David Goldman’s Perseverance Wins Over Brazilian Family’s Money and Connections

    Stepfather and Sean Goldman

    Stepfather and Sean GoldmanAfter five long years since his then-wife Bruna Bianchi left Newark airport for a supposed two-week vacation, David Goldman has finally recovered his son Sean, who had been unlawfully kept in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by his Brazilian relatives.

    This last week was like a legal roller coaster, with different judges giving conflicting rulings until Supreme Court president Gilmar Mendes finally restored the father’s right to have his son with him last Tuesday evening.

    Over the last two days, the reaction has been mixed. While those who believed Sean belonged with his father (myself included), those who disagreed – including the Brazilian grandmother, Silvana Bianchi – accused the Supreme Court president of “selling Sean out” in order to avoid economical sanctions against Brazil.

    Many in the country – mostly biased influence of the powerful Globo TV, who initially sided with the Bianchi family – made the entire thing a national issue, as if the ‘imperialist’ United States were forcing Brazil’s hand in turning the boy to his rightful parent. Even today’s edition of Jornal Hoje kept a sympathetic tone to the Bianchis in spite of the letter of the law.

    Of course, this story is not over yet. Father and son will have to go through a long process of healing and re-adaptation. In addition, Goldman still faces court battles in New Jersey, since the Brazilian family (who has a house there) has vowed to fight for their alleged visitation rights – and aware of how they play the game, make sure that they will try to make David look like an unfit parent.

    In the end, I believe that this is a lesson in perseverance. David Goldman bravely fought for half a decade, and never gave up in spite of all the power, money and political connections that the Brazilian family had there.

    Throughout most of his campaign to recover his child, David had only the letter of the law by his side and the support of those who had heard of the case mostly by word of mouth.

    Only recently did people like NJ congressman Chris Smith (who traveled with Goldman last week), Secretary Clinton and President Obama get behind him.

    For most of it, he was pretty much on his own. He fought the good fight, and now he will spend the Holidays with his son by his side

    Ernest Barteldes is a freelance writer based on Staten Island, New York. He can be reached at ebarteldes@yahoo.com.


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    • Ernest Barteldes

      on the comments
      Of course I will keep following this case… stay posted

    • Jim

      There is a special place reserved in hell for this brazilian family, the daughter is there already

    • Johnny Bravo

      Brazilian Law
      Hey all you Brazilian Che-wannabe’s that post here daily. Kiss some American ass tonight. Your joke of a government can’t hang with the Big Dogs.
      Merry Christmas. Now wash my car.

    • Natalya Barbosa

      James from Philly
      First off, there are several ongoing Hague cases in the U.S., and they will be resolved as the courts see fit. No, they u.S. government does not immediately send the kids back to where they came from.

      Second, this is the 4th time the courts have ruled in Goldman’s favor. If you have been following this case form the beginning, you know that no court in Brazil has ruled in favor of the Bianchi or Silva family. Only one corrupt judge allowed their appeals to be heard, which were subsequently denied each time.

      Brazil’s court system is new? Hmmm . . . . that’s interesting. What have they been using for a court system since the country was founded?

      Anyway, it’s good you have changed your tone from the vulgar name calling and hatred you were spewing yesterday. It was great to watch Sean get on the plane with his dad today, and I hope things go well for them right off.

      Merry Christmas to all.

    • João da Silva

      [quote]In addition, Goldman still faces court battles in New Jersey, since the Brazilian family (who has a house there) has vowed to fight for their alleged visitation rights -[/quote]

      It would be interesting to know if Mr.Goldman is still living in that house that belongs to SeanÀ‚´s grandparents or has moved away. Will Sean be staying in his grandparentsÀ‚´s property in the U.S.?

      I request Mr.Barteldes to write a follow-up story on Sean and keep us informed of how the kid is faring in his country of birth after his 5 years forced stay in Brazil .

    • James from Philly

      A Father’s Love
      Perseverance and David’s love for his son finally paid off . I have followed this story since the abduction and never lost faith in David’s belief that his son would be returned.
      Yes, the privledged get special treatment and are sometimes above the law. This is clearly the case in Brasil. To have money in Brasil gives you a belief you are entitled to anything you want.
      I have to assume that most Brasilians believed Sean belonged with his father. Doing the right thing isnt a new concept in Brasil or anywhere else in the world. What really makes me angry
      is the Brasilian families belief that Sean was better off with his step father than his own flesh and blood. How could they do that to such a decent man? I dont know David personally but from all I read
      and see on television he has handled himself with grace, dignity and class.

      I realize our American system of Justice isnt perfect but I have to believe that if the situation was reversed, the son would have been immediately returned to the parent. I also realize the Brasilian System of Justice
      is relatively new. I hope they have learned from this experience and will grow in the process. It’s very sad that in the end, political pressure was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
      I would hope in the future Brasil will step up to the plate and become as influential in the world as we all it can be..

      I can only imagine how satisfied and relieved David must now be after enduring this 5 year long battle.

      I wish David and Ssean and their friends and family much love, peace and joy .

      Happy Holiday’s and God Bless America,, Land That I love..

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