Brazilians Want More Representativeness at Mercosur Parliament

    House representative Doctor Rosinha

    House representative Doctor Rosinha Brazilian House representative Doctor Rosinha, who is the president of the Mercosur Parliament defends the idea that Brazil should have four times more representatives in the parliament than Paraguay and Uruguay.  He argues that since Brazil has a population of 187 million, it should have 75 representatives, Argentina 33 and Paraguay and Uruguay, 18 each.

    "With equal representation for all full Mercosur members, it is impossible for Brazil and Argentina to represent their peoples, which are larger," said the legislator from the Workers Party (PT), the ruling party of Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Rosinha represents the soy bean and livestock rich state of Paraná in southern Brazil.

    Paraguay and Uruguay on the other hand argue that the four countries must have the same number of seats in the Mercosur Parliament. The controversy has been going on for the last two years, and no understanding has been reached yet.

    Rosinha said it has become "vital" the issue be decided in the first few months of 2009 so Brazil can include the election of its Paralasur (Parlamento del Mercosur) members for the presidential elections of 2010.

    Currently the Brazilian members of Congress representing Mercosur's largest member are doing so on an honorary basis, and have no advisors, since no budget for those purposes was voted.

    "You need to have an office structure; you can't depend on the cellular phone to legislate," emphasized Rosinha who proposed future members of the Mercosur Parliament be given an US$ 8.000 monthly diet.



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    • The cure for Ch C

      Good Stuff
      From here on in I am going to make it point to demonstrate a good thing happening in Brazil in retort to the Swiss Jackass’s hatred of Brazil.

      Please read:

    • bo

      More “Representativeness”????
      Don’t think that’s a word folks….try “representation”. 😉

    • ch.c.

      Hmmmmm !
      But the more representatives Brazil may have, the more it will be expensive…by definition !

      On top of this out of 4 countries Brazil ask for 75 seats out of, leaving 69 seats for the other 3 countries.

      Or stated otherwise Brazil has 52.08 % of the total votes.
      Brazil could thus have all their proposals…RATIFIED…unilaterally and legally !!!!

      Typically the Brazilian style !

      Sorry but…proven once more that cheaters always cheat, liars always lie, hiders always hide.
      Brazil truly excel at these games of …Brazil has ALL rights, the others have Nooo Rights !

    • João da Silva

      [quote]”You need to have an office structure; you can’t depend on the cellular phone to legislate,” emphasized Rosinha who proposed future members of the Mercosur Parliament be given an US$ 8.000 monthly diet.[/quote]

      Is the esteemed Doctor Rocinha planning to put the “future members” of the Mercosul parliament under diet without giving them a complete medical check up?

    • ch.c.

      US$ 8.000 monthly diet
      Or said otherwise…..around 40 times the fat check of the Brazilian minimum wages !!!

      And of course this is before the office structure, just for the representative basic wages NOT including perks !

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