Brazil’s TAM Airpasses for Foreign Tourists Allow Up to 9 Flights

    TAM Brazilian Airline

    TAM Brazilian Airline Brazilian Airline TAM has started selling the 2009 edition of the TAM Brazil Airpass and the TAM South America Airpass. These promotional passes are available at preferred rates exclusively to passengers who live outside of Brazil, including Brazilian citizens living overseas, traveling to various South American and Brazilian destinations.

    To qualify for a TAM Brazil Airpass, the passenger must purchase a ticket originating from an international destination to any Brazilian city. TAM's promotional pass can then be issued as a separate ticket and linked to the international booking.

    The TAM Brazil Airpass lets passengers choose the number of flights they wish to take throughout their journey and consists of up to nine coupons, with each coupon valid for one domestic journey operated by TAM in economy class.

    The TAM South American Airpass enables passenger to fly between 1,200 and 8,200 miles within South America and covers destinations in the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. This type of Airpass enables customers to purchase up to eight coupons and travel between five countries.

    The 2009 TAM Airpasses are valid for travel between 1/1/2009 and 6/10/2010 and are subject to the Company's established terms and conditions.

    The promotion and sale of passes is permitted only outside of Brazil (or, in the case of the South American Airpass, outside of South America) at any TAM ticket desk or TAM appointed Travel Agency.

    The Airpasses cost from US$ 551 to US$ 1511, depending on which air carrier is used to fly to Brazil (those fying TAM get a break) and on how many flights are allowed: from 4 to 9 flights.

    Other international airlines with TAM airline agreements are also authorized to sell both Airpasses. For more information, visit


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    • Nuno

      I have to agree with ch.c, TAM has is famous for this kind of trick.

    • falupa

      Incentives to travel
      This is a great incentive for those traveling to Brazil. What a great deal that they are running. I have always like this airline, they are very familiar to Southwest in the US.

    • Augustus

      Yes, my dear friend…. VARIG did the SAME Promotion…. I remember that between 1990-1992 after flying from New York to Rio, the two of us (I used to be part of a “couple back them) made sure we use it well…
      RIO-MANAUS (via Brasilia) /// MANAUS-SAO PAULO /// SAO PAULO-RECIFE /// RECIFE-RIO (all the domestic flights for just $300.00) 😉 😉 😉

      We did have a wonderful time!!!!

    • ch.c.

      Joao !
      But…but…who is telling you it is a subsidized price ?
      You cant/doesnt even make a price comparison.

      Many years ago, one of my best friend then, had a travel agency here.
      My family travelled at least once a year to Tunisia.
      Welll…this friend told me “dont be stupid, dont take round turn trips from here – once just pay a one way ticket – and there /in Tunisia) buy a round turn ticket FULL PRICE ticket valid one year”
      Price difference ? 60 % cheaper buying a r/t there than from here- And no airlines restriction !

      Another one :
      in those days I traveled a lot sometimes in the USA, some tickets paid by the employers, but some tickets from my pocket !
      Thus when paid by the firm, normal ticket price for business class.
      When paid by me, the ticket was issued HararÀƒ© (Zimbabwe…yesss) – Geneva – either Frankfurt or Amsterdam – Los Angeles or new York….. then back the same trip !
      Ticket price FIRST CLASS – less than half a regular Business Class ! Airlines always 2 of top Europeans !
      Usually, in those days, first class was around twice business class
      It is not that I am a snob to use first class, but when so cheap for such a long distance, no hesitation.
      You see Joao, in those days I could make the price comparisons. YOU DONT !

      there are too many unanswered questions in the details provided in the article, much too vague, and no comparisons.
      And let me say this : who has an interest to visit Bolivia or Paraguay ? Should they offer me even a free ticket FIRST CLASS…I still would not go there ! No interest ! Simple as that.
      Just look at their tourism revenues, it says a lot about the tourists interests. And most of their “tourists” revenues are from business people, NGOs, officials diplomatic missions, U.N, W.H.O, World Bank, IMF, Lula, Mantega, Chavez, the Bimbo next door, etc etc etc !
      True…the last four have their own Boeing ! Smiles !

    • João da Silva

      [quote]I have to agree with ch.c, TAM has is famous for this kind of trick.[/quote].

      BUT….BUT…..Nuno, weren’t you the one who wrote this article or asked one of your “capangas” to do so? Ch.C is too smart to walk into this kind of trap. Gol is not a big shake either, though they have newer airplanes as against TAM which buys rickety used AIRBUS planes. The ground service as well as attendance over the telephone of both the Airlines are awful. Now TAM wants to sell Air Passes for those who live outside Brazil for a subsidized price. What a shame

      Ch.C: You are not paying any attention to what I say.

    • ch.c.

      “preferred rates exclusively to passengers who live outside of Brazil”
      But…but…..they are charged in US$ not in Brl !
      This brings more foreign currencies so much needed….in the months ahead.

      And is it such a good deal, knowing the Brazilian tricky minds ?
      I dont know ! I am simply not so sure.

      My first question would be, what clearly means “valid for one domestic journey” ?

      The second question is which tourist would go on vacations and visits so many countries during 2 or 3 weeks ?
      Unless he is a Rolex sales rep,

      Third question : if I understand correctly this is only an Airpass to go to the foreign countries mentionned, not a local
      Airpass ! Right or not ? If right then from Brazil the only logical eventual destination, in my view, could be Argentina.
      And With the 4 flights minimum could I take 2 for 2 Argentina cities or not ?

      Finally the price is not that clear, since it depends not only of the number of flights (4 to 9) but also depending of the airlines, which may as well restrict the number of cities allowable !!!!

      Conclusion : in my humble view there is certainly a Brazilian style complex tricky-trick…as usual !
      The surprise should not be as promising as said !

      😉 😀 😉

    • João da Silva

      [quote]These promotional passes are available at preferred rates exclusively to passengers who live outside of Brazil, including Brazilian citizens living overseas, traveling to various South American and Brazilian destinations.[/quote]

      Typical attitude of a third rate airline in an underdeveloped country. So you give “promotional passes” at “preferred rates exclusively to passengers who live [i][b]outside of Brazil[/b][/i]. Obviously the domestic passengers are subsidizing the fares for them. Just like the domestic consumers of food items subsidizing our exports.


      Saudades das VARIG e TRANSBRASIL 🙁

      It is high time ANAC changes its rules an allow Foreign Airlines to operate within Brasil. 🙁

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