Funny Name of Brazil’s Azalí©ia Shoe

    Azaléia, one of the largest shoe companies in Brazil, announced the launching of a new brand, called “Funny” (this way, in English), of feminine shoes directed at the age group between 07 and 12 years old.

    The company, which already manufactures sporting and feminine shoes for adults and teenagers, now also counts on children’s products.

    The company’s objective is to conquer in two years 20% of the national shoes for pre-adolescents segment and also to direct 30% of their production to the foreign market.

    During the first two years after the launching the company will only export to the countries in Latin America.

    According to the marketing director at the company, Paulo Santana, the investments in the new line will be of US$ 1.8 million and the company expects yearly revenues of US$ 25.8 million with the sales of the new products.

    Currently Azaléia manufactures about 160,000 pairs of shoes per day, where the expectation is that the “Funny” shoes will correspond to 10% of this total.

    Besides shoes, the Funny line will also have accessories such as backpacks. The official launching for the shops will happen today, January 11, at the Couromoda – International Trade Show for Shoes, Sporting Articles and Leather Artefacts -, which will take place in São Paulo.

    As well as a strong presence in the internal market, Azaleia exports to more than 80 countries, including Arab nations, and the exports correspond to 25% of the production. The products of the company are commercialised in 2,750 sales points across the world, where the company has their own stores in the United States, Europe, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. Last year the company’s estimated revenue was of US$ 368.9 million.

    ANBA ”“ Brazil-Arab News Agency


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      I would very much like to discuss the digital age of shoe-making.

      Sally Henderson

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      Dear Sir,

      We are newly established company here in the Republic of South Africa and we are trying to expand our business by dealing with some companies all over the world.

      Now, we saw your company that are into the exportation of shoes and we are interested to do business with you. South Africa is becoming a good ground for investment.

      So with this development, we will like to establish a business relationship with your company for the growth of each other.

      Thus, we are planning to come over to your country to discuss business terms and then commence transaction immediately. So it will be very pleased if your company can give us a letter of invitation to come over for business discussion.

      We are going to send our marketing manager for this trip and so would be very glad if this august invitation should highly be honoured.

      You can contact me back on my direct number for more discussion:+27-73-3019774 or as well send me email and give me details of how the transaction should be done.


      Mr Gilbert Nwosu.
      Manager Perfick Super Mk.
      Johannesburg South Africa
      Fax:+27-11-720 1914

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