Lula Calls Nonsense Christ’s Saying that Poor Need Wait for Heaven After Death


    Lula Brazil’s ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva called  ‘nonsense’ the biblical statement that the poor will be “blessed with treasure in heaven” and strongly supported the policies of his government (2003/2010) which helped millions in Brazil lift from poverty.

    “Nonsense, this thing they invented that the poor will get the kingdom of heaven after death. We want the kingdom now, here on Earth. For us they invented a slogan that all is in the future. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to heaven. The rich is already in heaven, here,” he said.

    “Once and for all we have to finish with the invented nonsense that the poor will be blessed with treasure in heaven and not the rich. For the rich heaven is here and now, and the poor also wants to be blessed with heaven now, while he is alive,” argued Lula who has begun a tour of different Brazilian states signaling his return to politics ahead of next year’s mid term election.

    Repeating earlier statements before the Federation of Industries from the State of São Paulo, FIESP, Brazil’s powerful manufacturers lobby Lula said that the “developed world must learn that the solution is for the poor to consume more.”

    During the meeting held in his honor by FIESP, Lula insisted that Brazilian businesses have to increase their investments in Latin America and in Africa “to help millions out of poverty, millions of potential consumers”.

    Race and Skin Color

    For most Brazilians race and skin color have great influence in labor relations and in the way they are treated by police and the judiciary, according to a report from the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute, IBGE.

    According to the paper, 63.7% of Brazilians interviewed said that skin color and race directly influence the lives of people in the country. Another 71% said race was influential at the work place and getting a job.

    Race is also influential when it comes to the police and magistrates according to 68.3% of interviews.

    The IBGE paper on ethnic-racial characteristics was based on several public opinion polls taken in six of the country’s most dynamic states.

    The paper also showed that Afro-Brazilians are paid on average 40% less than ethnic whites. In multiracial Brazil over half the population is brown and black.



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    • Anderson Vieira Cuiaba

      aiaiai LULA once again
      what a loser, perhaps he is too dumb to understand the bible.

      Anyways, I am of middle class, currently studying at Federal University in Brazil and hopefuly I’ll be able to have a better job atfer I finish studying, but in no way do i ever think or imagine or wonder or try to believe that Lula and PT changed Brazil. I know I am happy in Brazil, i speak english and i got a decent job, but there are thousands of other people with smaller chances than me, because people have no decent schooling in Brazil and also there is descrimination in job search, because since i was young i have worked in places where there was no need for the english language, but i would get the job and i would also get a higher salary than people that had been working at the stablishment for years.

      people have it the hard way in Brazil.

      maybe me helped the ones who were very very very very poor but he never helped the middle class who sometimes or most times, cant even afford a car or a house.

    • capnamerca

      Once again . . . .
      Education, education, education. You cannot make consumers of people who have no marketable professional skills. Of course, Brazil is trying to develop professional training programs, but without the basic primary education generally provided by tax dollars in developed nations, professional training is useless.

      One thing about Lula I have noticed is that he refuses to understand the concept of “modeling”. A process by which one studies the success of others, and models one’s own actions after those of the successful model.

      Unless Brazil focuses more of it’s resources towards educating it’s masses, those masses will continue to wallow in poverty. Black, white, or brown. Doesn’t matter. Sure, there will always be the exception to the rule, but very few of those.

    • Luigi Vercotti

      More Lula comedy. I’ve been back and forth from the US to Brazil all my life and haven’t noticed any recent Lula-created improvements for the poor of Brasil. Next time I get robbed I’ll ask the guy if he got one of Lula’s cheap houses. Joke.

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