Goldman Calls “Cowardice” Brazil’s Decision to Keep His Son. He’s Called Bad Dad

    Sign made by Sean Goldman

    Sign made by Sean Goldman "It was cowardice. I have an immense affection for the boy." This was American David Goldman, in Rio, this Thursday, giving vent to his frustration, after being informed that he would not take his son back with him to the United States, five years after Sean, 9, was kidnapped by his own mother to Brazil.

    Goldman had just heard that the minister Marco Aurélio de Mello from the Supreme Court (STF) had ruled in favor of a preliminary injunction to keep the child in Brazil after a Federal Court from Rio had decided on Wednesday that Sean should be taken to his father in 48 hours.

    Goldman commented that this will be his 5th Christmas without his son, adding: "I'm extremely worn out, but I still have hope."

    Earlier in the day, just arrived from New Jersey where he lives, he was in good spirits: "I hope to leave with my son."

    He had been received at the airport by officials of the U.S. Consulate in Rio and was escorted by two police cars to the Marriott Hotel in Copacabana Beach.

    Orla Blum, a spokesperson for the US Embassy in Brazil, also lamented the Justice's ruling. She said the State Department was disappointed with the decision and inforrmed that the Embassy would assist Goldman and would contact Brazilian officials to see what could be done.

    Silvana Bianchi, the maternal grandmother of Sean – she was the one who filed the preventive injunction to keep her gandson in Brazil -  praised the minister's decision. Bianchi has denied that the child suffered "psychological torture" as argued by Goldman and said that he can visit his son whenever he wishes.

    "Today I felt proud to be Brazilian," the woman said, "to see the Constitution of our country respected. To know that a child in Brazil will be heard," she stated in an interview with Reuters.

    Earlier in the day, lawyers for the Brazilian family presented a sign they said had been made by Sean, addressed to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, with the following sentence: "I want to stay in Brazil forever."

    Sérgio Tostes, the lawyer defending the stepfather of Sean, Paulo Lins e Silva, told reporters that the boy should remain in Brazil at least until February 2010, when it will be decided if he will be heard by the Court, as the filed injunction requested.

    "The Hague Convention is clear: whenever a child refuses to return, her will should be taken into consideration," Tostes said. "The court's decision today is that the boy should remain with the family until all appeals are brought to justice."

    The lawyer said that before the Supreme assess whether the child will be heard by the Court or not, he will file an appeal against the decision of Rio's Federal Court.

    Tostes denied that the Brazilian family tries to prevent Goldman from seeing his son. He just needs to set a time, stated the lawyer. For him, the father is the one who creates difficulties when visiting the son accompanied by U.S. Congressmen and US consulate's representatives "He doesn't show up because he doesn't want to. He's a negligent father," Tostes commented. "He shows up much more often on TV than to see his son."


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    • JS

      I cannot help recall the small boy, sole survivor of boat refugees (including his mother) from Cuba who made it to Florida where he had relatives. I vividly recall the plight of his father who lived in Cuba and wanted his son returned to him. The US did the right thing and returned the boy to his father. This is a black and white issue, the child belongs with its parent anywhere and anytime. Brazil sounds like a “scary” place to me. Makes me uneasy.

    • travelr

      The boy will return home . . .
      Finally someone in Brazil has a little sense. Where did that come from? Brazil will put their own nuts in a vise if they insist on detaining this boy. No one in Brazil has any right by any legal entity anywhere in the world to keep this boy in Brazil. And the U.N. will be the final judge of that as Brazil is signatory to the Hague convention.

      That’s all there is to it. And you nationalists and bigots can bawl about it all you want. This is not a matter of national sovereignty, it is a matter of human rights.

    • Juan

      [quote]I’ll never go to Brazil now, wanted to before but will now “BOYCOTT BRAZIL”[/quote]

      You will never go to Brazil ? What a loss for all Brazilians 😥 😥 😥

    • Forrest Allen Brown

      Nicholas (usa_male),
      and what makes you think he does not have a brasilian card he is the father of a child with a brasilian woman !!

      his son has dual citisenship he should at least have a card .

      as long as the brasilians can make a buck off someone they will the day he starts causting them money
      they will dump him

    • Nicholas usa_male

      The state dept shouldn’t get involved?

      No, they shouldn’t. They should concentrate on more important issues like Afganistan and Iran. Let mr. Goldman fix his own problem. I’m sure he can handle that.
      second, neither we also always care about international law, so please, spare me the nonsense of Bashing another nation you have never been, again it makes us look like fools. second, stop pretending as if you deeply care about Mr Goldman and as if that keeps you awake. We all know it doesn’t. You’re just bored and like blabber nonsense as usual. Third, yes I know it all and you know shit. Travel more and then we talk. Merry Christmas to you, idiot.

    • fried chc

      Is Heather in Heat?
      Your problem is called À¢€œsausageÀ¢€Â À¢€¦. I mean, a thick veiny one would take all your frustrations away in no time.

      Dear HeatherÀ¢€¦. A Penny For Your Thoughts and $20 To Act It Out!

      F.U.C.K. you & your KarmaÀ¢€¦


      PS: The more I read the arrogant amercan opinions, the more I am inclined to wish that Sean remains home, In Brazil, and with his family.

    • travelr

      The state dept shouldn’t get involved?
      Tell me Mr. know it all Brazilian usa_male, what exactly is the duty of the state dept. in your estimation? This boy was kidnapped illegally by the laws of Brazil and the U.S., and against The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was signed and agreed to by Brazil. It’s as simple as that. The Brazil courts have played with this child’s life and used him as a pawn in a power game with the U.S. government and his father. The boy was born in the U.S., and lived there with his family until his mother lied to the father, took the boy to Brazil with the intention of marrying another man there and keeping the boy away from his father. Totally illegal and unethical. Brazil once again shows it has no regard for international law or the rights of the father. The maternal grandparents and the step father have no legal right to keep this child under Brazilian law, or international law. Those are the facts. Yet Brazil’s government will yell, scream, and sue other nations every time they feel they have been slighted by anyone in any way. You can’t have it both ways. This is why there is no international respect for Brazil’s govt and there won’t be until they prove they can comply with their own laws. Not to mention international law.

    • Nicholas usa_male

      yawning. I find it hillarious that suddenly some americans here are crying or “praying” out loud for Mr. Goldman. Majority of us don’t even know the whole truth about this case nor know about Mr. Goldman. I personally agree that the son should be taken care by the father, but if the boy doesn’t want, he has the right to stay in Brazil with his family and important, his sister. Besides, He’s Brazilian,but born in the US. While in Brazil, he must be defended within Brazilian law, and we americans must respect that, it’s that simple. That is another problem of dual citizenship, an in my opinion, the US should scrap to avoid this kind of problem. We all remember Elian Gonzalez here in Miami. I agreed that he had to be with his father, but his family here in Miami made a strong case that it was his mother’s wish to let him stay here. What did Jannet Reno decided to do ? They took him away with guns in his face. Now that was disgraceful. To be fair, americans who complains without ever been to Brazil that it’s a scary place, should concentrate first on it’s own mess in the country before judging. Those americans only make us look like buffoons..ugh.
      The State department shouldn’t and cannot get involved in this case, because they have no power to interfere in the Brazilian justice system and for another reason, they have other bigger issues to deal with. It’s Mr. Goldman’s problem and he can solve it himself. So not, to bad for him. He can always visit his son. I feel bad for him, but at the other side he shouldn’t make of this a big show.

      Forrest Allen Brown European Idiot, Mr. Goldman doesn’t have the Brazilian residence. He’s entering Brazil on a Visa, and if the Brazilian Government want to play silly games with human lifes, they would simply deny him a visa to enter Brazil. So do me a favor, stop talking bull crap, because you only make Americans look like fools, while you don’t have that right.

    • Heather

      The STEP-father is facing KARMA KARMA KARMA,HAHAHAHA!
      did he not see that with the mother who KIDNAPPED the boy…remember what happened to her…

      Watch out, KARMA is coming to get you too!

      I’ll never go to Brazil now, wanted to before but will now “BOYCOTT BRAZIL”

    • Andrade

      [quote]If Mr. Goldman were to be found in Brazil without a prominent escort, having previously announced his schedule, he would be eliminated.[/quote]

      Is Mr.Goldstein some kind of celebrity in Brazil, to announce his “schedule”? If he walks on Copacabana beach, nobody would give a shit about him. If Silva wanted to eliminate him he would have done it a long time ago. Goldstein should join Zelaya and make a comedy show. What a bunch of “PavÀƒµes”. 😀 😉

    • Andrade

      [quote]Brazil sounds like a “scary” place to me. Makes me uneasy. [/quote]

      Yeah, Brazil is one hell of a scary place. Too many Injans out to get ya. You better stay in your own “CÀƒº do Mundo”.

    • fried chc



    • travelr

      This is why Brazil is internationally disrespected as a legitimate democracy . . . the only justice is that which is paid for !
      Tostes denied that the Brazilian family tries to prevent Goldman from seeing his son. He just needs to set a time, stated the lawyer. For him, the father is the one creates difficulties when visiting the son accompanied by U.S. Congressmen and US consulate’s representatives “He doesn’t show up because he doesn’t want to. He’s a negligent father,” Tostes commented. “He shows up much more often on TV than to see his son.”

      If Mr. Goldman were to be found in Brazil without a prominent escort, having previously announced his schedule, he would be eliminated. This is the Brazilian way.

      Everyone, absolutely everyone, will pay for their deeds in the long term. Forever. Kidnappers and accomplices included.

    • ace kilborn, special forces

      First Bruna, then Guta
      Ask not for whom the bell tolls Silvana, it tolls for thee.

    • Forrest Allen Brown

      Playing a game with a human life
      Quit playing there game
      Quit spending money in court
      Quit paying money to a brazilian laywer

      hire the right people to take your son back from them
      bring him to the US and then make them come here to prove they have rights
      then have them put in jail for kidnaping

      Tell the US department of state you want there visa taken away from them as the are chriminals
      Have his laywer and the so called step father removed from the US embassy list of laywers they hand out

      as it is a civil matter the US government has no real power to stop them doing any thing they want to you or your child
      you will soon be fined for any remarks you make about brazil and its injustic system , they will remove your residence card and then ban you from comming to brazil .

      Just quit playing the game there way
      they change the rules it is time you made new ones

    • anonymous

      Brazilian “justice”
      Give the father his child. If this happened in reverse to a Brazilian in the US, everyone would be wildly demonstrating at the US embassy. A child this small is easily manipulated to say all kinds of things, so I am not surprised that they would brainwash him against his father. But this is his father: end of story.
      The Brazilian “justice” system is totally screwy, always ready to railroad an American to please the rabid anti-American jingoistic Brazilian idiots so common in this country.

      I pray for this father and his family and anyone subjected to this “justice” system.

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