Brazil Sends Food and Foreign Minister to Help Solve Gaza War

    Arab diplomats visit Itamaraty

    Arab diplomats visit Itamaraty Ambassadors and other heads of the 15 Arab diplomatic representations based in BrasÀ­lia, Brazil's capital, went to the Itamaraty, the Brazilian foreign office, on January 8, to thank  the Brazilian government for the humanitarian aid offered by Brazil to the population of the Gaza Strip, in Palestine.

    They also mentioned Brazil's diplomatic efforts for a ceasefire in the war being fought between Palestinian and Israeli forces. The information was given by the Palestinian ambassador to Brasí­lia, Ibrahim Alzeben.

    Friday morning, a Hercules C-130 airplane of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) left the Rio de Janeiro Air Base for the Middle East loaded with 14 tons of medication and food donated by the Brazilian government to the population of Gaza. The airplane was supposed to arrive on Sunday in Amman, Jordan, from where the items would be transported by trucks to the conflict area.

    "The plane was loaded with love and care, more than foodstuffs," said Alzeben, who was the person that called for help from the Brazilian government. The diplomat attended the departure of the airplane in Rio alongside the ambassador of the League of Arab States to Brasí­lia, Bachar Yaghi, the representative of the Itamaraty office in Rio, Isis Martins Ribeiro de Andrade, and the representative of the Palestinian community in the city, Hassan Gamal.

    The Brazilian foreign minister, Celso Amorim, arrived Sunday in Syria as the first step of a tour of the Middle East to address the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian with local authorities.

    He is going to meet with the Syrian president, Bashar Al-Assad, and with the minister of Foreign Affairs in the country, Wallid Muallem; in Jerusalem, Amorim will have a meeting with the Israeli minister of Foreign Affairs, Tzip Livni; in Ramallah, the chancellor should meet with the president at the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), Mahmoud Abbas, the prime-minister, Salam Fayaad, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Riad Malki.

    In the last leg of the trip, in Amman, Amorim will meet with the king of Jordan, Abdullah II, and with Foreign Minister Salah Bashir.

    "This is a great initiative, because whenever we talk about Brazil, we are talking about South America. Brazil is a country of great international importance, capable of spearheading the creation of a regional bloc for peace, such as the European Union, which is part of the Quartet," said Alzeben.

    The Quartet of mediators of the conflict in the Middle East is comprised of the EU, the United States, the UN and Russia. "The Brazilian initiative is very important. There was a very clear demand by president Lula for the country to actively participate in the process and seek to promote peace by any means," he added.

    At the Itamaraty, the Arab diplomats were welcomed by the secretary general of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Samuel Pinheiro Guimarães, and the head at the Department for the Middle East and Central Asia, Sarkis Karmirian. They delivered a letter of thanks to the Brazilian government and people, signed by the Council of Arab Ambassadors to Brasí­lia.

    In the letter, the council "affirms its confidence in the Brazilian stance for the Arab causes, particularly the Palestinian one" and says that he is "eagerly awaiting for the Federal Republic of Brazil, as usual, to play an active and crucial role" for a ceasefire to take place in Gaza, allowing for immediate access of humanitarian aid, "including the granting of access by the Israeli occupation authorities."

    The document also states that the ambassadors are "hopeful for an active and dynamic Brazilian participation in the resumption of negotiation in the peace process in the region," are favorable to the Israeli presence in the occupied territories and to the creation of an independent Palestinian state.

    The diplomats told the secretary general at the Itamaraty that it is important for Brazil to exert pressure, along with the European Union, so as to find a solution for the conflict, given that the country is one of the main articulators of the Summit of South American and Arab Countries (Aspa), whose second meeting of heads of state and government will take place in Doha, Qatar, in April.

    According to Alzeben, Guimarães ratified the Brazilian position of solidarity to the Palestinian people, calling for a fair peace in the region, and stated that the strong relations that Brazil sustains with the Arab nations lead Brazilian diplomacy to seek a strong collaborative role in the resolution of the ongoing crisis.

    The Libyan ambassador, Salem Ezubedi, spoke as the dean of the council, temporarily replacing the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, Youssuf Al-Usaimi. Ibrahim Alzeben spoke on behalf of the Palestinians.



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    • bo

      16 tons…
      You load sixteen tons, what do you get
      Another day older and deeper in debt
      Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
      I owe my soul to the company store

      Tennessee Ernie Ford

    • Forrest Allen Brown

      14 tons is that not a song title
      about how much you have to work to break even inthe coal mines in the US
      and is that not the same amout the cain workers have to do a day to get bonus

      would be better to send a empty plane and get the ones out of there that dont want to fight
      to young to fight

      the ones left will be in the kill zone as hamas does not care if it kill there own as in the press
      the jews are killing civilians .
      OF CORSE no one tells you the reason the people are on the roofs is they were run up there by hamas
      with a ak47 to stand on the roofs or be killed .
      people die not because of lick of medical attion but hamas uses the ambulances as troop cariers

      brasil should just set back and let them fight it out it will come to and end soon
      then help where ever they can

    • ch.c.

      Joao ! My view on Hamas and Israel !
      Overall I am not a pro or against Jews.
      All religions deserve respect except sects.
      And I make a difference between religions and churches.
      And you Joao, as a Brazilian, knows that in Brazil there are many different churches in the same Christian religion. Some of
      these churches are at least as corrupted as your filthy politicians.

      On Israel…….THEY ARE 10’000 % right to defend themselves against Hamas rockets and mortars attacks.
      100 % of the time, Arabs have been the ones attacking Israel.

      I am always surprised and irritated that be it in the USA, the EU or elsewhere, and even in my country, that there are streets demonstrations against Israel….and never against the ones who started the conflict.

      With some cynical symmetries, (as you know me), it is like if during WWII the world would have made street demonstrations against the Europeans countries when they defended themselves (without much success…by the way) against Germany.

      Or said differently, I really wonder what those idiots participating to these anti Israel demonstrations, would in fact do if Israel started the rockets and mortars attacks. Would they have then made street demonstrations against…HAMAS ?????

      Doubtful !

      Bad faith remains the norm in Arabs & Muslims people.

      Exactly like in South America : Robbing Hook has good reasons to subsidizes Brazilian farmers and many other industries, developed nations are wrong to subsidize their farmers.

      Exactly like most emerging nations : they are 100 % right to subsidize their oil consumption, be it locally produced or imported,
      but the rising prices were due to developed nations where…oil is not subsidized and consumption stable….not even increasing.
      I am talking about all OPEC nations, including Venezuela, where gas is at US$ 0,20 per gallon !
      But also India, China, Russia, Egypt, Indonesia and many other countries where gasoline & natural gas fuel is government subsidized !

      Or…every emerging nation is right to defend their citizens & workers, but not the developed nations.

      As long as emerging nations will have such a mentality, they will simply remain LOSERS… for many generations to come !

      You will remain emerging, but never developed !

    • João da Silva

      What are [i][b]your[/b][/i] views on this latest conflict ?

      Some of our regular fellow bloggers have been exchanging their views in the link:


      Since you did not barge in , I assumed that you were exercising your customary Swiss [i]neutrality[/i] (which is a very difficult exercise for you). 😉 😀 😉

    • ch.c.

      The plane was loaded with love and care, more than foodstuffs
      or said otherwise……more intentions than acts !
      Robbing Hook does exactly the same in Brazil : PROMISES, PROMISES AND MORE PROMISES !

      Ohhhh what HE did not say, of course : “after the war, Brazil expects to participate to the infrastructure reconstruction of Gaza, with the same materials quality used in….ECUADOR ! But this time the bill, full price, should be paid by developed nations…of course”

      To Bo :
      14 tons is the same quantity Brazil had “generously” given to Haiti a few months ago after the Hurricanes. Mostly foods not medicines.
      And in those 14 tons were several thousands liters of……BOTTLED WATER !
      Funny…..bottled water…shipped by air….instead of small water purifying systems that could have purified millions and millions liters of water !
      And in these 14 tons of aid, of course…no tent…for shelters !

      This donation was of course done with…GREAT FANFARE !!!

    • bo

      [quote”The plane was loaded with love and care,[b] more than foodstuffs[/b],” said Alzeben, who was the person that called for help from the Brazilian government.][/quote]

      Wouldn’t doubt that. The Jews found military uniforms in one shipment headed to the palestinians and as of yet haven’t found out exactly who from, possibly the U.N., maybe Brazil. Afterall, hezbollah and hamas have headquarters just down south of brasilia.

      And although 14 tons of food and medical supplies may sound like a lot, it isn’t.

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