Brazil Chooses Miss Bumbum, a Tribute to the Country’s Favorite Female Anatomy Part

    Miss Bumbum, Rosana Ferreira

    Miss Bumbum, Rosana Ferreira Hundreds of Brazilian women turned out for the Miss Bumbum “best buttock” competition. “These were women with but one objective: have their buttock chosen as the prettiest in Brazil,” says Cacau Oliver, organizer of the contest.

    “Over 500 candidates from all over Brazil turned out, but only 27 were chosen initially.”

    However the final decision fell upon ten juries among which two representatives from the Sexy magazine, the competition’s promoter; the model Sabrina “Boing Boing” and Lorena Bueri, from Mato Grosso who was Miss Brazil in the latest Miss World contest.

    The representative of Ceará state Miss Brazil Bumbum, Rosana Ferreira, who is really from the state of Espírito Santo, ended being chosen as having the best butt in all of Brazil, a land famous for buttolatry.

    “I dream of winning a lot more, I want challenges, I want fame,” the winner said.

    Rosana explained that the owes her butt not only to her “parents genes,” but also to a special diet and plenty of workout. She believes, however, that to be Miss Bumbum, someone has to have more than just a great butt, she needs a whole pretty body.

    The owner of the most beautiful derriere in Brazil exercises every day. Among other things the new miss lifts weights. Rosana is also a dancer and participates in dance competitions.

    “As for the intellectual side I know I need to improve a little,” she told reporters commenting on other requirements that she considers important for a miss.

    If she’s not able to become famous and make money using only her body gifts, she plans to study psychology. She intends to invest the US$ 2,800 she won as prize in beauty care for herself, she announced.

    “I’ll change my postiche and the silicone prosthesis in my breasts, ” she revealed. Rosana would love to be a soap opera actress. “An actress never ends, right?” she argues.

    At first she said she wasn’t thinking about posing in the nude for a men’s magazine not even for a lot of money. But she changed her mind quite quickly, as a matter of fact, in a couple of days..

    She’s already signed with Sexy and will be the cover of the December issue of the magazine, which will be in the newsstands by December 25.

    “I really said it wasn’t my intention to pose naked, but the proposal of Sexy was very good. I cannot reveal the fee, but it was enough to make me take off my clothes,” she said.


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    • us observer

      your comment proves my point …your a moron and a inconsequential idiot …your also a liar and a know nothing ..your russia statements are too funny and shows your ignorance and stupidity …may the cancer of communism/marxism grab you by the throat and balls and put you out of your pathetic misery,,, just like it has chavez and lula !!!!..

    • Luiz Andrade da Silva

      What are the real facts?
      US Observer,
      You always talk about the “real facts”. but you never show any real, hard, specific facts.
      For instance, when you say that the United States has a problem with Brazilian nationals who
      are illegal in the U.S. committing all sorts of crime, you don’t give the exact figures. How many
      people like that do you really think exist? First, there are not that many Brazilians living in the
      United States, especially when you take into consideration that the Brazilian population is almost
      200 million. Second, as far as I know, most Brazilians living in the U.S., even the ones who are
      there illegally, do not commit any crimes or cause any problems. They are hard working, dilligent and
      competent people, a little crazy, of course, considering the stupid thing they have did when
      they went to the U.S., but, nevertheless, good people. Actually, most of them are already coming back
      to Brazil because our economy is booming. Right now, are there are many jobs waiting to be taken and a lack of people to take them.
      One more thing: when you talk about the United States being the most powerful country in the world,
      you’re try to deceive yourself. Everyone knows that the United States is not that powerful anymore, and
      it is losing its power with every passing day. Its economy is broken and heavily indebted. Ok, it still
      has its military power, but that is proving to be of no use. It cannot use its nuclear weapons because
      that would destroy the world, including the United States itself. Besides, the U.S. is not the
      only country to have nuclear weapons. Remember that Russia has as many nuclear weapons as the U.S. and
      is not willing to let the United States do whatever it pleases.

    • us observer

      just the facts: the real facts!!..
      luis ,,,we americans have freedom of speech and opinion its in our constitution..therefore you are an idiot and a punk to tell me otherwise . and what racist statement have i ever made ?.. i comment on the facts !!..i will comment on anti-american, misinformation ,lies ,and propaganda against the usa … we have in america a problem with illegal brazilian nationals arriving with tourist visa and overstaying ,we have brazilian nationals entering the usa via mexico ,canada,the bahamas,the carribean ,etc. we have brazillian nationals illegally in the usa commiting crimes ,identity theft ,counterfeit documents,frauds,thefts,green card marriage frauds shut up and get your facts straight before you lie…now you got a problem with that ?…your statements about the usa indicate to me you are a gringoe hating racist and a little worm with a inferiority complex. now get back on your donkey cart and move on…your comments about the most powerfull country in the world are hilarious coming from a little inconsequential piss ant like you ..

    • Luiz Andrade da Silva

      Shut up, US Observer
      US Observer, I’m getting sick and tired of your stupid comments. It seems to me that you have nothing else to do in your life,except writing comments on this site badmouthing Brazil and Brazilians. What is your problem? Have you had some bad experience with someone from Brazil? For your information, not everyone in Brazil wants to get a green card and go to the USA. In fact, only a tiny minority of our population would be crazy enough to leave such a promising, expanding country as ours, to go to a futureless, decadent, racist, ignorant, prejudiced country like the United States. Shut up and try to get yourself a life!

    • us observer

      listen if your an american just say two words to her,,,”green card”! and she,ll do anything you want for at least long enough for her to get the green card …give it like 6 months to a year and them she,s gone .

    • e harmony

      Who is This Woman?
      Okay… does anyone know her name? I get the impression from a number of youtube videos that she has some level of fame in Brazil.

      At any rate, I admire her build. And more especially her bottom. 🙂


    • us observer

      da silva or is it “the silva” or dasilva? maybe dasmith?.. i,m not up on bastardized portuguese and can,t comprehend one thing you frothed about . …perhaps you are confused, hurt, feeling small, and inadequate,unimportant and inconsquential …let me suggest something to you . you do not speak for brazil , if you think you do your delusional and that could explain why you are feeling small,inconsquential,hurt,and unimportant.i stand by my comments and my right to freedom of opinion and speech.. debate one point i made with facts and not ramble on like an ignorant goon with a goofy “ordem progresso ” t-shirt ..your anti-gringoe crap is a hint of your ignorance and jealousy and envy…you and that other moron are inconsquential idiots ..

    • us observer

      spiffy your an ignorant douchebag …and an angry little mutt .your also to inconsequential to respond to …f.u. punk …my comments are my opinion my right and in response to comments of others who i do not agree with, now go f-*k yourself…

    • Spiffy

      US Observed.
      This punk kid fought his way through two wars you fucking moron. Nothing would make me happier than to meet you and see who pisses in his pants. I have lived with haters and killers and cowards that hide behind ideals and uninformed philosophical bullshit like yours and spout their crap because they (just like you MORON) don’t have the testicular fortitude to really contribute. What you really hate is your own cowardice. You are a coward who can’t put two coherent sentences together that found a site that will take your bullshit and spend your time lashing and are probably slavering at the mouth. What do you do in your spare time? Probably a pedophile on top of everything else.

    • Luiz Andrade da Silva

      U.S Observer is insane
      US observer, you said that you write comments on this site just to respond to misinformation and lies posted by American haters. So, why did you write such bad comments about Brazil, on an article like this one, which, obviously, has nothing to do with the United States or American haters? It is clear that if there is someone who hates another country, for no apparent reason, here, this person is YOU hating Brazil. According to your way of thinking, when someone hates something that much is because they feel inferior to the thing they hate. Think about it.

    • us observer

      who,s “we” spiffy ?…do you run with a pack? or are you a indoor dog?…

    • us observer

      dogs have feelings too. huh spiffy ?…here spiffy ! here spiffy !!..
      spiffy i don,t hate you i actually have a mutt just like you ,dumb,stupid,drools,begs ,and fetches sticks and bones, with absolute dumb and naive enthusiasim …don,t be so sensitive its all in good debate ,you know freedom of expression and opinion its in the american constitution ..oh thats right your not in the usa …. and your ??????….never mind don,t matter kid your to young and stupid to be taken seriously…f.u. punk..

    • us observer

      brazil mag. com is based in los angeles and is a registered american company
      spiffy stay in brazil your a f-ing idiot ….and the only thing thats clear is your name,, its a dogs name! perhaps your brazilian girlfriends name?…you stupid f-ck…

    • Spiffy

      Pooooooor baby this US Observer
      I am an American who is also hated by US Observer, it is pretty obvious that this sick MF’er gets his jollies, this way, I think if we push him a little he will go back on his lithium. I love my country and I live in Brazil by choice, are things starting to come clear as to why I might have made this choice? Duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh. Lots of problems in both countries, I do what can for each of them including telling imbecilic morons that they are imbecilic morons. US Observer, should be US Observed, you are only about one migraine away from rolling shit balls in the corner bud.

    • us observer

      and mr da silva ,,,are you really that stupid to think an american would not respond to ridiculous lies and misinformation and vile hate coming from some people toward my country?….i don,t think so ….and why do you come to this site to make ridiculous statements?…..

    • Luiz Andrade da Silva

      Stop being stupid!!
      US Observer, thank you for the information that Brazil is not in the West. I didn’t know that Brazil was on the Eastern hemisphere. It’s good to know that! This means we’re close to Japan. Maybe, I’ll get a bus and go to Tokyo for the weekend! By the way, if you hate Brazil so much, and think it is an insignificant, backward country, why do you always come to this site and make your ridiculous comments?

    • us observer

      spiffy pees on peoples legs when he gets excited,,,,,,, philosophically . perhaps more paper training is in order..
      pearl harbor was hated by the japanese until we bombed them into a vacant lot .now the japanese love pearl harbor and our american hotels there are allways booked….actually well ok i guess well allright maybe i well ok just a little maybe …ok,,,,,, i don,t like communists or socialists or marxists …and neither do 300 million americans either you f-ing moron…the only hate comes from your hating arse,,,, monkee …

    • Spiffy

      What Floats?
      Once again US Observer shows us all that the scum really does float. How much hate can one person really harbor?

    • Spiffy

      US Observer.
      Once again US Observer show that the scum floats to the top. How much hate can one person really harbor??????

    • us observer

      kiss my arse you gringoe haters
      and of course when your a backward third world dump three hundred years behind the west what is there to do for a poor uneducated girl but get a fake silicone arse to titillate the rich with ….very pathetic ,and sad …and to think they keep electing these corrupt communists worms down there…brazil proves time and time again it is a “non country”….

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