Brazzil Magazine

The idea of vacation spots that are a “paradise on earth” can sometimes overlook uncomfortable truths. Pexels, CC BY

Bluewashing in Brazil: How an Ecotourism Project Is Expelling Indigenous Peoples from Their Land

When the notion of “ecotourism” was introduced in the late 1970s, it was intended ...

A man searches for water on Puraquequara Lake, which has been affected by historic drought in the Amazon, in Manaus Brazil - REUTERS/Bruno Kelly

Amazon Drought Can Turn the Forest into a Savannah

A severe drought in Brazil’s Amazon has damaged the forest ecosystem, brought chaos for ...

Community of Catalão suffers from drought in Amazonas - Photo: Gato Júnior/Rede Amazônica

Amazon Drought Becomes Time Bomb for Pandemic Diseases

Home to the greatest biodiversity on the planet, the Amazon is also a ticking ...

In Brazil there was an explosive growth of digital payments in recent years

Brazil’s Instant Payment System, the Pix, Becomes a Heaven-sent Opportunity for Gangs

When a man approached Maria on Facebook, the 61-year-old Brazilian widow thought she might ...

Fisherman Dil Maiko Marinho stands by a felled tree in an area claimed by Cargill in Xingu Island, Brazil. Photo taken August 12, 2023. Thomson Reuters Foundation /André Cabette Fábio

Amazon Residents Accuse US Cargill of Threatening Their Rights and Way of Life

For centuries, riverside communities, including the “quilombola” descendants of enslaved Africans who escaped from ...

Palestinians arrive in Brazil brought by the Brazilian Air Force - Photo by Marcelo Camargo/ABr

Expelled by Israel from Their Land, 60 Thousand Palestinians and Descendants Live in Brazil

For decades, the Palestinian people have been forced to flee their territories due to ...

Brazilian President Lula talks on the phone with the president of Israel, Isaac Herzog by Palácio do Planalto

Brazilian President Lula Finally Controls Congress, But He’s Paying a Hefty Price for That

When Jair Bolsonaro was disqualified from running for public office for eight years on ...

A soy field in Brazil

Study Finds Soy Farming Is Causing Cancer Deaths in Children in Brazil

Researchers say they have found a correlation between soy farming and leukemia deaths among ...

 Brazil is fourth among the most favorable locations for IT staff outsourcing recruitment

How US Companies Can Benefit from Recruiting Tech Talent in Brazil

In the dynamic world of tech recruitment, finding and securing top talent is a ...

Lake Mauá is the second lake to dry up completely in the East Zone of Manaus because of the severe outflow

Hit by Drought, the Amazon Is Desperately in Need of a Plan to Save Its Biome

The drought plaguing the Amazon is a worrying portrait of the climate challenges facing ...

Brazilian Grupo Corpo's Umbanda-Inspired "Gira" presentation. Photo by José Luiz Pederneiras

Brazilian Grupo Corpo Brings Its Mesmerizing Dance to the US

In the heart of Brazil, where the rich tapestry of Afro-Brazilian culture weaves together ...

Pantanal fisherman. WALDECk SOUZA/Shutterstock

Brazil´s Pantanal Communities Show how to Make Nature Sustainable

“How can we use nature in a sustainable way?” That is a question I, ...

With the help of Meta, Brazil hopes to find more kids that go missing

Facebook and Instagram Are Helping Brazil Find Missing Kids

Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) signed a technical cooperation agreement with ...

A picture of an oil platform operated by Brazil's Petrobras in the bay of Guanabara in Rio de Janeiro/picture alliance/imageBROKER

How Russia’s War in Ukraine Increases Role of Brazil in the World Economy

No matter whether it’s oil, gas, lithium, food, renewable energy — Brazil has plenty ...

Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Image by Tomaz Silva/ABr

40-year Study Shows Alarming Extreme Temperatures in Brazil

Released in February 2022, the latest report prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ...

Affirmative action for college students in Brazil led to better employment prospects for those who benefited from the policy. Cesar Okada via Getty Images

What Brazil Can Teach the US About Affirmative Action at Universities

When Brazil implemented affirmative action at its federal universities in 2012, the policy prompted ...

Former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and US's Donald Trump when both men led their countries.

Barring Bolsonaro from Re-election, Brazil Offers a Lesson to the US and the World

Earlier this summer, Brazil’s top electoral court banned former president Jair Bolsonaro from running ...

American biologist Philip Martin Fearnside

The Future of the World Is at Stake in Belém, Brazil

Amazon and climate scientists agree: The largest rainforest area in the world is on ...


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