Some Lessons from Brazil to Fight World Poverty

    Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva announced that, during his visit to New York in September, the governments of Brazil and Chile will meet with other presidents to discuss the creation of an international fund to help the poorest countries develop.

    Lula affirmed that, with little money and successful examples,
    it is possible to provide citizenship to less privileged individuals.

    “What is important is for us to begin to share all our
    experiences. We have many government policies in Brazil, and other countries
    certainly have many as well,” Lula declared.

    According to Lula, someday
    the countries of South America and Latin America will cease being examples of
    poor regions and become examples of developed regions, “where all children
    attend school, where everybody has a chance to work, and where everybody can eat
    at least three meals daily.”

    In his speech, the Brazilian President
    pointed out that, by the end of his term in office, 11 million families that
    live below the poverty line will be receiving government assistance.

    “I believe in the working capacity of the Brazilian people, and
    I am convinced that we shall succeed in fulfilling the promise we made to the
    Brazilian people.”

    Agência Brasil
    Reporter: Ana Paula Marra

    Translator: David Silberstein


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      First off, what the hell is the diffrence between latin and southamerica? As far as I know they are the same place.

      Asia will come before south america, beleave me.

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