Guyana Gets 8 Tons of Medicine from Brazil

    Another shipment of aid to Guyana left BrasÀ­lia today for the Guyanese capital, Georgetown, on a Brazilian Air Force plane loaded with eight tons of water and eight tons of medicine.

    The aid is in response to a request made by the Embassy of Guyana to the Brazilian government after heavy rains struck the country last week, causing extensive flooding.

    “The medicines that were sent come from the Ministry of Health’s stock, and the water was donated by Ambev (the beverage company),” explained Colonel Romero Zanota, press secretary of the President Cabinet of Institutional Security.

    According to Zanota, the Embassy of Guyana informed that many people have been forced to leave their homes and that the first signs of cholera are appearing.

    Brazil sent its first aid shipment last January 20. That shipment consisted of 16 tons of food and medicines that were ready to be sent to Asia and were redirected to deal with the emergency situation in Guyana.

    Translation: David Silberstein
    Agência Brasil


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      thanks brazil
      once again as an overseas based guyanese with brazilian ancestry i must extend our hartfelt thanks to the brazilian government for helping the guyansese people at this time… is indeed a difficult time the guyanese people are facing right now and it is great to see that the help is coming from its neighbours….on behalf of the guyanese people ..thanks brazil for the hospitality extended

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