Petrobras Tests First Oil Platform Made 100% in Brazil

    Brazilian Petrobras platform

    Brazilian Petrobras platform Brazilian oil multinational's Platform P-51, the first unit entirely built in Brazil, has left shipyard BrasFELS, in Angra dos Reis, on the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro, heading for Ilha Grande bay.

    There, the platform should undergo tests and final adjustments before following on to Marlim Sul field, in Campos basin, where it should produce, when operating at full power, 180,000 barrels of oil a day. This volume is equivalent to almost 10% of the entire national production, which is currently at around 1.95 million barrels a day.

    The test period, according to a press statement disclosed by Petrobras, should last around 15 days. Later, the platform should go to its final destination, where it should be anchored at a water depth of 1,255 meters, 150 kilometers away from the coast.

    According to Petrobras, the platform should be connected to 19 wells (10 oil and gas producers and 9 injectors of water) and it should start producing in January.

    P-51 has 75% Brazilian components. With investment of approximately US$ 1 billion, the platform was built and integrated by consortium FSTP (Keepel Fells e Technip) in the cities of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Itaguaí­ and Angra dos Reis. Construction generated over 4,000 direct and 12,000 indirect jobs.

    Company Nuovo Pignone, also controlled by Petrobras, built the compression modules in Rio de Janeiro, and Rolls Royce the generation modules, in Niterói.

    "The work pioneered in many aspects, with special attention to production of the first Brazilian semi-submersible hull and to the deck mating operation (linkage of the upper deck to the hull), seen few times worldwide. This operation was concluded in just 24 hours, confirming the Brazilian naval engineering's capacity," according to a Petrobras press statement.



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    • Falupa

      This is not built 100% by Brazil. It has had investors from all over the world. It also has components that are built around the world. Probably benefited from Mercosur. Nothing is built in one country anymore unfortunately.

    • forrest allen brown

      sub arc machines
      remindes me of the pipe line
      the russians did where they would
      hold one piece of pipe with heat
      on it to 1.800deg
      and spin the other piece to 4.000 rpm and then
      using hydrlic rams slam the two into till the spinning one stoped due to friction
      they would weld togeather.

      i have a lincon 200amp at my place
      but i find the rods like the 6010 & 7018
      substanderd to the US or nipon rods

      ric you seen the jumper cables to a 12 volt battrie
      and a copper piece used as a welding arc

    • Ric

      Bubble Gum welds, we used to call it in hot rod/custom building days.
      There must be certified welders in Brazil, but if you have been around average Brazilian steel ship or have had one welded by locals, as we did once, you know the welding is not first class. First of all they use Jetweld or the local equivalent, donÀ‚´t do very well on overhead seams, get their faces right down into the smoke and sparks, and most of the chapa, not talking about Gerdau rebar, can’t be trusted over forty thousand pounds per square inch. In the states I donÀ‚´t see anyone using stick welds anymore, all wire.

    • forrest allen brown

      DID they use certifide meatles to build the platform ?
      or the avarage low grade stuff

      or any one off the streetsthat can melt a rod.

      or the junk stuff sold out of china

      where did it come from


      hope it goes better than some of the things
      petrobras has put in the water

    • ch.c.

      Nothing is built in one country anymore unfortunately.
      Ohhhhh yeessss….Swiss Chocolate. We just import the cheap beans…and add value ! a lot of value !
      Same for whatever basic commodities, such as steel and other metals to make special alloys for watches.

      Low commodities prices even for grains are very good. Food can then be more affordable to the most needy, even if exporters countries governments subsidize their producers ! I am talking about the USA, EU, Brazil, India, Egypt or just name it !

      WHO IS COMPLAINING ? WITH LOWER foods prices one then can either feed himsef, and if enough, he can then send his children to school, buy clothes and why not white appliances with small credits !
      I prefer to buy 2 and pay 1, while in Brazil the trend is buy 1 and pay 2…sometimes 3 !

      😀 😉 😀 😉

    • ch.c.

      Yeahhhhhh !
      WHO KNEW that until know…it was not…. The First Oil Platform Made 100% in Brazil ?
      Brainwashed…until today ?
      I mean….lied.
      Just refer to previous articles of HOW good and advanced you “apparently” were.


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