Brazil and Mexico Talk of Distrust and Plans of Free Trade

    Presidents Calderon and Lula

    Presidents Calderon and Lula Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Felipe Calderon from Mexico called for a strategic alliance between the two countries based on free trade and cooperation between state energy companies Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and Petrobras.

    Following a meeting on Monday at the Brazilian Foreign Ministry building Itamaraty, Lula told a press conference that he regretted the fact that the two countries bilateral trade so far this year is only 7.4 billion dollars.

    "The world crisis has left us this challenge: not only to recover these levels of trade, but to beat them, given the vast potential of the two economies, which are both emerging and highly dynamic," Lula said.

    The Brazilian president proposed an increase in the number of visits between the two nations, "until we manage to reduce the mistrust, frequently generalized, between Brazilian and Mexican investors."

    Lula said that Brazil was willing and able to share important knowledge of deep-water exploration and bio-fuel production, two areas where Brazil leads the world.

    "I am convinced the sharing of technology between Petrobras and Pemex, and their opportunity to work together, with political will, with this natural aptitude," he said. "They are two oil giants that if they work as individuals will be much smaller than if they work together," he said.

    Calderon suggested an alliance between the two nations to face the international economic crisis and take advantage of the complementary aspects of the two nations' economies.

    "The deep dependency on the US economy explains why Mexico was so hard hit in this crisis. That is why we intend to diversify our relations and boost the Mexico-Brazil relationship," he said.

    Calderon said he was optimistic about sealing a free trade agreement with Brazil, although officials from both sides have discussed it since at least 2000.

    "I know there is a lot of resistance to be overcome, some of it ideological, others based on prejudice and still others based on lack of understanding of Brazil and its potential," Calderon said.

    "It is foreseeable that the fast growth that we need will not come from developed economies like the United States, Europe or Japan, but from emerging economies," he said.



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    • P.P.

      What tha flip ch.c???
      How come you spend so much time to type those mean messages? Forget about all that and actually this website, too, coz it sucks real bad!

    • ch.c.

      Not so Dear C.Junkie Bittencourt
      Nooooooo TRIPLE IDIOT
      THE Bolivia January 2009 estimate 9,863,000
      is not the estimates for the Illegals Bolivians in Brazil.


      Hmmmmm !

      By the way I am still waiting your sources !

      😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

    • ch.c.

      Not so Dear C.Junkie Bittencourt,
      In answer to your deep and accurate expertise of Brazil – Bolivia relations and your comments of “14 millions Bolivians illegally in Brazil”

      Bolivia January 2009 estimate 9,863,000

      Thus very much doubtful that 14 millions of them are illegally in Brazil !

      Conclusion :
      You have proven to yourself but certainly to ourselves…THAT YOU ARE A TRIPLE IDIOT….who doesnt know what you are talking about !
      No doubt that you too got a SP University licence ….found in a detergent pack…if Brazilians you are.

      In another thread you also said there are Noooo ants …in Brazil.
      I thus would bet that you also pretend that in Brazil there are
      . NOOO favelas
      – NOOO poverty
      – NOOO street children
      – NOOO corruption
      – NOOO crimes and homicides
      – NOOO Death Squads
      – NOOO uncollected trash
      – NOOO unjustice
      – NOOO corruption
      – NOOO impunity
      – NOOO children and minors sex abuses, except from foreigners…of course !


      Are you Red Faced ?
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    • ch.c.

      and what if the mexican drug gangs move there trade to SP or RIO
      dont worry, most South Americans drug traffickers are ALREADY in SP and RIO !

      And to CJBittencourt
      What are your sources for the 14 millions Bolivians in Brazil ?
      On the other hand, it is quite well known that MANY BRAZILIANS ARE …. IN BOLIVIA.
      My sources ? No problem …just scroll this magazine articles !

      And a final word on Brazil, Mexico and the USA !
      Just read to your left the articles
      – Mexico’s New Visa Requirements Mean Brazilians Will Pay US$ 25,000 to Enter the U.S. Illegally
      – Brazil Scolds Mexico for Visa Requirement and Threatens to Bar Country from Mercosur

      Hi hi !


    • CJBittencourt

      Dear Mr. Brown.
      What do you have against the mexican poor? Anyway, thanks for your kind offer, but no thanks. You can keep your 14 million mexicans.We have 14 million bolivians who work cheapper than the brazilian poor.


      sealing a free trade agreement with Brazil,
      no such thing not even the mexicans are that stupid.

      and what if the mexican drug gangs move there trade to SP or RIO
      is brasil ready to deal with that .

      that would be nice 14 millino mexicans moving to brasil and working cheeper than brasilian poor

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