The Best Brazil’s Poetry in Portuguese and English

    A new bilingual anthology of Brazilian poetry will allow English speakers to experience an important part of the world’s literary heritage for the first time.

    Poets of Brazil: A Bilingual Selection is the first anthology to present the full range of Brazilian poetic creativity and beauty in English translation.

    Work by 33 poets covering all of Brazil’s literary periods is presented in a new English translaton on pages facing the Portuguese original.

    Yale’s Harold Bloom notes “Poets of Brazil: A Bilingual Selection is the only book available that gives these poets to us in both languages. The choice of poets is remarkably inclusive and various and is particularly enlightening in the works of the twentieth-century Republic of Brazil.”

    And these poets hold an important place in literature, “Brazilians have – with justifiable pride – continuously boasted of fine poets and writers, many of whom rivaled the best in the mother country and in the world,” notes the introduction.

    The 121 poems included were selected and translated by Frederick G. Williams during more than 30 years of teaching Portuguese at the University of California at Santa Barbara and at Brigham Young University.

    Dr. Williams is currently Distinguished Professor of Luso-Brazilian Studies at Brigham Young University.

    In the introduction, Professor Williams attributes his translation philosophy to the great Portuguese poet Jorge de Sena, who said “translation is not to make our own poetry with the poetry of others, but to do with our language what an Emily Dickinson would have done and said if, in Portuguese, she had experienced the same identical poem.”

    Poets of Brazil: A Bilingual Selection – Translations, Introduction and Notes by Frederick G. Williams, Luso-Brazilian Books, Brigham Young University Studies and Editora da Universidade Federal da Bahia

    Poets of Brazil can be purchased at many bookstores, including both and and through Luso-Brazilian Books –


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    • Ramon

      England is overrated
      just like their football team!
      (What ever they are)

    • Andrea

      Its because of comments and thoughts like British hack, the world is this “merda” You sir know nothing about Brasil.

    • Dick

      Whoever is reading this is a fuckin’ homo——>
      Everyone can lick my ass!! 🙂

    • Guest

      i get it…
      Oh, the title is placed right above the comment. ….this site is interesting

    • Guest

      i just noticed that the last post i put on here says that I “knew vasco as a little boy” and i just wanted to say i did not put that there. The man is my father.

    • Guest

      Knew Vasco as little boy
      Katrina– I am an old high school friend of Isabels. Could you have either your father or Isabel call me. My name is Kathy Hanson aka millard. My address 813 lakewood blvd, Madison, Wisc. 53704 Phone==
      608-249-8987. I would really appreciate any response. Ciao KJH

    • Guest

      Knew Vasco as little boy
      Katrina– I am an old high school friend of Isabels. Could you have either your father or Isabel call me. My name is Kathy Hanson aka millard. My address 813 lakewood blvd, Madison, Wisc. 53704 Phone==
      608-249-8987. I would really appreciate any response. Ciao KJH

    • Guest

      de Sena
      Jorge de Sena’s writing is beautiful.

      Katerina de Sena (daugher of Vasco, a son of Jorge)

    • Guest

      Well do you know what I think, BRAZIL IS THE BESTEST OF THE BEST

    • Guest

      this site sucks

    • Guest

      a translation is a real thing!
      I agree, Brazilian lit. is great, just one thing to add to the comment above:

      Translations are no less real than the original! It’s a disservice to all those great translators to suggest it. Translations in English can often use felicities of English make the translations just as good, although different.

    • Guest

      Au contraire!
      I am not a Brazilian but speak and read Portuguese fluently. I find Brazilian Literature as one of the best in the world. Portuguese is a highly versatile and beautiful language You’ld be surprise, In many cases it beats the English language in terms of defining , describing a certain thought or feeling. And please dont read the translations…read the real thing!

    • Guest

      British hack
      I wouldn’t go so far as to say Brazilian literature is world class.This whole site seems to really over imbelish Brazil’s contribution’s to the world. I am from England and the only reason I am at this site is because I was in prosute of Brazilian woman.

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