Playboy Wants Brazilian Student Geisy on the Cover Without Her Famous Red Miniskirt

    Geisy Arruda

    Geisy Arruda With skimpy clothes this Brazilian college girl became an international sensation, naked she can make lots of money and grace the cover of Playboy. Playboy Brazil is interested in having 20 year Geisy Arruda as girl of the month.

    After being harassed by fellow students she was expelled from Uniban, the private university where she is studying tourism, accused of wearing a dress that was too short and sporting a provocative attitude.  She had to be later readmitted.

    Playboy Editor Edson Aran said that the young lady complies with the requisites to be front page of the magazine. "To have your photos in Playboy," Aran explained to daily Folha de S. Paulo, "a woman not only has to be beautiful but have notoriety, which is the case of Geisy."

    Two weeks ago Geisy was asked if she would pose naked. At the time the blonde girl said that this was something she would not do, reasoning, "I don't have anything against it, but I think I would not do a photo essay. This a matter of personal choice."

    She left clear, however, that she was not shutting down definitively the door on such a possibility. There might be mitigating circumstances she admitted: "Since I'm unemployed this might help. If I really need it, I will not be an hypocrite and say no."

    Arruda who made world headlines since she was harassed, insulted and threatened by a mob of male and female students, who repeatedly called her whore apparently said no to Playboy's first offer. Another men's magazine is also after her, it's Sexy. She might be only trying to get a better deal, according to some.

    Edson Aran, confirms the interest in the youngster, but says nothing has happened yet. Says he, "Yes we are interested, but we haven't started to negotiate."

    There is also news that Playboy has been sought by the student's agent. On this side the expectation is that negotiations will start this coming week. This should give Playboy time enough to have Geisy between its sheets as early as in the December issue.

    This scenario is so common place in Brazil. A woman becomes a celebrity for any reason and next thing you know she is exposing all she has in the pages of the naked woman magazine. The payment is generally generous allowing the chosen one to buy a good house or apartment.

    Arruda was taken back by college one day after the university announced through ads in the press that it had expelled a student because of the indecent exposure of the miniskirt she was wearing.

    The expulsion caused national commotion in Brazil involving local, state and federal government offices, like the Education Ministry and even members of Congress who condemned the school and wanted to take actions against the private institution.

    The announcement that tourism student Geisy Arruda, 20, could return to school was made by Uniban (Bandeirante University) late Monday, November 9, after Arruda's lawyer, Nehemias Domingos de Melo, told the press he was suing the school so it would allow his client back before the final exams started.

    In a note Uniban informed that the school's dean had overturned the decision made by the university's board: "The dean of Bandeirante University – Uniban Brazil," said the communiqué, "according to Article 17, subsection IX and XI, of its Internal Statute overturns the decision of the Academic Board (CONSU) taken November 6, concerning the October 22 episode, in its campus in São Bernardo do Camp. This way, the president will give a better course to the decision."

    It all started October 22, when the girl was harassed by hundreds of her colleagues on campus for wearing a skimpy skirt and allegedly having "provocative attitudes". Threatened with violence and even rape she only was able to leave the school escorted by the Military Police, after a friend of hers called the Brazilian 911. Scenes of what happened were registered in cell phones and posted on YouTube.

    In ads published Sunday in the main Sao Paulo newspapers, Uniban announced that it had opened an enquiry to investigate Arruda's story and had concluded that she was guilty of disrespecting the university's ethical principles as well as the "academic dignity and morality."

    The defense raised doubts the enquiry was balanced and complained that it wasn't shown the testimonies of those who testified against the student. Uniban interviewed the young woman for about five hours on Thursday.

    Arruda says that she had to answer the same questions several times and that they ended distorting her words in the paid note published in the press announcing her expulsion. Moreover she claims that she never received a communication about her ousting and was made aware of it through the press.


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    • usa

      don,t send her here
      playboy???,,,come on now,, playboy in brazil maybe ,,, its doubtfull that playboy usa would have a short stout fat arse with small tips… and a really bad cheap fake blond hair… besides if she ever got to the u.s on a tourist visas then there is a strong likely hood she would join her fellow brazilian nationals in the u.s. as illegal aliens…..

    • wanda yancey

      Brasil tem muito mais o que mostrar que fazer publicaÀƒ§Àƒ£o de uma jovem que por nao ter inteligencia nem moral, se vale do corpo feio e gordo pra se promover. Bem fizeram os estudantes de expulsarem ela da faculdade.
      A gente que mora fora do paÀƒ­s admira quando muitos jovens se rebelam contra a falta de pudor enquanto alguns se deleitam da ousadia dessa coitada gorda, feia e pelada. 🙁

    • João da Silva

      [quote]All that can be said is WOW…[/quote]

      Add “Deviation from the main issues at hand” to your WOW. I bet you dig it. 😀

    • dnbaiacu

      All that can be said is WOW…
      The right place, right time,, right issue.. (depending on your perception ;-))

      I bet those kids feel S T U P I D. And WISH they were her. Most of them aren’t “virgins” anyway . So all the self-righteous condemnation was out of hand.

      Look at her now! 😮

    • Tordilho Negro

      a mÀƒ¡scara caiu
      I knew that bimbo would end up posing nude…….as the days go by the Brazilian subculture makes me even more sick…….they meant to turn her into an angel with a halo…….they’re so naive…..the students harrassed her…..but thanks to them she’ll make lots of money…….

    • asp

      i hope she goes ahead and poses and makes a lot of money
      i mean really…she should be able to do what ever she wants…i have no judgement against girls who decide to make money posing nude or wearing sexy clothing…life is one hell and there is little oportunity or help out there…for women who can find a way to make money posing nude, is say go ahead if that is what you want to do

      this is a big deal about nothing….what is ridiculas is the behavior of the students who harrassed her…they need to get a life

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