October 1993


    Cover: São Paulo’s underbelly (p. 7)

    Short story: Lygia Fagundes Telles’ “Biruta” (p. 13)

    Indians: The jungle puzzle – The Yanomamis’ massacre (p. 15)

    UN Indian nations (p. 16)

    Nation: Cutting up Brazil – Creating a new country on the South (p. 17)

    Death squads: Run, it’s the police! (p. 19)

    Dunga: a soccer bull (p. 21)

    Brazil growing again: Economic blue skies (p. 22)

    Clério DeMoraes: Painting the unconscious (p. 23)

    Interview: Say (Master) Amen to capoeira (p. 24)

    Conspiracy? Hollywood x Brazil (p. 27)

    The star (Sandra Bréa) has AIDS (p. 29)

    Music: Ben Jor = Big Hit (p. 30)

    Travel: Amazonic Pará (p. 32)


    Rapidinhas (p. 6)

    Letters (p. 12)

    The Cultural Pulse (p. 34)

    Por aí (p. 35)

    Los Angeles Calendar (p. 38)

    San Francisco Calendar (p. 39)

    That’s Brazilian (p. 40)

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