Brazil Prints a Primer After 3,000 Brazilians Are Barred from Entering Europe

    Airport of Madrid

    Airport of Madrid Concerned with the embarrassing situations Brazilians may face when they arrive in Europe and have to go through immigration, the Ministry of Foreign Relations has printed a folder with information and tips on dealing with the bureaucracy and technical aspects of entering the Old World in modern post- 9/11 times.

    The folder has recommendations regarding behavior for Brazilians who want to visit, study or work in Europe. One of the reasons for the folder is that in 2009, no less than 3,000 Brazilians were barred at immigration counters.

    In Spain, 1,700 Brazilians had to turn around and go back to Brazil without even getting out of the airport. In Portugal, the total number of Brazilians refused entry in 2009 is estimated at one thousand.

    The folder puts it bluntly: “There is a right to come and go as one pleases. But it is necessary to be an informed traveler. Without a doubt, many of the problems that Brazilians have had with European immigration authorities have been directly related to a lack of information.”

    Before traveling to Europe, it is necessary to have one’s travel documents in order – passport, visas and vaccination records. It is also important to be able to present tickets to and from all your destinations, along with proof of hotel reservations.

    A traveler going to a congress or a school should have a letter or invitation confirming that. And it is fundamental for travelers to be able to prove that they have enough money to cover expenses of at least 60 euros per day (around US$ 77).

    The ministry is going to print 100,000 folders. The information will also be available on the Internet. Authorities from Brazil met with counterparts from England, Spain and Portugal in drawing up the folder.



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    • Simpleton

      Remember Ch.c, it’s not just 2000 dollars per month, it’s proof of retirement funds gauranteed for life of at least that much AND bank registration of 2000 a month being transferred into Brasil from external sources if you wish to permantently retire there and thence never being allowed to work and be productive there.

      To work there, unless you are a high end overseer of a foreign business with contracts or established investment there, you can only get a work visa and that has to be sponsored by a Brasilian business. You can probably find someone to set you up to get one in the tourist trade for a price but in any case, after 183 days per year in country you pay taxes on world wide income not just local. Better to just do six months per year there and six months elsewhere. That way you don’t have to risk your fortunes by transfering them into the country and don’t have to have or wait for some jumbo pension payout to start or governmental old age subsidy to kick in (which for most might not be big enough anyway).

      Hard to feel sorry for the poor working girls who managed to get someone to pay for their ride all for naught and having to just turn around and suffer the long ride back. Not quite the same as for those not in that category that had good true friends willing to back them up financially but end up getting denied tourist visa’s to the states when they had no intention of working or staying for all that long.

    • ch.c.

      “There is a right to come and go as one pleases.”
      Thus why Brazil doesnt apply that law…to neigbours citizens…FIRST ?????
      And doesnt Brazil has laws for the time foreigners stay in the country before being subject to local income taxes ?

      Brazil, just as usual, is 10000000 % certain that they have rights that they have no obligation to reciprocate.

      Such as the one that stipulates the minimum capital, the minimum jobs to be created and the minimum monthly income (2000 US dollars, not even in local currency, funnily) to acquire the right to stay IN THE COUNTRY ???

      Reciprocity would dictate a higher initial capital, higher than 2000 dollars monthly foreign income, because in Europe costs are higher than in Brazil !

      No one needs brazilians over here ! You are “apparently” booming, thus it should be up to North Americans and Europeans to enter and stay ad eternam in Brazil, using the brazilian saying “There is a right to come and go as one pleases” !!!!
      And of course without any type of a minimum foreign income.


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