Leaflets and Condoms Against Sex Tourism in Brazil

    Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism is preparing an action plan to reinforce the efforts opposed to tourism involving child sex abuse during Carnaval. The idea is to engage various social segments in the cities that most receive visitors during this period: Rio, Recife, Salvador, Fortaleza, and Florianópolis.

    The measures are part of the National Plan to Deal with the Sexual and Commercial Exploitation of Adolescents and Children through Tourism. The Plan will be launched during the World Social Forum, this month in Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil.

    The coordinator of activities in the Ministry of Tourism, Sidney Alves Costa, informed that the Brazilian government will work in conjunction with professionals who operate in the tourism sector, such as employees of airline companies, hotels, bars, restaurants, street vendors, and taxi drivers.

    “We are working with organized segments of society, searching for ways to raise awareness in each sector, in each professional, regarding the importance of their cooperation and providing information as to the best ways for each of them to prevent this kind of exploitation.

    “This has nothing to do with tourism, because it represents a criminal activity and should be dealt with as such.” the coordinator informed.

    Costa underlined the importance of airline companies such as Gol, TAM, and Varig in the campaign. During their flights they are referring to the campaign, to alert passengers and demonstrate that Brazil is mobilized to combat sexual tourism,” he explained.

    According to Costa, foreign tourists, when they arrive in Brazil, recognize that the country is not part of the sexual tourism route and that the government and society are joined in an effort to combat this type of practice.

    “Foreign tourists are beginning to understand that Brazil is a country that opposes this type of practice and that the government is acting with rigor to combat this crime,” he added.

    Costa also said that pamphlets will be distributed, as well as condoms and bags with phrases combatting sexual exploitation.

    Translation: David Silberstein
    Agência Brasil


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    • Julia Jones

      Latex Condoms
      Let’s support Condoms.


    • Guest

      The expanding witch hunt
      No matter what the current government and it’s newly formed ‘ministry of tourism’ thinks, Brazil is making itself look so ugly with the incessent denouncing hysteria that has been put into place. Ugly placards and posters do not make a good impression. Brazil was always tacitly more permissive in it’s culture then the english speaking countries and their over repressive morality. There has been stalled legislation to lower the age to 16. If this should pass it would end at least 70% of the current witch hunting and profiting made by the ONG interlopers and other outside forces that are profitting from the current state of affairs. The majorty of so called sex tourists do not tend to venture under 15, which is an age where a great majority are already active. Lowering the age to 16 would simply put Brazil in the same line as most European countries. If it is ok to vote at 16 what is the problem with relations?

      One will not argue here the positive effects of various teenage adult friendships and relationships, certainly that would be too radical for the current state of affairs, but emperically this ugly campaign of hysteria in such a wonderful country has to over time erode it’s image. Anounymous denouncing as a matter of policy leads to a chill factor that makes a society unbearable. One can only hope that this campaign will subdue itself in due course. SA

    • Guest

      i gotta agger wid everyones points
      but listen up for a sec
      listen to me dee ready to tear it up and kick some facts and school u on my way of thinking .THUG LIIFE

      I beleive every child shoul be comunity understanding and be able to analyze socity wid a good mind.
      BUT that will only take u so far witout no mony.
      poverty is not a joke,if their was no mony and every body depended on the your morrel standerds and maners,i think every one would be a millionair,but its not like dat so every one is stone broke.most of deez kids from a young age dont have a good family structur,no fatherfigur.A mother cant calm kid down like a man can.AND on top of that no lights no electristy no food,the people of poorer class are no taught to deal wid the world they need somthing the can build for the childrens future.How can the leaders of your country talk about stoping this mess wen they cant see wots realy going on rite in front of them.most kids r living in hell,in the gutter
      they have got like 80 peaople stacked up in a broken up gethoe cramepet up like dogs,and by the time they leave your house your straped wid a gun just to protect your self.The same crimes wite people r scared of are the same crimes black people are scared of,but the difference is we live rite next door to killers and muderes.Wot is dat huh by the time u get out the homes police man is on the fucking case,asking questons handcuffs and all other bullshit.this country cant have a family like the rest of the country untill u clean up the mess u made,no one aint gonna do it for them dats the way they see.No ones gonna give it on a plate the only way your gonna get something is to fight and take it o other ways.Education is wot every kid needs and i mean every person education our passport to a better future,schools cant u build some fucking schools u dumb mudafucka.Am talking about real education a class on sex education PROPER SEX EDUCATION a class on teenage pregnency A class on police bruttality a class on why every person is still hungry.BUt u dnt wanna do that u would rather just focus on your football team
      dnt get me wrong i love sports but u gotta give them more than dat.So who r the kids of brazil looking uo to
      the dealers pimps etc etc.So before u give your bull shit speaches about tackling prostatution start cleaning up the mess u made the shit u droped on everyone,AM no saying am gonna change da world but if i keep talking about how carzy and dirty
      it is somebodywill
      its a cold world my truth to the youth is simple it aint no hope for the youth of today
      the truth is i think iit aint no hope for the future
      but my message i stess is to the women of brazil,africa,india worldwide berewittness because we r under attack
      do wot ever it takes to risk the temptation
      stay strong
      keep learning growing
      and remember the words i say
      keep ya heead up beacause things allways get better
      to my brothers in brazil and worldwide going through theat day to day struggle
      check your strenth…we got stenth in numbers th strong niggaz the big niggaz the poor niggaz the wise niggaz
      unite its more of us then dem i wih i could go on for ever
      keep your eyes on the prize
      stop tryna rule and invent over things and just follow the rules and i think my brothers will be fine
      see u if there a heven for a g

    • Guest

      Am kenny from Nigeria the purpose of this short not is that i love
      sex so moch den i want to be one of it but want your help . so that i can
      come over there.
      i need sorh amonth of money to come over there $10,000.to come to your
      place .if you can do that for me are will happy.get back to me.

      my Emailis ,kennedy_kenny_ken01@yahoo.co.uk

    • Guest

      And –
      If you really want to get rid of “sex tourism”, here’s an idea – make prostitution illegal in Brazil! Just like in the rest of the Western world!

    • Guest

      Cut the bullshit, Brazil
      Just like in many Asian countries, the vast majority of people involved in child sex are the locals. The idea that hordes of foreign tourists are doing it is a myth. Most of it happens underground, within the society, closed off to foreigners.

    • Guest

      very interesting.What got you interested in this topic???

    • Guest


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