Lula Can Campaign for His Pick for President But Only After Working Hours

    Lula talks to Dilma

    Lula talks to DilmaThe president of  Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, was authorized to participate in the campaign of the ruling coalition presidential candidate Dilma Rousseff, but after working hours and with all expenses billed to the Workers Party.

    That was the recommendation from Luiz Inácio Adams, Brazil’s Solicitor General, who this week released the electoral code of conduct and procedure for civil servants ahead of next October’s 3 presidential elections.

    Lula’s cabinet chief Rousseff and the incumbent candidate must leave office by March 31. Similarly as of next June, Rousseff must distance herself completely from all government acts organized by the Lula  administration.

    However Adams said that Rousseff can participate as “any ordinary citizen” of all government acts, next to president Lula, a situation which was exposed by opposition political leaders.

    And specifically referring to Lula, “if the president must travel to a campaign rally, the trip must be paid by the party; furthermore Lula can take advantage of his rest periods to participate in the campaign”, said Adams, although it’s not very clear when a head of state takes a rest and falls back to his private citizen agenda.

    Adams also warned cabinet ministers, heads of government companies and other members of the civil service that they are banned from participating in the electoral campaign from computers, laptops or cellular phones belonging to the Brazilian state.



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