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For 300 years, feijoada has reigned supreme in the Brazilian kitchen. Invented by slaves, who started mixing their masters' pork leftovers to the black beans that were used to feed the animals, it got a touch of Portuguese and Indian cuisines and today is served all over from the hole-in-the-wall little joints to the most sophisticated restaurants. And every family seems to have its own feijoada favorite recipe.

Eng Tie Ang

Feijoada à Nordestina (Northeastern feijoada)

Feijoada à Baiana (Bahian feijoada)

Feijoada à Francesa (Cassoulet or French Feijoada)

Feijoada à Carioca (Cariocan [from Rio de Janeiro] Feijoada)

Feijoada à la Recife (Recife Feijoada)

Feijoada completa

Brazilian black beans

from the book Delightful Brazilian Cooking

Vinaigrette sauce (molho de vinagrete)

Brazilian rice (arroz brasileiro)

Manioc meal with butter and egg

Cachaça (Brazilian spirits) cocktail


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