Death Squad Spreads Terror in Rio Killing 30 in the Streets

    Rio’s Secretariat of Public Safety Public is investigating the massacre of at least 30 people in two municipalities of Rio’s Baixada Fluminense, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    The executions started, yesterday, in the middle of the night and continued in the wee hours of the morning today. 

    Two Volkswagen Gol vehicles – one silver and another gray – with four men shot indiscriminately people in the streets of Queimados and Nova Iguaçu. The action left in panic the residents of the districts where the car with the executioners passed.

    The first massacre occurred in the district of Posse, in Nova Iguaçu. The unknown gunmen shot  several people who were in a bar of  Gama Street, hitting children and teenagers and leaving nine dead.

    After that, the vehicles drove to the municipality of Queimados and the assassins shot several people in the streets. In Queimados, the executions continued. Several dead bodies were found this morning in the streets.

    The massacre led Rio’s secretary of Public Safety, Marcelo Itagiba, to release an official note. Itagiba admitted, in the note, that the fact might be related to the operation “Navalha na Carne” (Razor in the Flesh), created to investigate policemen involved with death squads.

    “The Secretariat of Public Safety works with the strong hypothesis that the massacres might have been a reprisal to the Navalha na Carne operation, which led to the arrest of eight military policemen who are suspect of having committed a double murder at the back of the 15th BPM (Military Police Battalion)  in Duque de Caxias”.

    The note also says that the operation Navalha na Carne  is going to continue and that policemen who do not honor their uniforms and get involved in crimes will be expelled from the Force and punished.

    The list of the people killed includes six minors and a woman. The other victims are men 18 or over.

    1 – Alessandro Moura Vieira, 15

    2 – Bruno da Silva Souza, 15

    3 – Leonardo da Silva Moreira, 18

    4 – Manoel Domingos Lima Pereira, 53

    5 – Douglas Brasil de Paula, 14

    6 – Elizabeth Soares de Oliveira, 45

    7 – Felipe Soares Carlos, 13

    8 – Jaí­lton Vieira da Silva, 27

    9 – Jonas de Lima Silva, 19

    10 – José Gomes de Oliveira, 39

    11 – Leonardo Felipe da Silva, 15

    12 – Luí­s Henrique da Silva, 23

    13 – Luí­s Jorge Barbosa Rodrigues, 27

    14 – Marcelo Júlio Gomes do Nascimento, 16

    15 – Márcio Joaquim Martins, 26

    16 – Marco Aurélio Alves, 37

    17 – Marcos Vinicí­us Cipriano Andrade, 37

    18 – Renato Azevedo Santos, 31

    19 – Róbson Albino, 25

    20 – Wágner Oliveira da Silva, 25

    21 – Calupe Florindo Ferreira, 64

    22 – Fábio Vasconcelos, 29

    23 – Francisco José da Silva Neto, 34

    24 – João da Costa Magalhães, 52

    25 – José Augusto Pereira da Silva, 38

    26 – César de Souza Penha

    27 – Lení­lson de Souza Coutinho, 26 anos

    28 – Luciano de Souza Coutinho, 30

    29 – William Pereira dos Santos

    30 – Not identified



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