March 1993


    Cover: Xuxa: here she comes (p. 7)

    Short stories for a beer campaign:

    1) João Ubaldo’s crônica (p. 13)

    2) Arnaldo Jabor’s Paean (p. 14)

    3) L.F. Veríssimo’s story: (p. 14)

    4) Jorge Amado’s ode (p. 15)

    A luso-Brazilian war – Portugal snubs Brazil (p. 16)

    Multinationals: Big money loves Brazil (p. 17)

    Currency: Cutting zer000.000s from the cruzeiro (p. 18)

    Charity: The South’s SOS (p. 19)

    Soccer: our French Raí (p. 21

    Book review: Marcio Souza’s latest: Death Squeeze (p. 23)

    Music: St. Gilberto Gil (p. 24)

    Music: Thankful Sônia Santos (p. 27)

    TV: The for-ever-young old leading men (p. 28)

    Travel: Historical Minas (p. 31)


    Rapidinhas (p. 6)

    Letters (p. 12)

    The Cultural Pulse (p. 34)

    Por aí (p. 35)

    Los Angeles Calendar (p. 38)

    San Francisco Calendar (p. 39)

    That’s Brazilian (p. 40)

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