Agarwal

      Granite & Marbles from India!!!
      HI All,

      I am capable of supplying all grades of granite and marble slabs from India to the world. Depending on your needs, we can even have customized pre cut counters and any other fabrication done for you too.

      Please feel free to contact me at


      Karn Agarwal

    • moustafa

      my name is moustafa I’M FROM LEBANON . IWOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE MORE INFO . ABOUT GRANITE EXPORTS . and price , and location

    • Haissam Safie

      Brazilian w/ American Citizenship looking for oportunities in Import Export Companies Wanting to Explore Grainte Business in Brazil
      I am a Brazilian that lived and worked for 10 years in the USA and looking to work facilitating business in the import export area (granite). The state where I am from is Espirito Santo and is one of the leading spots of brazilian exporting of granite. Now I am in the USA, but going to Brazil very in two weeks. If you have questions or would like to check my resume I would gladly forward it to you. My e-mail is Thank you.

    • kevin

      I am looking to import granite slabs direct from Brazil. At this time I need about 6 slabs a month, and growing every day…

    • kevin

      To owner from brazil :
      we need to know the price for each colour of granite ,and import its into US.
      My e-mail
      thank you
      2007 11 22

    • S. elsharif

      Interested in impoting Brasilian granite into Arizona, USA, please provide more info about granite slabs,colors, types, prices

    • Mohamed Dorgham

      The co. Owner
      Please be informed that we are a Company for Marble & Granite Located in Egypt, we can export to you what ever you wants from Marble & Granite especially the Fleto Marble with all his kinds. Please reply to us if you are interested in dealing with us or not.
      Thank You.

    • Werewolfzz

      Exporting Brasilian Granite
      I have a Cattle Ranch in Brasil which is also a massive source of Granite.

      I am interested in exploring options for the extraction and export of Granite from Minas Gerais to the United States and possibly elsewhere.

      Let me know if you have pertinent information



    • venu

      MY E-MAIL

    • venu


    • David Evans

      President – Carolina Stone Importers, Inc
      Looking to impoprt Brazilian Granite to dsitribute wholesale in Western N.C.

    • Guest

      My name is tommy. I’m from KOREA .
      I would like to receive more info.
      about granite exports
      My email is KBY9154268@YAHOO.CO.KR

    • Guest

      Mr. Reza
      I need price list of Brazilian Granite’s Block from the company in Brazil.
      My email address is

    • Guest

      Vicepresident and CFO Magon Construction
      My name is Guillermo Matias. I’m from Puerto Rico. I would like to receive more info. about this topic. My email is

      Thank you

    • Guest

      Granite Request
      I would like to get more information about importing granite from Brasil.

      Please sent it to “”

      Thank you!

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