Brazil Police Stage Monster Operation and Nab over 2,000 Crooks in a Day

    Weapons seized by São Paulo police

    Weapons seized by São Paulo police The Civilian police in Brazil, in a raid that counted on more than 9,000 policemen, arrested this Thursday, October 29, 2,191 people. Operation Genesis held to fight crime in all 645 municipalities of the southeastern state of São Paulo and complying with warrants of arrest and apprehension, seized 494 vehicles, 112 weapons and more than 100 kg  (220 lbs) of drugs.

    The action that started at midnight and continued through the day, resulted in the arrest in flagrante delicto of 509 people plus 1,601 who had a warrant for their  capture. Among those detained there were 81 jail escapees. 170 teenagers were also caught, but they were not included in the number of arrested since they will have special treatment.

    The police, which used about one third of its work force in the operation, seized 57.33 kg (126 lbs) of marijuana, 23.16 kg (51 lbs) of cocaine, 18.59 kg (41 lbs) of crack and 3.26 kg of (7.2 lbs) of several other drugs. The agents also found 345 slot machines and 3,153,554 objects called "irregular" by the authorities, many of them pirated goods.

    In São Paulo city the police found a clandestine casino in Moema, a well-to-do neighborhood on the south side of town. 29 slot machines were seized there. Three men were also arrested in Moema accused of robbing people who had just withdrawn money from bank ATMs.

    Another man was arrested charged with killing two people in the state of Paraná, in the Brazilian South. He is also accused of being a member of a neo-Nazi group.

    A driver was caught in the north side driving a truck that had been stolen last week. The man arrested told police that he would get 600 reais (US$ 347)  to turn over the vehicle to a fence, a receiver of stolen goods.

    In the same area, a housewife was arrested with a marijuana brick and 180 marijuana joints, three bags with cocaine and ammunition.


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    • Laura

      and the Titantic just hit the tip of the iceberg
      in my view, barely a drop IN AN OCEAN !

      AND 2 MILLIONS more involved but for SP city alone !
      Not even SP state !
      For the whole country it should be more like 20 millions of crooks MINIMUM !
      And the brazilian Justice or Polices forceds are not any better than those they arrest.
      Corrupted to the roots themseves !

    • Forrest Allen Brown

      and that was just friends and family of the politicians
      you can cut the tail off the snake but until you get to the head you will never kill it .

      about 2 million more and you may have it in rio .
      but how many will stay in jail or even go to trail

    • observer

      …..and the Titantic just hit the tip of the iceberg

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