Brazil Congress Urges All-Hands-on-Deck Approach to Fight Child Sex

    UNICEF display

    UNICEF display Gathered in Brazil, a United Nations-backed forum to combat the sexual exploitation of children called this Friday, November 28, for a comprehensive strategy comprising laws, policies, regulations and services across all social sectors as well as a shift in social attitudes and practices, such as child marriage.

    "There is no single intervention that protects children from sexual exploitation," UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean Nils Kastberg said at the end of World Congress III Against the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Rio de Janeiro.

    "Building and strengthening child protection systems is critical and requires action from all actors to provide children with the protection they deserve."

    Representatives of 137 governments, meeting with children, international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private sector companies, conceded that ending the scourge is a long and difficult battle, but the Congress organizers said countries are in a better position now to win the fight as a result of days of work in developing a blueprint for action.

    The Rio Declaration and Action Plan to Prevent and Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents calls on governments to enact laws that protect all children in their jurisdiction, including undocumented migrants or those who have been trafficked so that every child is provided protection under the law. Governments are also asked to pass laws that do not criminalize children for crimes they have committed as a result of their sexual exploitation.

    On prevention, the Rio Action Plan stresses the need for a comprehensive strategy and the involvement of all social sectors, especially social welfare, education, health, security and justice, to support prevention and respond to risks.

    Unlike previous World Congresses, where the recommendations of young participants were prepared separately, in Rio de Janeiro the young people participated fully in the drafting of the action plan.

    Studies indicate an increase in the sexual exploitation of the young and UNICEF noted that predators continue to use new tools to target children, including cyberspace and new generation mobile phone technologies, with adults preying on children in chat rooms and using the Internet to post or download pornography.

    The gathering was co-sponsored by UNICEF, the Brazilian Government, ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes), a global non-profit network of organizations and individuals set up in 1991, and the NGO Group for the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    Seven years after the last World Congress in Yokohama, Japan, which focused exclusively on commercial sexual exploitation of children, the current Congress also discussed strategies for combating non-commercial forms of child sexual exploitation, including the sexual exploitation of children in their homes, by religious leaders, teachers, peacekeepers and armed groups in war zones.

    The First World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children took place in Stockholm in 1996, resulting in the 'Stockholm Declaration and Agenda for Action,' which was adopted by 122 countries. This committed countries to develop strategies and plans of action with agreed-upon guidelines and 161 countries have now signed on.


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    • Falupa

      A great post
      Thank you for doing this. This is something that should be fought, no matter how difficult the situation. This has been a serious issue for a long time and if it is not directly confronted by the government we won’t be able to fight off the problem.

    • forrest allen brown

      read this could be the case as to why the man wont let him come
      November 28, 2008

      Dear Friends and Supporters of David Goldman,

      We are writing to give you an update on the Sean Goldman case and to also make you aware that David will be appearing on the Dr. Phil Show – Monday, December 1st. The show will be on at 3:00pm on WCBS Channel 2, in the Metropolitan New York area. Please check the Dr Phil Show Local Listings for the station and time in your locale.

      In addition, we were just informed that David may be a live guest on the Fox News Channel sometime next week on Greta van Susteren’s On the Record. Obviously this would be great exposure for the case so we are excited about that development. We hope to update you next week on the date for that appearance. On the Record airs on the Fox news channel at 10:00 EST. Please check our website ( for details as they become available. NBC is also moving ahead with a full one-hour investigative piece that should air within the next month or two, we will let you know about that as soon as we have a date.

      As for an update on the case, we would like to refer you to a recent article that was published in the Asbury Park Press this week by Bill Handleman, which can be found on the Media page of our web site ( In addition to this article, the articles in Piaui Magazine and Consultor Juridico are excellent and demonstrate that several media outlets in Brazil are finally starting to cover the case despite the media ban in place in Brazil .

      We would also like to steer you to the updated How to Help page on our website ( which has some new contact information available and a list of priorities for spreading awareness of the case. Please take the time to visit the site as now is the perfect time for all of us to get angry again and make another push with the people who can help make a difference in this case and bring Sean home. Additionally, a UK-based children’s group called Forever Searching helped set up a Facebook page which all of you should visit when you have a few minutes ( to help spread the story around the web.

      We are also planning a rally in front of the Brazilian Consulate in New York City in the coming weeks with a tentative date of Friday December 12. For any of you who live in the tri-state area, we could really use your support. If you are available to help, please email us at and let us know. You can put “NEW YORK PROTEST” in the subject line. We are planning to have T-shirts made up for the occasion and hope that many of you can bring homemade banners and signs expressing your outrage over this case. We will post details for the event on the web site next week.

      And thank you again from all of us for your support. We have made good progress in raising awareness of the case but more work still needs to be done.

      Thank you,

      Friends of David Goldman

    • forrest allen brown


      police , rich brasilian men ,there own dads and brothers ,
      internet , beach bars ,other women and young girls that
      get them into the game .

      brasilian supplying them to tourist

      and lets not forget the human trafacing

      going to be a ful deck or a bunch of people running
      down the street to shut up all the kids from telling on them

      now set a good jail time for all not different
      terms for different people of class , jobs , countries

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