Lula Blames “Wise Guys” from Rich Countries for Global Crisis

    FAO director Jacques Diouf meets Lula

    FAO director Jacques Diouf meets Lula The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva thanked, the United Nations for the two prizes awarded for his leadership in fighting hunger and poverty with a strong speech condemning rich countries, global speculation and “capitalist myopia”.

    During the opening on Monday in Brasília of the Brazil-Africa Dialogue Forum on Food Security and Combating Poverty, Lula said that if world leaders are not committed with the people living in less fortunate conditions, “it’s much more difficult to make decisions to help the poor.”

    The Brazilian President recalled that in 2008 the world was taken by surprise by the soaring prices of food for which first the Chinese were blamed “for eating too much”; then oil and the Arabs, but later it was plain clear it was all to blame on a few “wise guys” from the rich countries making fortunes with papers and speculating with food”.

    Lula went on to say that when the sub-prime crisis blew up in the United States, it was discovered that the serious financial disorders caused by fraudulent manipulation with these toxic mortgages was mostly behind the global speculation that ended punishing the poorest peoples of the world.

    He also pointed out to the dozens of African leaders at the forum in Brasília that when the global crisis went off, the world “was ready to conclude the Doha Round of the World Trade Organization, but with all the turbulence it all went down the drain and again the poor people were the losers.”

    “Two years later the round remains stalled which is most disappointing because it was a chance to open a little bit more markets” so that African and Latin American countries “could export more to the richer countries.”

    “The free market policies were extraordinary when poor countries were simply buyers,” said Lula with a touch of irony, because “when we wanted to become exporters the market was not as free as they said, which can only be described as the cruel side of the capitalist myopic approach to these challenges.”

    Lula said that economics schools in rich countries should teach “the capitalists that the more Africans and Latin Americans feed, make some money, they will consume more of the high value goods they produce”.

    “Many times I’ve asked leaders from developed countries to help Africa and Latin America which are the regions with most farm land left in the world which can certainly guarantee food security,” recalled Lula  who said rich countries have used up all their good land, as well as water resources, which will be scarce this century but still is abundant in Africa and Latin America.

    He called for the “socialization” of water resources and said that African rivers dump into the sea an immensity of water that rich countries could help transform into farm programs by financing them.

    Finally, Lula, who leaves office next January 1st, insinuated several times that looking ahead he would like to work helping with the joint development of Latin America and Africa in a “South – South axis” to counterbalance the economic might of the US and Europe.



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    • ch.c.

      Luigi…….LAST SUNDAY, Iran hanged five Kurdish dissidents, including a 28-year-old woman, who said they had been tortured into confessing to charges of terrorism.
      But that is NOTHING compared to the Guantanamo and others AMERICANS SECRETS PRISONS !!!!!!!!


      You finger point the wrong country.


    • ch.c.

      Andrade “Why cant he get it”
      Ohhhh true, sorry.
      But I never acclaimed that Begin and Perez deserve it either.


      So lets Obama increase the number of AMERICANS getting FOOD STAMPS !
      Food stamps…in an apparent developed and “wealthy” country is rather unconventional !
      Even Perez and Begin would agree..with ME !


    • Luigi

      Here’s Your President (From Washington Post)
      Brazil’s outreach to Iran ignores brutal repression
      Network News

      Saturday, May 15, 2010

      LAST SUNDAY, Iran hanged five Kurdish dissidents, including a 28-year-old woman, who said they had been tortured into confessing to charges of terrorism. On Monday it announced that the Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari, who covered last year’s fraudulent presidential election for Newsweek, had been sentenced in absentia to 74 lashes and 13 years in prison. This is probably just the beginning of a brutal wave of repression aimed at preventing the opposition Green Movement from rallying as next month’s anniversary of the election approaches.

      But on Saturday, Brazilian President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva will arrive in Tehran in yet another effort to “engage” the extremist clique of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Mr. Lula and Turkish President Abdullah Gul claim to be making a last effort to broker a deal with the regime that will avert another round of U.N. sanctions over its nuclear program. No one outside their own governments thinks they will succeed. And will Mr. Lula even bother to mention the blood spilled by his hosts this week? Don’t hold your breath.

      The faction that staged last summer’s coup in Iran, backed by the Revolutionary Guards, has demonstrated over and over since then that it has no interest in accommodation with either its own people or the U.N. Security Council. It has been as unrelenting in its repression as it has been in pressing ahead with the enrichment of uranium — for which it is now manufacturing another generation of centrifuges.

      The persistence of the Brazilian and Turkish leaders in negotiating with these thugs is partly about their ambitions to demonstrate that they are the leaders of emerging world powers capable of defying the United States. The intervention comes just as the Obama administration is nearing agreement with the other permanent members of the Security Council on a new sanctions resolution, which it hopes will be put to a vote in the coming weeks. Brazil and Turkey happen to hold rotating seats on the council, which provide them with a platform for posturing.

      The Obama administration has disowned the Brazilian-Turkish initiative; Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told the Turkish foreign minister on Thursday that “Iran’s recent diplomacy was an attempt to stop Security Council action without actually taking steps to address international concerns about its nuclear program,” according to her spokesman. But the administration is still vulnerable to self-delusion: Ms. Clinton recently said that sanctions could lead to “the kind of good-faith negotiations that President Obama called for 15 months ago.”

      That reasoning is wrong for the same reason that Mr. Lula and Mr. Gul are wrong to visit Tehran this weekend. A regime that is actively engaged in murdering its citizens is not going to engage in “good-faith negotiations.” If there is to be change in Iran, it must come from those whose repression the two presidents are ignoring.

    • Lula

      The problem is not him winning the prizes. Its when he (and the Brazilian people) start to believe their own hype. I live in Brazil and for me it is now more arrogant and obnoxious than the Bush administration ever was.
      Oh….and when I arrived in mid 2007 the population was 178 million. Today it is already 191 million. How is he going to feed everyone and give them a job? Brazil is obsessed with progress at any cost, yet turns round and slams the same method to 1st world countries despite playing the same tune! Its such hypocrisy.

    • Andrade

      [quote]Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva thanked, the United Nations for the two prizes awarded for his leadership in fighting hunger and poverty[/quote]

      85% of the Brazilians who support him are proud of their President that is winning one prize after another. The other 15% is jealous of him. Even the TIME magazine chose him (though grudgingly) as the world´s most influential political leader.

      [quote]Obama also got the Nobel Peace Prize. How he got it ? [/quote]

      Why cant he get it, when it has been awarded to other peace loving leaders like Shimon Perez, Menachem Begin, etc:-?;-):D;-)

    • Lula

      When it comes to stealing from those that have little, it’s the greedy little monkeys of Brazil that can give the lessons. I’ve seen more Ferrari sports cars and stupid brainless cunt women with LV purses here in this 3rd world shithole than any 1st world country. Brazil is a complete hypocrisy.
      Ordem & Progresso? or Orkut & Churrasco?

    • ch.c.

      Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva thanked, the United Nations for the two prizes awarded for his leadership in fighting hunger and poverty
      So Greaaaaat !
      Obama also got the Nobel Peace Prize. How he got it ?

      Simple :
      He increased the war budget spending for Iraq & Afghanistan,
      And tripled the number of soldiers in Afghanistan and increased those for Iraq !
      What a well deserved Prize !

      Ohhhh and locally of course, in the USA, there are 73 millions americans, or 24 % of the population STRUGGLING !!!
      But Obama doesnt care at all, despite he pretends otherwise.

      Simple demonstration of what these Prizes & Medals are worth.

    • Simpleton

      Careful Lucinda
      I wouldn’t want you to be targeted for erradication. It’s probably okay to suggestively insinuate the Rich Blue Eyed Boys are the likely candidates for the most benefits but just be careful about it ok?

      To say something positive you might consider some of the rich deep dark chocolate mulatas with those very same rich blue eyes (that they inherited due to the make up of the very isolated area’s they and their families of generations past lived and thrived in). Those I have encountered have got to be some of the most outrageously gorgeous and strikingly entriguing people you will find the world over. A product of the pioneers and masters of yore we can still be proud of.

    • Simpleton

      I want to believe
      Lula is actually a member of that other group of world leaders – not the ones which “are not committed with the people living in less fortunate conditions”?

    • Luigi

      A Brazilian president and African’s handing out awards for work on hunger and poverty. Kind of like an award to Bolivia for reduced cocaine production. Comedy. Tomorrow, when someone rings my doorbell asking for food, I’ll remind them how great Lula is.

    • Lucinda

      My sentiments exactly!
      My sentiments exactly Mr Lloyd Cata!

      The problem with Lula’s “socialism” is that eventually they run out of other peoples wealth to redistribute.

      The natural riches of the Amazon will be stolen and redistributed to Lula’s friends and cronies.Rich blue eyed boys I wonder?

      The common word for this would be theft!

    • jo-ny

      Sir Lloyd Catamerda
      The quintessential and delusional self-righteous gringo whanabe Sir Catamerda has spoken !!! But nobody lessoned because you are an idiot!

    • Lloyd Cata

      [b]He called for the “socialization” of water resources[/b]

      …and so President Lula finally reveals his agenda to ‘nationalize’ the resources of the Indigenous Peoples.

      The question is why is he unwilling to ‘share’ the wealth with the ‘original’ inhabitants instead of exploiting ‘their property’ and their inheritance, vilifying, and murdering their leaders.

      Murder was a large problem historically in Brazil, but murdering the truth has reached new heights with Lula’s agenda for the Amazon.

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