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Miniskirt in Brazil School Results in Riot, Expulsion and Federal Action

Geisy Arruda When 20-year-old Brazilian tourism student Geisy Arruda appeared in college wearing a bright-pink miniskirt and heavy make-up on, she probably could not have imagined what she was about to encounter: A group of 700 enraged students ready to insult her and even attack her.

The incident occurred on October 22, and it involved 700 students from well-known Uniban (Universidade Bandeirantes – Bandeirantes University) in São Bernardo do Campo, Great-Metropolitan Area of São Paulo, and one of the wealthiest municipalities in the state.

As Geisy Arruda walked up the ramps around the atrium of the University, a few male students were already waiting impatiently. Some of them immediately rushed out to the classrooms calling out other classmates in order to watch the scene. Soon after about 200 students amongst males and females students were gathering outside to take a glimpse at Geisy.

At about 8:30 pm, when Geisy Arruda decided to go to the washroom along with her classmate Kelly Andrezzi, 19, a group of 20 girls invaded the place in an attempt to attack Geisy and force her to put some pants on and hide her legs.

"I was very afraid of what could happen, but I could not have imagined what was about to come, students were cursing Geisy, calling her ugly names and accusing her of drawing too much attention, even threatening to beat her up," commented Kelly, Geisy's friend.

Noticing the turmoil around the female's washroom, male students scrambled for the place trying to force their way in. "We had to slap, clinch and fight with the boys, who were trying to go into the bathroom, and trying to put cell phones between Geisy's legs," says female student Amanda de Souza Augusto, 19, another Tourism classmate. "It was an aggression, an injustice against her", protested Amanda.

Dr. Rubens, Managing development Professor at Universidade Bandeirantes, went into Geisy's rescue, but had to lock her up inside another room, as the rage increased and he feared more attacks. He begged Geisy to put on a teacher's gown, so she could leave the premises in peace. At that point 700 students were already packed up and lined up outside the classroom, spread all over the university ramps, screaming: "Let her out Professor, we want to rape her".

Groups of students climbed up the walls, trying to break the small upper windows, in order to peep at the girl. Some threatened to break into the room. Three University securities were able to kick the door open to find Geisy crying.

According to Folha de São Paulo, they were unable to provide any security, while one of them even said: "That's nice, how dare you come to class dressed this way." Afraid of the rape threats and abuse, a classroom Monitor prevented the security guards from escorting Geisy out as the crowd was unruly.

The same monitor managed to call 190 (local 911) and the police were finally able to calm drown the crowd with the help of pepper spray. "You are going to see the gostosona (slang for sexually attractive person) your officer," screamed one of the male students.

Accompanied by the police, Geisy left the room in tears, while students continue to chant: "Puta" (Whore)." Some students took pictures and videos like this were posted on You Tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut3H5LTg4y8

Universidade Bandeirantes had promised to investigate the issue and punish everyone involved, but their decision this Sunday November 8, shocked everyone. The university simply decided to expel Geisy Arruda through a public note published as an ad in São Paulo daily newspapers.

The note headlined "Educational Responsibility – Education is made with attitude not complacency" says that the University had made an enquiry and concluded that the student is known to frequently attend classes in inappropriate clothes, which is not compatible with an academic environment. The document also stresses that the student should have made an effort to stop the tumult by putting on appropriate clothing when it was requested. The university concluded that Geisy was responsible for acting provocatively, "which resulted in a collective reaction in defense of the school environment."

The note also states that some of the students involved were suspended, while affirming the university was also in shock for the position of the press in defense of the student. It also accuses the student of having ties with a lawyer and a TV station.

According to Folha Online, Universidade Bandeirantes' lawyer, Josias de Souza, Geisy is responsible for what happened on October 22. "She always liked to provoke boys, the problem was not with her clothes, but the way she acts, talks, crosses her legs, and walks."

According to Portal Bibliotecário – a website specialized in providing numbers and statistics on Brazilian Universities – Universidade Bandeirantes is the fourth biggest university in number of students in the southeastern region of Brazil, and is the number three school in the state of São Paulo.

In 2009, the MEC, Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture, has listed Universidade Bandeirantes as one of the worst universities in the country on a list that includes 500 institutions.

In a research released June 17, 2009, by the FIPE (Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas – Economic Research Institute Foundation), 99,3% of students interviewed admitted having some type of prejudice. The research did not include private school or universities, only public institutions.

In a interview with Daily TV show Hoje Em Dia (Nowadays), psychologist Ana Fraiman stated that the University is also responsible for the intolerance in Geisy's case:

"How is it possible that university employees could even have suggested that Geisy should just get out the room and simply go take a bus outside. What we saw here was a case of mass hysteria, a false moralism. This situation simply dragged the students into it because this fact was probably more interesting than the classes they were taking".

Now, Brazil's federal government has interfered in the matter. Minister Nilcéa Freire from the Special Secretariat of Policies for Women (SPM) said that she wants explanations from the school for ousting the youngster and also wants to know what the private university is doing to punish the students who attacked the woman.

Freire condemned the school for expelling the young lady and stated that the school's action shows "downright intolerance and discrimination."

"This is an absurdity," she commented. "The student went from victim to offender. If the university thinks it has to establish acceptable clothing standards it has to tell the students clearly what these standards are."

The Ministry of Education has also announced that it is opening a case against the school.

Edison Bernardo DeSouza is a journalist, having graduated in Social Communication Studies at Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo, Brazil . He lived in the US and Canada for close to 12 years and participated in volunteering activities in social works agencies. DeSouza currently lives in São Paulo where he teaches English as a Second Language for both private English Language Institute and Private High-School. He is currently participating as an actor in two English Musicals in São Paulo – Brazil and is pursuing further advancements in his career. He is particularly interested in economics, history, politics and human rights articles.


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  • Carleen

    Wake up Brazil!
    This incident is completely idiotic! It makes me more happy to be American, but feel bad for the oppressive, controlling attitudes that citizens of other countries must deal with. The students who heckled her should be ashamed of their closed-minded nonsensical actions. Those who joined in calling her names must be awfully insecure, pathetic individuals. Stop living like it’s 1942 and get a life! 🙁

  • asp

    i mean really, cat,where do you get off moralising on me or brazil?
    man, people like you come down to brazil or spend a little bit of time and you just cant handle the sensuality…they come on this forum and gripe about how all braziliand people do is fuck and rant about the morals….

    nothing could be further from the truth…yeah, the brutal poverty forces many women and children to sell their bodies …just like everywhere in the world…there was just an article in the new york times about how many thousands of underage girls run away from home and sell thier bodies and hook up with a pimp….in the usa…look at the back of the new york yellow pages in any hotel and see how many pages of escort services are there with oriental, latin and black and white and any color you want…

    brazilian women have just created an incredible atmosphere of senuality, that has nothing to do with fucking…but you and others , after your first vision of rio is the astonishing pros they do have there , mesmerising all your asses and how all you have to do is throw your room keys across the way and have your fantacy of a life time meet you there….

    but brazilian women are extremly demanding, and how do i know they arnt just a fuck fest any time any where? im watching my son go through trying to hook up…and sometimes its easy and sometimes its hard….like any fucking where else….

    me buy pussy in my life? i mean hell yes…i lived a very full life i wouldnt trade with anyone….but let me tell you, i buy pussy when i either just broke up with a woman, or got cheated on by a woman…oh yeah,then i will buy pussy and get my freak on…

    i love and respect women too much to just break up with a woman i have had a deep relationship and just look for a woman i only want to fuck and not get involved with. that is really unfair for her, unless she wants that too and some do…

    and i sure didnt start in brazil, how about chicago, the raperbaum in hamburg, new york, los angeles, yeah i had a few relationships that broke up so i had my moments of needing to consult a pro…like i said,i have lived life to the fullest

    so i dont need your moralising, and especialy about daughter shit…based on your relationship with your daughter you cant tell anyone what to do…i hug my son every day and tell him i love him….you need to give your daughter a hug

  • asp

    why you old wrinkled lifless clown….
    dont put your tired old washed out values on me

    it just doesnt work like that here in brazil….i guess you have been enjoying looking at burkhas too much

    speaking of daughters,i guess you cant say shit about that since you treat your daughter like shit…i would never ever in my life treat my daughter they way you have, you son of a bitch…you need to call her and tell her you love her, because you are one cold ass , bra,

    call your fucking daughter and tell her you love her, fuck head….

  • ch.c.

    Hmmmmm !
    “Universidade Bandeirantes – Bandeirantes University) in SÀƒ£o Bernardo do Campo, Great-Metropolitan Area of SÀƒ£o Paulo, and one of the wealthiest municipalities in the state.”

    and later ” Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture, has listed Universidade Bandeirantes as one of the worst universities in the country on a list that includes 500 institutions.”

    No doubt nearly 100 % of these students get their University Licence….in detergents packs !
    Because they do get their LICENCE !

    As to ASP “the freedom for the women to wear what they want…to dress to provoke if they want…why not?”
    SURE !
    Therefore to ASP and Adriana why dont you allow your daughters to go nude, with a garter belt….IF THEY WANT – WHY NOT (as you stated)

    And guess what both of you would say if your daughters would be raped ?

    RIGHT ?

    NO DOUBT !

    Afterall it would be HER CHOICE……AND WITH YOUR BLESSINGS ! Even if she would be aged…..12 !

    RIGHT ?


    Feel free to be happy….MOTHER ADRIANA A…..just as long as it doesnt happen to YOU or YOUR DAUGHTER OR NIECE ! OR YOUR MOM….eventually !

    Ohhhh and why dont you read the article top the left column with the headline “Epidemic of Lolitas in Brazil. Girls as Young as 10 Led into Prostitution.”

    Thus his reasons for being in Brazil is quite clear, simply not totally disclosed.
    AND guess who could be the mother of one of these Lolitas ?
    Wellll….ADRIANA A.

    Hmmmmmm !


  • ……

    What a lucky girl
    This girl is very lucky she did that in a college in Brazil because if she was in an American college she would have been shot as we all know that it doesn’t take much for Americans students to start shooting each other.

  • dnbaiacu

    Will Some P L E A S E answer “huhs’ question
    LOLOLOLOL 😀 😀 :

    [quote]What the heck is going on? [/quote]

    I’m waiting for this one myself

    dnb, i say its either raunch or repression in the states.[/quote

    Yea Asp.. “raunchy” is a little more like it. 😉 It’s just more behind closed doors by means of the weather and laws.

  • huh

    Will SOMONE (preferrably a brazillian) please explain this to me? I don’t get it!

    At ‘Carnivale’, the ammount of bare breasts is enough to make you reach for the heart medicine, and on the beaches, ‘Colgate’ dental floss is the #1 brand of swimwear. Yet here we have a bunch of puritatical thugs, harrasing this girl and threatening her with sexual violence for far less than what I can only describe as mild brazillian behaviour. Do the Taliban control all of Brazil except for a few blocks in Rio? What the heck is going on?

  • ……

    [quote]The Natiotial Student Union is protesting, and the Ministry of Education is expecting some explanation for her banishment. Overall reaction in Brazil is outrage.[/quote]

    Entire Brazilian nation is expecting the President to go on the national TV networks to assure all the students that this is just an isolated incident and remind them that it is their constitutional right to attend the classes stark naked.

  • Tchelo

    Geisy case
    Uniban clames Geisy deliberatly pulled her skirt slightly up while going up the stairs to show off her underware to male students in campus. She also took pictures with people who gathered around her while on her way to class. The University’s legal adviser said she was banned for inapropriet behaviour. Seven other students where suspended for a week for starting the riot.

    The Natiotial Student Union is protesting, and the Ministry of Education is expecting some explanation for her banishment. Overall reaction in Brazil is outrage.

  • Adriana A.

    asp, Bravo!
    It is nice to share the world with you!

  • asp

    you mean “raunchy”, dnb?….and my man “old bones , joao…”
    main man “old bones”…on this one i have to agree to disagree with you. i do know of teachers getting beat up and beleive me , my son going through public school most of his life gave me plenty of insights into that kind of stuff….

    i just think its a differant subject. yes, i think sensuality should be in the class room as much as any where…the freedom for the women to wear what they want…to dress to provoke if they want…why not? if anything its going to give male students more reason to show up for class….violence and fault of disciplinein the classroom is a whole other can of worms….i think this is too much hypocracy

    the girls who were super sensual at the school i went to marked me…they were some of the bright lights in years of doldrum boredom for nothing….

    i beleive very much in sensuality espcialy female sensuality, and the up lifting power if it doesnt turn into raunch or vulgar…

    long live sensuality in brazil, it is one of the very special things in a dog eat dog planet, filled with people who want to mandate what you are suposed to do or not do…let it roll in the classroom, the tv, the beach, the street, the church, the courtroom …every where…

    this aint des moines iowa……….thank god

    dnb, i say its either raunch or repression in the states. like i said on another thread, brazil doesnt have sex any more than anywhere. you want a lot of sex? go to chicago, those women will hook up hard, they have to because of such cold winters, they want to have a warm bed at night…but studying inner cheek female symatry? you have to pay for it…

    god bless and long live female sensuality in brazil…it is so pure and precious

  • dnbaiacu

    The US is NOT repressed..
    Just more obese. And less areas with tropical climates.
    Botom line. There are more beautiful bodies and tones in Brazil due to its mixture. And it is only a “sensual capital” because it is AFFORDABLE to foriegners exploitation. It takes MONEY to satisfy to satisfy your lusts in the US. The the US is just as freaky.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]what? too much carbon monoxide and cement for sao pualo students?[/quote]

    Excuse me, ASP. I think there is more to it than what Edison has reported and hope he will go deeper into this issue in his customary fashion. I am amazed at the reaction of MEC, UNE, etc; trying to defend the poor “child”. May I remind you about the other “child” in Zurich who cooked up a story about Neo Nazis attacking her? While I agree with you that our women folks are unquestionably sensual , there is a place and time to demonstrate it ( :D) and a college is not the right place to do it. It is applicable to both female students and teachers. I am talking about in-class discipline that is breaking apart all over our country. In case you haven’t read, there have been several incidents in your own city where the teachers have been beaten up by students.

    BTW, I think the American women have their own way of demonstrating their “sensuality”, though their Canuck counterparts from Montreal are closer to ours. Take it from a person with “old bones”. 😀 😉

  • jon

    ..and to think Sao Paulo prides itself as a global fashion capital….perhaps the evangelicals have invaded the university 😮 😮

  • asp

    read carefuly,i said “sensualy repressed state of mind”
    if you think america is advanced in sensuality, you dont have it correctly by any means

    america is either represion or raunch

    if you look on it as a parade of tits and ass,i look at it as a blessing that the brazilian women is proud of her body and feels sensual to go to the beach in a small bikini

    i thank god every day i can apreciete this sensuality because it is absent from american way of life

    repressive church values and over zeolous womens libbers have made it a sunsual hell in the usa.im glad for the womens libber rights but they fucked up natural sensual enjoyment by making men and women uptight if they want to be dressed in rervealing bikinis. and repressed american males always cant handle it when sensual women are around, they always erupt in violence

  • Zico

    Repressed State of Mind?
    America is a repressed state of mind? I think what you’re wrongly describing is decency, class, and self respect. Although I do appreciate living in Brazil where I get a daily parade of overly exposed tits and ass.

  • asp

    what? too much carbon monoxide and cement for sao pualo students?
    what hypocracy

    sensuality is one of brazil’s strong points….you take that away and you might as well be in des moines iowa or hungary or iran

    i guess with out beach life and excess carbon monoxide , and lack of a decent sex life, sao paulo students just cant handle it

    shame on the authorities for expelling her , also

    man americans cant say shit, america is one sensualy repressed state of mind

  • seriously

    seriously? is this for real?
    If this actually happened last week, I’d say we still have a lot further to go as a society, before we can be considered civilized creatures. Individuals are okay, but people in a group just don’t know how to act toward each other.

    besides, she should know better than to dress like that if that’s what happens in Brasil. pshhh she wasn’t even that hot.
    i’ve seen sluttier outfits than that in high school. but then again, I’m American. I thought riots over this kind of stuff only happened in Saudi Arabia. But Brazillian people are crazy too. I can’t tell if this is a hoax, but I guess anything is possible in today’s world.

  • Adriana A.

    I am feeling much better now
    to see these people coming foward to Geisy’s side. Tolerance in Brasil is still alive, glad to know.

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