July 1993


    Cover: Stop! They want out of Brazil – The secessionist movement (p. 7)

    Short story: Murilo Rubião’s Ofélia, my pipe and the sea (p. 13)

    Crime: Bicheiros in jail (p. 15)

    Pro-Children: Action talks loud (p. 16)

    Trashing our economy – Wastefulness in Brazil (p. 170

    No Indian’s land – Natives take nothing(p. 19)

    Soccer made in Japan (p. 21)

    TV: Xuxa still Brazilian (p. 22)

    Profile: Tony Lima, from Portugal with strength (p. 23)

    Book review: Dancing: Why Is this Country Dancing? (p. 24)

    Music: Hugo Jojo is sound (p. 27)

    Music: The rediscovery of Tom Zé (p. 28)

    CDs: Gosto de Brasil; Dois Irmãos; Bonfá Magic & Batacoto (p. 30)

    Travel: Our Rio Grande (p. 32)


    Rapidinhas (p. 6)

    Letters (p. 12)

    The Cultural Pulse (p. 34)

    Por aí (p. 35)

    Los Angeles Calendar (p. 38)

    San Francisco Calendar (p. 39)

    That’s Brazilian (p. 40)

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