True Brazilyankee

True Brazilyankee

    Thirty years after the success of the Brit Ritchie in Brazil,
    American Michael Anthony Lahue plays the Brazilian
    music market.
    His new CD Sonho (Dream) reveals a talented artist recording
    in Portuguese and doing
    Tom Jobim’s arrangements.


    Marco Fonseca

    British singer/songwriter Ritchie was studying literature at the University of Oxford and was already a musician
    when in 1972 he was introduced to some Brazilian artists including singer Rita Lee and Liminha. Fascinated with the sound of
    the Mutantes (Mutants – Rita Lee’s band), he decided to try his luck in Brazil teaching English and participating in bands
    and concerts. He was a great success in the 80’s, influencing an entire generation of composers and musicians, especially
    foreigners who are enchanted by Brazilian music.

    Now, 30 years later, another singer, the American Michael Anthony Lahue will take off to Brazil in search of success.
    Born in Essex Fells, New Jersey state, Michael is a musicologist, pianist, singer, classical violist, composer, lyricist and
    arranger, a multi-professional who also fell in love with Brazilian music during his worldly travels. During the Jazz Festival in
    Montreux, Switzerland, in July of 1996, Michael saw the
    Festa em Bahia (Party in Bahia) with Armandinho, Dodô and Osmar
    (creators of the first Trio Elétrico _
    Electric Trio), singer Simone Moreno and singer/composer Pepeu Gomes. It was there that the
    young American decided that Brazilian music would be his stage companion and soulmate.

    Influenced by the green and yellow (colors of the Brazilian flag)
    calor humano (hospitality), the composer speaks of
    Brazil as a "paradise of the heart and a triumph of love", as if he has already been influenced by the Lusitanian romanticism
    that runs in our veins. He speaks Portuguese with no accent.

    As opposed to Ritchie who arrived and shortly after became engrossed in the artistic world of the
    Paulista (from São Paulo) nights, Michael has plans beyond the stage. He wants to study music, to better understand Portuguese, to
    discuss Jobim seated at a bar on the corner, to tap rhythms on a matchbox and to recite prose and sing serenades. He is a
    Brazilianist at heart, apt to discuss with equal knowledge,
    bossa nova, chorinho (style of music from the northeast of Brazil) and Jazz.

    Michael is not just a dreamer. He wants to be a success and speaks pragmatically of his career plans. In addition to
    having spent almost two years living in Campinas, São Paulo state, and studying at the Carlos Gomes Conservatory—one of the
    most important centers of Brazilian music research—he now studies daily at the American English Center, a language school
    in the heart of the Ironbound, in Newark, New Jersey. Exploring the complicated idiom, the artist seeks inspiration for his
    first CD. The work, entitled Sonho (Dream), is being released in March 2003 with five original compositions in Portuguese, an
    eight movement sound track (Tempo de Amar _ Time to Love) and several new arrangements of Jobim.

    At the studio where he records the CD Sonho he says, "I want to do the most professional job possible". And he
    talks about what the calls "Brazilian contagious happiness, "I love the warmth of the people there and it’s reflected in my
    music". The singer and composer finds inspiration in bossa nova and authentic MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) to write his lyrics
    in Portuguese.

    For further information about Michael and his work, call (973) 228-4762 or e-mail  You can also visit his website:

    Marco Fonseca is a US correspondent for the DB Press Agency. His e-mail is

    Some Lyrics from Sonho (Dream):

    No silêncio

    No silêncio, o som do Brasil,

    no meu ouvido,

    me chamando, me chamando.

    No silêncio, o amor do Brasil,

    no meu coração,

    me amando, me amando.

    No silêncio, a felicidade do Brasil,

    a minha alegria de viver,

    me convida, me convida.

    No silêncio, a paz do Brasil,

    a minha esperança,

    me acalmando, me acalmando.

    No silêncio, o carinho do Brasil,

    no seu colo,

    me sustenta, me sustenta.

    As nuanças preciosas

    desfrutamos no silêncio,

    e só no silêncio aparecem

    como brilhantes na água

    refrescante chamada Brasil.
    In the Silence

    In the silence, the sound of Brazil,

    in my ear,

    calling me, calling me.

    In the silence, Brazil’s love,

    in my heart,

    loving me, loving me.

    In the silence, Brazil’s happiness,

    my joy for life,

    inviting me, inviting me.

    In the silence, Brazil’s peace,

    my hope,

    calming me, calming me.

    In the silence, Brazil’s affection,

    in its arms,

    comforts me, comforts me.

    We enjoy the precious nuances
    of life in the silence,

    and they only appear in the silence,

    like diamonds shimmering in the
    refreshing waters called Brazil.

    Só sei disso

    Só sei disso,

    não tenho as respostas pra você.

    Só sei disso,

    não sou super-homem, não.

    Só sei disso,

    mandei meu coração nas rosas pra você.

    Só sei disso,

    tô aqui caído no chão.

    Onde você tá indo?

    Tá procurando as respostas,

    das perguntas nas estrelas?

    Procurando as respostas.

    Só sei disso,

    onde você está, quero ficar.

    Só sei disso,

    onde você vai, quero estar.

    Onde tá indo?

    Procurando as respostas,

    das perguntas nas estrelas?

    Procurando as respostas.

    O meu lugar próprio,

    é ao seu lado
    All I Know Is…

    All I know is,

    I don’t have the answers for you.

    All I know is,

    I’m not superman.

    All I know is,

    I sent my heart to you in the roses.

    All I know is,

    I’m here, lying on the floor.

    Where are you going?

    Are you looking for the answers,

    to the questions in the stars?

    Looking for the answers.

    All I know is,

    wherever you are, I want to stay.

    All I know is,

    wherever you go, I want to be.

    Where are you going?

    Are you looking for the answers,

    to the questions in the stars?

    Looking for the answers.

    My rightful place

    is by your side.

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